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Microsoft to suspend new sales in Russia amid invasion

Mar. 04, 2022 9:45 AM ETMicrosoft Corporation (MSFT)NDAQBy: Chris Ciaccia, SA News Editor40 Comments

Microsoft France headquarters entrance in Issy les Moulineaux near Paris

Jean-Luc Ichard/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

  • Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) said on Friday that it would suspend all new sales of its products and services in Russia amid the country's invasion of Ukraine.
  • The company also said it is working "in lockstep" with

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Comments (40)

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Ridiculous …. And won’t do to China when they take Taiwan
Slippery slope when you specially target civilians with punishments.
lets focus on fair value of microsoft here. if you look at the prices on the last 8 years and draw connection, you see fair value of microsoft is around 220.
Glad to see it and don't consider this in the same category as all the woke moves we've seen in our investments this year.

Just wish we could do something a little more serious like sanction oil. But my guess is that this Administration will probably give Iran the green light to sell oil before we ever get bck into the pipeline business.
I think this is bad business and a polarizing move globally. All countries of the world now know that no matter what the reason to wage war is, if it is not endorsed, the country risks being shut down or at least disrupted. It is now in the best interest of many countries to be less open, more opaque, with independent systems wherever one can be developed.

IMH that is a less efficient world, so less money to be made. And I would bet a few bucks that if we are all here, that is one concern we all have in common.
lorddarley profile picture
@polops Let's make it more simple, now that the US and NATO have blinked. Anyone bullying with nuclear weapons will have influence. Anyone without nuclear weapons is a fool.
@polops Yes a strong message is being received in all capitals of the world outside the US and its western allies. And the message is to not trust any kind of financial, economic or industrial links and interconnections with the US and its western allies. What this would bring out is yet to be seen in coming years but you are right the countries outside of US and its western allies are going to become more and more opaque and secretive about their military, financial and economic systems and structures.
C185 profile picture
You're exactly correct. Europe is a dying continent. Asia is emergent. China by the metric the IMF and CIA use is already the world's largest economy. India is the fifth largest. Both of course have the two largest populations.

The US and West are cutting their necks. This will accelerate the move to an alternative like China's CIPS. The US will weaken, if not lose, the dollar's reserve currency status and the center of the financial world will move away from the West.

"China, Russia & India Push Forward on SWIFT Alternative"

Churchill32 profile picture
Will they do the same with China, when China invades Taiwan?
bill h illify profile picture
My suspicion…that is off the table…at least for a long while…China’s population would flip out w/o iPhones.
@bill h illify Not at all, less than 10% of cell phones in China are iPhones. And that number is decreasing over time.
J-Flo profile picture
Nice move! Long MSFT 👏
odlidrocket profile picture
@J-Flo Not enough
No support for previously bought versions
Mass exodus from Putin/New Hitler’s nation just beginning.

Pics of civilian buildings destroyed, Al Jazeera. Putin’s army of terror targeting civilians:

Another wrong action following confused leadership.
@MLian Yeah shame on Microsoft for refusing to sell to dictators and shame on Microsoft for complying with sanctions!!!
@jcat90 , why Microsoft keeps selling to China? And not only Microsoft and only to China?
@MLian Don't ask me, ask Microsoft.
WisPokerGuy profile picture
I know this is a financial website supposedly for discussion purposes, but it's really depressing and a bit disgusting how "patriotic" citizens are willing to sell their integrity for a few clicks up in a particular stock price. The funny thing is they'd be the first people screaming when a bigger war starts. Really, really pathetic and frankly they should be ashamed (a word I don't use very often) of themselves.
Should we actually be listening to the same ones that brought us all the covid nonsense? The U.S. seems to be itching for a fight with Russia and China...
lorddarley profile picture
@PanicFirst Not itching for a fight, no more that JFK was itching for a fight when he looked Khruschev in the eye, risked nuclear war, and set the stage for peace in the West for the next 60 years. Biden is so weak. He has telegraphed to the totalitarian states he will blink at the threat of nuclear war. There will now be no peace except on their terms.
Jacobin777 profile picture
@PanicFirst "Covid nonsense"? Tell that to my boss's family or to the almost MILLION people in the United States who have died of COVID-19.
@lorddarley You had me until the second half of your post, where you went off the rails. The American approach so far has been f...g brilliant.
Good. Putin is a child murdering terrorist.

His warplanes just violated Swedish airspace. Next invasion probably Moldova.

Kremlin staff came out and said they were surprised when Putin invaded Ukraine.
Linux distributions are always an alternative, so this doesn't make big difference.
Roseded profile picture
What happens when this ends, does Apple say ops sorry, here's iPhones again? Cutting all these business ties is terrifying, this is how WWIII happens. It's also idiotic since this blood is absolutely on our hands, Europe signed an agreement to keep Ukraine neutral and we broke just about every promise we made. Just to be precise.
@Roseded Was Ukraine posing a legitimate threat to the madman to justify even 1% of his response? He says he's "demilitarizing" Ukraine. Whew, that's a relief. I'm sure the citizens in Moscow can sleep better knowing that they no longer have to worry about an assault from Ukraine.
auto44 profile picture
I own MSFT shares and I endorse this message.
FF373737 profile picture
While admirable it's a few days late.
@FF373737 I'm sure they needed a few days to determine that they actually had no choice due to the sanctions.
FF373737 profile picture
@inick2005i Sanctions have nothing to do with it. It's a question of loss of profits that the board probably had to vote on.
@FF373737 Board members: What would a 'woke' company do?
PapaWhisky profile picture
they need to turn off Teams, Azure, cloud services, OneDrive

and stop issuing security updates
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