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Meta Platforms rises as Piper cuts price target, reiterates overweight rating

Mar. 08, 2022 10:53 AM ETMeta Platforms, Inc. (META)By: Chris Ciaccia, SA News Editor80 Comments

Facebook Unveils Meta

Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images Entertainment

Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:FB) got a lift on Tuesday even as Piper Sandler analyst Thomas Champion cut his price target on the Mark Zuckerberg-led company's stock, noting that its advertising issues are likely to continue for the

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Comments (80)

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reminds me of my space
I_Am_The_Walrus profile picture
FB is up less than half of it's peers today. Zuckerbucks are coming back to bite zucker in the nether regions.
brettze profile picture
We will be all wearing Oculous goggles that has built in phones,etc that will make everything else obsolete.. This is Metaverse..Dont forget closed captioning for the hearing impaired masses..
r Negoro profile picture
And it went up.
the new generation profile picture
why is one estimet of a price target so mengfull if i'm not mistaken there are more than 20 estimates
Such a contradiction.
It's a steal deal at these prices.....buying more every time it dips
r Negoro profile picture
@ramonkumar same. cant find deals elsewhere.
Facebook is the most widely used social media app in India. Whatsapp is also gaining prominence in South East Asia and in Latin America. 55% of Americans use Facebook, but only 20% of Indians. Facebook still has a huge upside, is cash positive, and has been buying back shares. This is a bargain.
I'm buying at these prices love it I'm glad all those diamond hands are selling.
I_Am_The_Walrus profile picture
More and more evidence of Zuckerbucks being used to illegally sway the 2020 election. And people wonder why FB keeps going lower and lower. Read the news people!
cbackous profile picture
@I_Am_The_Walrus Please let me know what "news" you read so I can stay far away from it.

@I_Am_The_Walrus MyPillow guy conspiracy theory ramblings do not count as news.
Moats and Income profile picture
Reality Labs will save the day in 7-8 years…maybe…what better use for your hard earned investment funds than to pay the salary of a hoard of VR developers.
@Moats and Income Monish P said in a podcast that he thought the Metaverse would be invented in a garage by a startup. Shows how much he knows. Only a huge company with an army of coders can build out the Metaverse, and btw it’s already “invented”
jojopuppyfish profile picture
If I had more money I'd buy more Meta Stock
Gary J is Rich on AMZN profile picture

But you have less because you did.
jojopuppyfish profile picture
@Gary J is Rich on AMZN Its all good. This correction is a real headscratcher and I think Meta still has a large up arrow
@jojopuppyfish war and civil unrest tends to create profits for social media c9npanies….way more engagement
Facebook was born as a hobby for Zuckerberg while he was at Harvard. It was a computerized rating system for the sexability of the coeds on campus (hence the name "Face"-book). A lucky inspiration led to Zuckerberg transforming it into a marketable toy called "social media".
Part bathroom wall and part wet Tee-shirt contest, it carries the stigmata of an adolescent craze and, like all crazes, its day will pass.
Yes, I know it is humongous and world-influencing; it has made Zuckerberg a multibillionaire whose money and power corrupt elections and warp society. Many millionaires follow in his wake. World leaders wait patiently for an audience with him, and the houses of Congress are hushed as he speaks.
But still, Facebook is merely a place where people can boast about themselves and fling crap at others. Still, Zuckerberg is at bottom merely a self-regarding manchild who lives in a fantasy world, albeit one fueled by vast amounts of money.
And he now has decided to once again transform the poussy-meter he developed in his college days, this time into a cybernetic dream world that will contain the entire world's population, with himself as the Puppetmaster. His dream is to make reality as boring and obsolete as Facebook made newspapers and billboards. He will be Meta God, and all the billions of computer generated alter egos within Meta will be His Creation.

Talk about yer sexability there, eh Meathead?
@jbspry Stolen, not started. See Winklevoss vs. Zuckenberg (or whatever their names were)
blando3 profile picture
@Anne0135_7 ha, the Winklevi were a couple of bros with a half-asses idea and no idea how to execute. Their version would have been another MySpace.
@blando3 the winkelvosses got stinking rich in bitcoin so don’t feel bad for them.
Cristi_an profile picture
love these post-action price cuts…it just shows they are clueless
AssetFlower profile picture
@Cristi_an all you need to be a Wall Street analyst these days is an ivy league degree and a rear view mirror.
Worth $25 a share, tops.
@Tarheeboy9712 yeah a PE ratio of 2 sounds reasonable perhaps combined with a dividend yield of 40%. Thanks for your analysis.
@Tarheeboy9712 Yes, a PE of 2 with mid-teens earnings growth seems reasonable.
Richard Saintvilus profile picture
@Tarheeboy9712 - So, essentially their $33.6 billion in net cash is worth zero, right?
Regardless of your point of view on Facebook, I hope we can all agree that it's quite a good value here. Doesn't mean it can't go lower, but definitely in value territory now.
@Theta84 If your point of view is the consumer won't tolerate selling of their data anymore, then does that change the view of value?
@TastyLaksa no, because that's just anecdotal evidence at this point. Cashflows don't lie and they remain very strong. The growth story may be changing (remains to be seen how successful Meta investments are), but at this moment in time FB remains a cashcow business.
@Theta84 social media profits were up when trump was in office, now there is a war and potentially WW3 in Europe brewing…that’s bullish for social media
I wonder if the Zuck still feels like his hundreds of millions in orchestrated election fraud to steal an election was worth losing billions in net worth plus whatever little credibility FB had?
@biggdogg I don’t think it turned out the same way it did in his damp dreams
WisPokerGuy profile picture

Time to let it go. Trump lost - fair a square. Just because some fat old man with a ridiculous comb-over living in Florida can't stomach failure shouldn't mean the whole Republican party has to follow him like a bunch of lemmings over the cliff.
@biggdogg turns out stolen elections have severe consequences
Aront profile picture
08 Mar. 2022
This reminds me of aapl in 2015 and msft in 2013z PE of 10 and so called experts calling them dead money. If you bought then you’d have enough money until your dead but that’s probably not what they meant. Same here
All analysts downgrading FB are rushing in their judgement.
I always laugh when analysts cut their price target yet stress overweight. Either you like the stock or you don't. It's really as simple as that.
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