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New iPhone SE, Friday Night Baseball highlight Apple's product event

Mar. 08, 2022 2:01 PM ETApple Inc. (AAPL)MSFTBy: Chris Ciaccia, SA News Editor59 Comments

Apple Store in China

Nikada/iStock Unreleased via Getty Images

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) announced several new products on Tuesday, including a new iPhone SE with 5G technology, a new way to watch baseball and different colors for its iPhone 13.

During the product unveiling, Apple (

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Comments (59)

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omdguy profile picture
Wonderful, so this is just the beginning if Apple buys more sports options then they are shutting the majority of the country from seeing them by forcing their shitty Apple TV product on people!
Gary J is Rich on AMZN profile picture

I moved to Nvidia Shield a long time ago.
ISUCyclones78 profile picture
@omdguy Solid input. Sounds like you have it all figured out.
It figures Apple would pick up MLB after it has been ruined by woke BS.
I have the original 27 inch computer they offered. Lasted well until it just died. Went to their special repair dealer who was only able to restore some of the documents but had to put in a new hard drive to restore them. Still use it and would be happy to replace it if they still made it. Cost almost $3K loaded. Had 4G and now running on 5G but only put in 1 gig and who knows before I may have more problems. Would the new computer be as good?
Last year bought my grandson the smaller student version. Horrible. Slow and not worth the $1500. Win some lose some.
Winnertakesall profile picture
Makes you wonder if anyone is even working at Apple.... the products haven't improved in 3 years.
Meet the new iPhone, same as the old iPhone. I always wondered, never having been on their campus, if everyone in Cupertino carry iPhones, wear Apple watches and gyrate to iPads. What a dystopia!
ISUCyclones78 profile picture
@Sid Debgupta Solid financial input. Thanks
Gary J is Rich on AMZN profile picture
@ISUCyclones78 LOL neither solid nor financial.
Bill West profile picture
Wedbush maintained its investment-grade rating for Apple(AAPL) after the Cupertino-based company announced a faster and more powerful iPhone at its first Apple Event of the year, prompting analyst Dan Ives to call the tech giant the "safety tech name to own during this market storm."

The headliner at today's event was the new 5G iPhone SE. The phone includes Apple's(AAPL) proprietary A15 Bionic chip, tougher glass, and an enhanced 12-megapixel camera. At a price of $429 (up $30 from last year's version), Ives considers this an affordable, lower-end 5G smartphone.

"In a backdrop of massive supply chain shortages and inflationary pressures, a modest increase is not surprising and should not impact overall demand in our opinion," Ives said in a late Tuesday note to clients.

Wedbush believes 30 million+ iPhones will be sold "out of the gates" an impressive number considering tight supply chains and limited production experienced by other tech and auto companies.

Additionally, the company also announced a new iPad Air with M1 Apple Silicon which will have a 60% performance increase over its predecessor, 5G connectivity, and a faster USB-C port.

The new M1 Ulta is the new M1 chip that is now 7-times faster than the standard M1 chip, "a staggering technology achievement that is another shot across the board" towards other chip companies like Intel (INTC). These ultra chips will be part of the new Mac Studio and Studio Display desktop products.

"We view Apple(AAPL) as both a Rock of Gibraltar defensive tech name as well as the best 5G tech play in the market with a massive product cycle that is gaining more steam along with its valuable services business which is being undervalued by the Street in our opinion," says Ives as endorses his outperform rating and $200 price target for the company.
Bill West profile picture
Slipping under the radar on the MacStudio line is the price of the stands and VESA mount if you prefer.....


Tilt-adjustable stand
$1,599.00 or $133.25/mo.per month

Tilt- and height-adjustable stand
$1,999.00 or $166.58/mo.per month

VESA mount adapter
$1,599.00 or $133.25/mo.per month
bart_sst profile picture
@Bill West : I think you're confused, Bill. The prices you quoted aren't for the stands; they're for the display including the various stands configurations.

And those prices are pretty good for a display with those specs.
@bart_sst Some people read, then, whatever they want to understand, a little read comprehension is urgently needed for them, or, is it simply mind boggling bad faith? Isn’t the first time though.
jakefountain profile picture
Apple comes out with new products, price goes down.

Then Apple continues to print $$$, price goes up!
I just bought 2014 era iPhone 6 on eBay. But I heard appl cease supporting it at end of this year. Does that mean I'm a bag holder? What going happen to the apps? New iPhone not an option.
vooch profile picture

Your iPhone 6 will support the latest software upgrades (ios15) for certain, it might support the next generation software upgrades (ios16) - that takes you out at least 1 more year and perhaps 3.

But note - you apps will still work as well as everything else even without the latest iOS upgrade.

My iPhone 4 (circa 2010) still functions perfectly well. It’s slow as heck compared to new iPhones but all the old apps still work on it.
I have the 12 which supports 5G and even that is not that fast. Lot depends on your provider and or how many on the system at the time which does make a difference even if the provider tells you differently. I actually liked my iPhone 6+ better which was 4G. 5G is over hyped imo.
@vooch That's a relief! Gotta defer to the tekkies.
Ishi Kenjo profile picture
Active_Trader profile picture
Happy International Women's Day to all the Ladies! Thank you for all that you do for the world ❤💪😁
@Active_Trader All-female developers in the Event. Probably not a coincidence!
@Active_Trader I hope that’s sarcasm!
Active_Trader profile picture
@Mybrokeazz No, it's fact
Illuminati Investments profile picture
"Friday Night Baseball"

Talk about vaporware...
The target PC performance benchmark for AMD, Intel, and Nvidia just doubled with Apple's release of their shocking M1 Ultra chip. Can't wait to see what they have in store for the Mac Pro.
VoiceofSanitySometimes profile picture
The most interesting thing in that Press Release is that Apple is adding themselves to the bidding for professional sports. Sports team owners are smiling from ear to ear, and the players unions are following closely to make sure they get their cut of that action.
Always amazing to see the negative stock price reaction to the next step in tech.
@fredrik2109 To me, it's amazing to see how the sheeple are willing to shell out ever more money for new gen Apple devices. Which for the most part only have tiny improvements over the previous version. Never understood it, and never will.
ISUCyclones78 profile picture
@MadisonAv They do it for every tech product out there. Not unique to apple.
@MadisonAv Well, look it this way, stock price is right now 35% + dividends higher than last year so that leaves me with plenty of cash to get new toys, meanwhile you complain about the sheeple and have nothing to get them, guess who’s laughing at you, you know who, keep complaining I’ll be cashing for ya.
Gary J is Rich on AMZN profile picture
People still watch baseball?
@Gary J is Rich on AMZN apparently they do.
"a new iPad Air with Apple's M1 chip, making the Apple tablet up to twice as fast as the Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows laptop in the same price range"

iPads aren't laptop competitors apart from the iPad Pro. Someone who can make do with an iPad does not actually need a laptop. Some of these tablet customers decide they are too redundant with their laptops to buy one, but that doesn't make them the same market. It's similar to the guy who could take his scooter to work a mile away or drive his car. Very different product lines.

The MacMini is a legitimate PC competitor and you can get those for about the same price as this new iPad. If you're an Apple person considering a real computer purchase, that's the better alternative to consider.
DividendInvestorInMinnesota profile picture
'Apple shares were higher in mid-day trading on Tuesday, gaining more than 2% to $167.17.'

Oops, misprint, I wish it was at $167.17..
@DividendInvestorInMinnesota Hello fellow Minnesota poster!
@DividendInvestorInMinnesota Glad to know we have a couple of dividend people in our high tax state!
CTRL+P_QE.exe profile picture
Well, the way things are going there might not be any MLB baseball this year, so...
Basit Saliu profile picture
I cannot wait to see Apple at $3 trillion again...Let's Go!
User 47429802 profile picture
@Basit Saliu

Again? When was the first time?
Basit Saliu profile picture
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