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Google agrees to buy Mandiant for $5.4B in all cash deal

Mar. 08, 2022 7:02 AM ETAlphabet Inc. (GOOGL), GOOGMSFTBy: Joshua Fineman, SA News Editor22 Comments

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Sean Gallup/Getty Images News

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) agreed to buy cybersecurity firm Mandiant Inc. (NASDAQ:MNDT) for $23/share in cash. Mandiant fell 4% in premarket trading after jumping 16% on Monday.

The price represents a 57% premium to the10-day trailing volume weighted average price

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Comments (22)

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That's what i wrote last friday,
i expected a confirmation early in the week.
Nice gain for those shareholders.
seems like a bargain
Just wondering and appreciate anyone could shed some lights to my doubts.

1. Since Google has fixed the price of the share $23/share, does that means the share wouldn't soar higher than that? Technically, yes but would love to listen more.

2. What would happen to this ticker once the acquisition is completed and does that means, those DM shareholder would be converted to Google share?

3. Do you think it is a good idea to keep this for long term or sell first?
Kyel profile picture
09 Mar. 2022
1. I believe it would be quite difficult (but not impossible) for the stock to rise above $23 short term.
2. The deal is reported to be all-cash so the shareholders would be paid $23/share in cash, not in GOOG stocks
3. The acquisition may or may not go through. In the case that it fails, and if you bet on Mandiant's stock rising higher above $23 in the long term, hold. I guess it depends on your outlook on Mandiant's future.

Thanks man and appreciate your time to reply to my comment. Indeed, i could resonate to all your points. Initially, i was long in cybersecurity yet it seems this industries isn't making good money anymore and its better to merge with IT company that able to utilize it to the max level.

Periodically, not many companies with standalone expertise able to leverage in many ways.
Shangrila Value profile picture
@RISHI_DB Checkpoint doing great money.
Wonder what all the Mandiant haters will think now. The big tech cos understand the value.
Shangrila Value profile picture
What is the value of Mandiant to Google, compared to other alternatives?
Clearly shows that growth stocks are oversold
Google is amassing quite the security portfolio. VirusTotal, Siemplify, Mandiant, Project Zero (Threat Research).
Why is it below 22 pre market?
@Y_P_K if you own the stock it is basically going nowhere until the deal is done. Some will cash out now at a lower price so they can redeploy the funds.
@laramr1 yes ok but usually "lower price" is much closer to closing price.
Seriol profile picture
@Y_P_K The spread represents the market's pricing in of the risk of deal failure, DOJ or China or EU veto. Also time, as money will sit until deal close.
@SA Editor Joshua Fineman just an FYI ... GOGL is Golden Ocean Group Ltd and has nothing to do with GOOG or GOOGL :)
SA Editor Joshua Fineman profile picture
@CrimsonPhoenix Yeah was a typo. It will disappear from the ticker hopefully soon.
FTC stand up
EverydayJoeSchmo profile picture
FTC will block it. No deal. Short the stock.
stephenmcmahon83 profile picture
@EverydayJoeSchmo I would argue that Google is now more powerful than the federal government. At this point, if Google went away overnight, the government would probably not be able to function.
$GOOGL smart move to expand its cyber security expansion.
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