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Here is a full list of U.S. sanctions leveled against Russia

Apr. 07, 2022 5:38 AM ETBy: Yoel Minkoff, SA News Editor11 Comments

Russian flag after fence

Vladimir18/iStock via Getty Images

It's now been six weeks since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which has resulted in 1,563 confirmed civilian deaths, but likely thousands more. Western governments have promised to unleash the "mother of all sanctions" from the onset of the war, though it

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Comments (11)

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Dividend Pro profile picture
Too little, too late.

You would feel differently if your wife and children were massacred, and your house blown up by a rocket. And your dead friends scattered on the street all around you.

If the West and Europe want to get serious, they will have to impose SANCTIONS. Not selective sanctions, like some banks, like some Russian energy exports, etc.

Their mouths keep moving, but only gibberish comes out. The reality is that people want stuff from Russia, so they don't want to "punish them too much".

And scared of Putin. Very scared. (You see that fear represented in the comments on SA all the time. Those guys worried about getting Nuked, hiding in their parents basement, typing comments on SA. ) Scared of the same guy's army that was defeated by a bunch of hick inexperienced fighter Ukrainians after a week of being trained up on western weapons.

No Western or Euro leader will stand up to Putin.
Nero fiddled as Rome burned......

Sad world we live in.
Indoguando profile picture
@Dividend Pro Ukraine is giving citizenship away, no one is stopping you from fighting. Stop trying to make other peoples kids fight for your war fantasies.
Dividend Pro profile picture

You are one of the people I am talking about, in my post above.
Indoguando profile picture
@Dividend Pro I'm not the one hiding behind a keyboard buddy. Strap those boots on, go on, get to it. Like I said, Ukraine is giving away citizenship for heroes like you. I bet you could get some of those billions Biden is giving way to reimburse your plane trip. So go on boy, be a man.
Will be interesting to see how long the world can stay the course in the face of rising prices.
rftanner profile picture
While cutting off access to Western financial transactions does limit what Russia can buy, I wonder if it also cuts off their ability to buy those things that Russia cannot provide itself, in needed quantity, for the Russian people. Such as fresh food and medical supplies. Only when the Russian people feel the impact of the sanctions will the howl be felt in the Kremlin. If sanctions cost the rest of the world in the price of gas, energy or aluminum supplies, that is our contribution to helping Ukraine's defense effort and a lesson that we should not be dependent on supplies from a rogue nation.
Chancer profile picture

But Russia can get what they need from China.

The only way sanctions can work is if they are in effect over a long period of time.

The People of Ukraine are dying to 'buy' that time.

The rest of us complain that the value of our portfolios are going down while the price of gas is up. Frequently this complaining is to score political points.
Sanction them into the stone age. Crush support for the indiscriminate shelling and intentional destruction of a peaceful nation and ethnic group.
@noobwhale My concern is that crushing the Russian economy could be just as much of a trigger to Putin as MiGs from Poland. Nuclear climate change is a much bigger concern to me than made made climate change. What is John Kerry’s plan for dealing with mushrooms?
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