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NBCUniversal will move shows from Hulu to Peacock in deal shift

Mar. 04, 2022 3:26 PM ETComcast Corporation (CMCSA) Stock, DIS StockBy: Jason Aycock, SA News Editor24 Comments

NBC Tower Sign in Chicago

nazdravie/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

NBCUniversal (CMCSA +0.2%) has formally ended a programming deal that provides popular content to Hulu - the streaming service where it still has a stake, but is run by Disney (DIS -3.6%).

Now, some popular

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Comments (24)

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LONGBULL+ profile picture
Good to see this move.
Comcast reaches 70% of the international market ( China not included) via various partnerships and is looking for more partnerships to roll out.
So they are on track to reach their goals.
Looking forward to their next NEW partnership deal they will announce.
@LONGBULLPLUS HBO used to boast over 100M overseas audience when in reality, they received $1B license fee per year.
1to3 Investing profile picture
Good decision by Comcast... very curious what whether they are mulling the other choices they have for streaming.
JohnMalone profile picture
@1to3 Investing
What do you mean by mulling other choices?
1to3 Investing profile picture
@JohnMalone I mean what other decisions they are mulling over. Deals for streaming content, merging, purchases, etc. things that will grow the streaming side of the business.
The money they have promised from the sale of Hulu can do quite a bit of good to increase their content and offerings, or be used for mergers to grow in other ways.
nerd_rage profile picture
@1to3 Investing Sell NBC Universal to AMZN etc. It's too late for Peacock to be successful in the increasingly vicious streaming wars.
Peacock would be smart to have a full free access to all content for ad support. Not much to pay for on Peacock and they keep making things with that primetime tv feel, they should just be streaming tv.
Apt Learner profile picture
Who would have thought that they could make cable look affordable again.
@Apt Learner You never got à la carte on cable.
nerd_rage profile picture
This could be related to DIS's ad-based tier news. Hulu has an ad-based tier. If the ice is breaking and DIS is taking over all of Hulu soon, then they need a plan for integration and I doubt they'd leave that lucrative Hulu ad capability behind.
TheBot profile picture
IP repatriations signal that the content wars have started in earnest.
Orangejulius profile picture
@TheBot Yep, there has been talk for years about companies clawing back IP to push their platforms more aggressively. Now that consumers are very willing to subscribe to multiple streaming platforms, they all have greater incentive to buy IP and refuse to lease it out to competitors.

It's going to be interesting to see which of the smaller studios still exist independently in 5 years.

PARA, DISC/A/B/K and whatever it turns into following the merger, LGF/A/B, AMCX, etc. There are many to be bought out or wither away.

I’ve been worrying about this for awhile. Might just be the tip of the iceberg. At some point if you have a deep content library why even let NFLX access that if they are your competitor?
Orangejulius profile picture
@Fred. L. Exactly. Netflix share price has a great deal to lose here. First mover advantage helped them gain a significant advantage, but they can't create enough (good) content to keep wandering eyes off the competition. Growth rates topped with the pandemic and will slow down to a trickle at best now that US / EU market saturation has been reached. Markets like India and South America are unreliable revenue sources as the past few years have shown. Growth is hard to come by when piracy and sharing of accounts is so prevalent.

I don't think streaming will be very profitable for anyone for the next few years. You'll see most of the platforms increase subscription costs beyond inflation (10-20%) to close the profitability gap. Netflix has finally been doing that the past few years, and the competitors will too.

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