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Natural gas a key component of energy transition, Kerry tells CERAWeek

Natural gas flame

straga/iStock via Getty Images

Natural gas must be part of the world's energy future despite the opposition by activists to further development of fossil fuels, U.S. climate envoy John Kerry told the CERAWeek conference on Monday, noting that affordable energy is especially

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“Kerry also noted that the U.S. cannot get transmission lines for electricity and fuel permitted within 10 years”
Then why not connect NG line to Canada, isn’t this a time of national emergency?
James Hanshaw profile picture
"It's amazing, we can send a rover to Mars but we can't send an electron from California to New York." And they cannot ship LNG around the coast from Texas to Boston so it got shipped from Russia.
brettze profile picture
Rising interest rates will change the ways we fool around with our energy portfolios.. I have no idea how it will change as rates start going up again. Rates has to go up for wy too many reasons.. to numerous to list here.. One of my favorite reasons is that we re ssquandering away cheap money too carerlessly as if we dont appreicate the meaning of cheap money.. Cheap money is to be used for emergency purposes not to screw savers ... This is the bottom line.. Not all of us are playing the markets .. many of us deserve steady income with principal initact.. We think that we are too smart for those "safe" money and think we can play markets with cheap money instead of rebuidling our economies.. This is what went wrong here..
It is sad watching those people playing around with cheap money like morons..
Never thought I'd agree with him
wanster profile picture
Swift boat veterans for truth, saved our asses from this bumbling buffoon ~
edaskew profile picture
In other news..... John Kerry urges nations to stop investment in gas, warning of climate risks saying, "Most countries have the ability to deploy significant amount of renewables and they're choosing not to do that. They're moving towards gas," he said at a climate event hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. "If you capture 100 percent (of emissions) and it makes it affordable, great, but we're not doing that."


Just wait until tomorrow when we'll hear Al Gore say, "Drill baby, Drill!"
shiprepair profile picture
JOHN KERRY and his cronies should have been kicked out for a long time and he is also the creator for the new Iran deal which will kick havoc in the world if accepted by Biden as the most stupid agreement in mankind
@shiprepair why is it the most stupid agreement? Is it even dumber than Trump’s China trade agreement?
@TaylorFinancial why. We need to know
So, Kerry and Germany and the rest of the EU FINALLY pull their heads out, and decide that Natural Gas and Nuclear are A-OK, and are actually sustainable and now GREEN. Amazing how that works, after one winter of sky-rocketing energy costs, totally unreliable solar and wind, an unstable, aggressive gas supplier, and your citizens freezing their asses off. It took ALL THIS, for them to get a freaking clue.
Jeff Boyd profile picture
He didn't mean it; read all the caveats he added. Should be limited and tools to capture the carbon. Suppose one could say, at least he is being honest; most politicians would have just lied.
The deep state...

Married into the Heinz fortune......(for love lol )

2015 Heinz acquired, basically by Kraft...
2015 Warren Buffet joins the board.
2015 U S Congress lifts 40 year ban on oil/gas exports...and EXTENDS credits for solar/wind... 1.8 Trillion bill signed ( Obama years )
2014/2015 Buffet mysteriously invests in two of the largest 3 solar companies in the U S. ( before the vote )

Kerry now the climate czar...

Take away the worldwide solar and wind subsidies and ALL utilities have a NEGATIVE 1.8% margin....

The arctic polar ice cap in 2022 ( Now ) is at it's highest ice cover in 41 years....Don't hear about that ...

follow the money and get you make money......
James_B profile picture
Why would we need to send an electron from California to New York? Seems wildly unnecessary.

John Kerry is 78 years old, should he really be planning anything? Competence aside, he turned retirement age 13 years ago
@James_B Excellent point. The Donald will be 78 in 2024. I think you are on to something. My guess he will just say he is 68. Fake News changed his birth certificate. How many of his voters will believe that? A lot. I can hear him now, "How can somebody 78 look this good"? Get ready.
James_B profile picture
@daviry2367 yea. Trump is getting up there in age.
Mad Banker profile picture
Unless Kerry is in Houston talking to the powers to be...this is just more bullshit...
Apt Learner profile picture
That’s a hell of an admission from a zealot like Kerry. He’s right too, NatGas is the next big step after coal and before mainstream nuclear.
Charlie's Munger profile picture
Biden Administration will cause recession their inability to encourage domestic fossil fuel production
did lurch's jet use nat gas to fly him to CERA? not sure how he will "transition" around the globe on his private jet using windmills and solar panels.

Kerry is the other part of the OBAMA/KERRY team that did the IRAN MONEY TRANSFER.

Kerry is also the one making a deal with Iran to buy their oil. The trainee in the first one was THE BIG GUY and now he is the POTUS.

COWARD TRAITOR AND FOOL fit him well @billrla.
wanster profile picture
Best thing this guy ever did was lose to Bush.
imdaman profile picture
John is on the payroll of Iran as an advisor
Hanging by Treason should be his reward

Right beside Jane Fonda?
These hypocrites are really something. Everyone but the green bureaucrats knew this long ago. Makes you wanna scream when they admit this after decrying all fossil fuels. World suffering and forced poverty make them change their position. So frustrating.
@weed54 The only people that have been saying what you claim has been the right wing media to get you up in arms about it repeating the propaganda.
Agbug profile picture
@martyr1777 , Isn't John Kerry saying it? "Natural gas must be part of the world's energy future despite the opposition by activists to further development of fossil fuels, U.S. climate envoy John Kerry told the CERAWeek conference on Monday,"
@Agbug That is exactly my point... There hasn't been major opposition from leaders to get in the way of NG.
What a bumbling idiot. Really wish we didn’t pay the salaries of these morons. They all change their tunes when it’s convenient for themselves.
taskassistant profile picture
@sparky590 thats what a politician is. Talking out both sides of mouth

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