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Philip Morris International falls after JPMorgan turns cautious with downgrade

Mar. 07, 2022 6:55 AM ETPhilip Morris International Inc. (PM)By: Clark Schultz, SA News Editor22 Comments

price of btc is going to breakout

franckreporter/iStock via Getty Images

JPMorgan dropped its rating on Philip Morris International (NYSE:PM) to Neutral from Overweight due to near-term headwinds.

On the positive side, the firm noted that the tobacco giant is the global leader in both cigarettes and

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Comments (22)

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bk25 profile picture
I hope PM follows the trend of BTI and MO (long term)... The best thing that ever happened to them (long term) is the so-called BAD NEWS that surrounds the stock. It's the key to success.
hugh74jones profile picture
I mentioned to y'all recently that PM looked overpriced, relative to other tobaccos, and to PM history and performance. So the JPM downgrade is of no surprise. Further price erosion for PM is possible, especially if current correction continues. Note that in the brief but dramatic March 2020 market correction, PM was trading well under 70. PM has great fundamentals, but I would like to see its yield more in line with MO and BTI, to step up to the plate and buy.
bk25 profile picture
@hugh74jones well said.
No Guilt profile picture


Losing 8% of revenue but keeping the same costs, paying people not to work just might do that.

Thanks government, pension funds, institutional investors.
MO,a much better pick in my book with no European exposure!
Trader 611 profile picture
added a place holder here, MO has been excellent.
Never a good idea to bet for almost 25% of your growth on two countries of which we know for years something can go wrong. Or did Management not read the news?
F86 Sabre profile picture
About twenty years or so ago, JPM came out with a sell on stock I owned. I got scared and sold for a loss. A little over two weeks after the sell recommendation was issued they changed their minds and issued a buy recommendation. Regarding the fundamentals of the company, nothing changed in those two weeks. I learned a monetarily painful (but necessary) lesson: NEVER give credence to the self serving Street ANALyst's. They are simply not to be trusted. Peter Lynch (the John Williams of investing) and Ben Graham are the only men who's investing tenants I believe in.
SeriousUsername profile picture
Yes thank you JPM.
I look at tobacco for yield so the lower PM's price the better.
I was really kicking myself last month when my PM $97 covered call was assigned, and the price was over $108. Now with PM at $93.30, I feel much better, lol.
Shangrila Value profile picture
"Russia and Ukraine accounting for 23% of its HTU volume"?


That's really low level business.
Backing up the truck keep on jumping more for me great Dividends. Maybe 92 come on keep jumping. JP wants to get more investors, more money for JP
bk25 profile picture
I would think cig sales would increase given the circumstances.
BTI getting killed also, adding to both! Great div on both!
josephaoppenheim profile picture
I just added some shares of PM to my holding of PM today. Note, though that there had been some insider selling recently when it hit about 111.
SenBiden profile picture
Thanks JPM for the opportunity to buy more PM and sell puts.
PM back to $80. Game over
secorewb profile picture
I hold for the dividend. I hold for the international political risk / reward. Just part of the flow.
What is HTU volume? For that matter NGP and MT?
There may be bombs, gunfire and oil sanctions but the tobacco will always flow!
ace246824 profile picture
So JP Morgan downgrades with a target price lower than the current price. So they mean buy the stock, right?
@ace246824 Gives them a good price for their private clients to lower their basis and buy more shares not to mention any other investment funds they run that invest in PM or similar companies in the sector [BTI]

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