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Russia cuts off access to Facebook, citing restrictions on media

Mar. 04, 2022 1:38 PM ETMeta Platforms, Inc. (META) StockBy: Jason Aycock, SA News Editor111 Comments

Facebook App on Apple iPhone 4s Screen

Kativ/iStock Unreleased via Getty Images

  • Russia is cutting off access to Facebook (FB -1.4%) in the country, the latest escalation of a simmering battle with social-media companies amid Russia's conflict with Ukraine.
  • Telecom regulator Roskomnadzor says it's making the

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Comments (111)

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So now FB has 100 Million less users?
@yhoomajor yeah how does this work?
bluescorpion0 profile picture
Russia has law? I truly doubt it.
Their controlling news and information that they want their people to hear and believe. It's done in all the free socialist and communist countries.
If you don't like they'll put you in jail or a labor camp to think about it.
@olde1two Not that much different than your standard ivy league campus.
Awesome! Now, if only, USA & EU can follow suit.
Lots of pro Putin comments in this string. The end of the world is upon us. Or, at least, them.
User 16760062 profile picture
@Niarb Namtih I’m an American and understand what’s going on. Of course I’m over 30 and that helps. The twitter tweens don’t understand what NATO is doing.
User 16760062 profile picture
@Niarb Namtih that doesn’t mean I agree with Putin’s methods but he did give them all of the ways out of this mess as possible prior to this quasi invasion. If Russia wanted to invade believe me it would’ve been over by noon the first day.
The youth of Russia consume various media, old people almost exclusively state TV (thus brainwashed, Putin is their God).

See the difference:

Justin Cool profile picture
@Entreri Joe Biden is your God
@Justin Cool

Democrats would vote for THE BIG GUY even if Jesus Christ himself were running for office against him.

Same in my country, the elders consume TV and believe it is the ultimate truth. (left wing cultural marxist shit)
Victor Justice profile picture
Great move by Russia. FakeBook has nothing to offer in the way of truth.

Justin Cool profile picture
@Victor Justice Yeah after they banned Trump I was finished with them
magichr profile picture
i sold all my face book and bought coinbase. There is innocent people there who want nothing to do with war. You want to censor them? I wont invest.
FringDook profile picture
@magichr if you don't like censorship you might want to spend less time on seeking alpha
@magichr okay that’s fine - no biggie.
Justin Cool profile picture
@Patrick FringDook I don't see a lot of censorship on SA. THis is one of the only sites people can speak freely on.
FringDook profile picture
You see what happens when you scrub all the dissenting opinions! you are left with ...............

The cream rises to the top, but we CENSORED the cream, so now all you taste is .............
This is a benefit, not a drawback
Wapiti19 profile picture
Facebook should have cut Putin off first before Putin cut Facebook off…but then again we have our own nut case known as Zuckerberg
JackWolf profile picture
@Wapiti19 Now they can't even save Face since Russia slapped their Face first.
The worst dictatorship since the times of Hitler.
JackWolf profile picture
@yhoomajor Trump lost.
@JackWolf Joe Xi Biden is a Chinese puppet of Xi JinPing.
I'm hard-pressed to see how this is a negative for the Russian people. All I ever used FB for was to keep up with people I barely wanted to know. There are better ways of communicating with family and real friends. Quit years ago, haven't missed it, never going back.
Herbert +H-Dog+ Kornfeld profile picture
@jpau By closing Facebook, Putin gets more control over the information available to the Russian people, particularly regarding his attack of Ukraine. Duh
@Herbert +H-Dog+ Kornfeld fb is nothing but disinformation
@Herbert +H-Dog+ Kornfeld If you found a 1000 well informed individuals, I sincerely doubt any of them would list FB as a serious resource that they use to stay informed. YMMV
the market doesnt care about FB cutting off access to russia or russia cutting off access to FB.... Let us all now discuss the metaverse nonsense... can FB and NVIDIA give a metaverse simulation of war to Russia..., so their urge for war will be satisfied instead of doing it on real world?
Justin Cool profile picture
@pbkodali Can I get married and raise a family in the metaverse?
@Justin Cool yes probably multiple families you see..
Deverix profile picture
Well, this changes everything! LOL
@Deverix how will russians ever survive without disinformation from the west?
zoeshamu profile picture
@Steve B1135 LOL ... my viewpoint was the exact opposite. How will Russia ever survive without being able to spread disinformation about the west? I remember Trump suing FB to get back in FB ... his little Truth Social with 80000+ subs is not enough to raise enough money to line his pockets.
Justin Cool profile picture
@Steve B1135 3 or 4 years ago the US never did a lot of this disinformation. Now it's rampant.
Zuk wants the money. Which disinformation you want them to have.
Now there is a good example of censorship. I've read of people who were using social media to tell people in Russia what the Russian news media has not been allowed to report.
SqueakyToy profile picture
CORRECTION: Russia cuts off access to Facebook, citing restrictions on KGB-style propaganda and disinformation from an oppressive authoritarian dictator who invaded free, democratic Europe out of an egotistical desire to cast himself as historical heir to Ivan the Terrible
At this very moment good people are dying. Who cares about facebook. Just kill putin and his henchmen, ASAP.
@Keops You understand there's been wars going on for the past 20 years and you did not care about those people dying because the media didn't tell you to be?
@Keops easier said then done
FringDook profile picture
@Keops do you feel sorry also for the Americans who died protecting our oil interests in the middle east? Pot calling the kettle black ?
JackWolf profile picture
Facebook should have cut ties first.
@JackWolf and give up millions of dollars? lol. fb is a pos company.
JackWolf profile picture
@Steve B1135 If FB couldn't see this coming, what else can't they see? Sometimes you gotta cut the bad guy off at the pass. Their reputation was already bad enough and many have already stopped using the platform. Now they can't even save Face by cutting Russia loose. Kinda funny for company known as Facebook.

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