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Aurinia Pharmaceuticals gains on report investors pushing for sale

Mar. 07, 2022 10:50 AM ETAurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AUPH)BIIB, GSK, BMYBy: Joshua Fineman, SA News Editor11 Comments

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Aurinia Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:AUPH) rose 2.8% on a report that a European-based investor group is campaigning for the biotech to begin a strategic review.

Aurinia holders, led by Switzerland-based MKT Tactical Fund, have written to the AUPH chairman, asking

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Comments (11)

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There was an insider purchase by one of the directors last week of 5,000 shares at 10.82.
The lower the price the better it is for potential buyers. It's much more attractive at $10 than $30.
I'm in Aurinia as I too believe in the drug and the potential for a takeover. Have been in for a while.

What I just struggle with here is how some people are coming up with the valuations that they are of the $45+ range. This company is just not worth as much as people want and hence the reason BMS and others have yet to pursue a transaction. Even with the war chests of money they have for acquisitions. Maybe with biotech prices much lower now they will be more interested but management will still command a premium I just dont think they will get.

Anyway, point is I would love for someone to point me to a MODEL of how they value the company so high. I just dont get it.
@miragesfz the key is management needs to WANT to sell the company , not to protect their sinecures and option granting machine. Maybe after they take this weeks new chunk of loot er options they will be more amenable-but I doubt it,.
07 Mar. 2022
Another scam for someone to sell stock.
dukenukum profile picture
I've been in this a long time .... sold a few at around 32.00 but kept the majority .... at least my cost basis is well below current .... feel for the folks who bought in the high teens and twenties ... a sale would be good but I would prefer to get what it's worth .... I still think 45 is a good price .. any thing lower is leaving alot on the table
MarineCorps profile picture
Peter Greenleaf, sell the company. We implore you sir. $32 is fine. Do you need to borrow a blue inkstick?
A SMARTER GREEK profile picture
@MarineCorps hey I was in 65-66 👍🕺🏿/ it’s about time to sell / they haven’t been able to do a good job on raising the value/ Im sure a big partner can market / distribute and sell Big Tine😉Sell!!
MarineCorps profile picture
JJPP profile picture
07 Mar. 2022
A bit too late for this, no?
sbrn profile picture
07 Mar. 2022
@JJPP in the right hands there is a lot of value here.
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