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Johnson & Johnson is in talks for biotech deals in China - FT

Johnson & Johnson offices in Silicon Valley

Sundry Photography/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) is in negotiations with two Chinese biotech companies for partnerships, The Financial Times reported Sunday, citing a senior executive of the U.S. pharma giant.

“We are always looking for opportunities in

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lshiang profile picture
The Carvykti potential peak sales seems to be highest in the forecast among all approved CAR-T therapy.
The stupidity of US corporations is beyond comprehension. C-suites only care about their bonus.
Stay out of China. In fact, pull everything out of China.
It is not prudent to pursue further business with P.R.China at the time, and I believe that JNJ management must have convinced themselves that they gain more than to lose.
If China/Xi eventually goes with Putin, many western multinational companies will have to write-off their business in mainland China, as they are doing right now with their Russian subsidiaries. It happened in 1949, and it could happen soon. When that happens, we'll be in a completely different world, and owning equities of "enemy" countries will be controversial if not totally unacceptable.
Margin of safety is important since US equities are still at elevated valuations. I prefer to own US companies with domestic business. I am concerned that companies like Apple, Nike, and Starbucks, trading at lofty valuation with large risk exposures to China. VF Corp. was also risky but its valuation is now reasonable.
@LongTermPortfolio The risk is in the USA, where it is losing its rank globally. China will be the largest world economy in 5 -7 years.
@LongTermPortfolio if existing from China, where are the future innovation coming from? From the portfolios of ARK funds? IMO, it is the best time to go all in since the valuation of equitis both here and there are way out of proportion.
Shaduc profile picture
@San Marzano how do you know this?
China's GDP is calculated by the govt only.

w/stuff like Coronavirus, China will not be the most powerful in a decade though.
I left 2020.
Just buy $AUPH
@PITX3 Why/
sbrn profile picture
@AlieGee approved drug. Lot of cash. Future standard of care for lupus nephritis. Crappy management that needs to turn this over to somebody who knows how to market and sell it.
Hey, JNJ.........stay away. Plenty of others to do business with !
cavediver profile picture
Another example of American greed, our truly worst enemy.
cetarro profile picture
Good time to sell jnj. Buy back on chinas invasion when they’re coming out of bk
Jamjack profile picture
I guess we will have Party members sitting in on Board meetings now. Sooner or later they will demand permanent seats and funnel everything to information central.
billrla profile picture
If the FDA doesn't get their head out their rear, Americans will be going to China for their advanced health care needs.
billrla profile picture
@Michariz Too late. FDA is now the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Commerce.
So the US is ready to fight China over Tawain but still do business with China. Yet expect you to send sons and daughter to fight them, insanity at its finest. US should be relocating all its medical back to the US. Surly we have scientist here for that. Unless our schools have dumb down so much we don't have anyone smart enough to do it.
@CCCB Our schools teach LGBT diversity. Every drug test must include this group people.
sbrn profile picture
Still can’t believe how cheap the xbi is, and deals aren’t getting done here.
D.Graves profile picture
@sbrn XBI is a well diversified Biotech fund, I have been watching it, there largest holding is only 1.83% of the portfolio, this is a good way to invest in the biotech healthcare industry.

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