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ARKK not enough? New fund gives 2X leverage to Cathie Wood’s flagship ETF

May 02, 2022 9:08 AM ETARK Innovation ETF (ARKK), TARK, SARKBy: Jason Capul, SA News Editor37 Comments

Financial term ETF (Exchange traded fund) on blue and green finance background. Trend Up and Down, Flat

Vladimir Zakharov/iStock via Getty Images

Bullish on Cathie Wood's popular ARK Innovation ETF (NYSEARCA:ARKK)? AXS Investments debuted its AXS 2X Innovation ETF (TARK) on Monday, a leveraged ETF that tracks the performance of the well-known technology- and disruptor-focused

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Comments (37)

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bazooooka profile picture
sounds like fun for traders
Who in their right mind would touch that right now. I wager ARKK drops another 30-50% before this is done
@Maui.woweee first it’s going to stage a bear market rally, good way to play that rally. Then it’s going to tank hard (SARK :) ⬇️
Equities Ghoul profile picture
@Maui.woweee You were right, and now is a good time to enter TARK long.
Chaffey profile picture
So ARK was up 6% today ... TARK was up WHAT? Jeepers .... In a New York Minute...everything can change. Quite a day huh?
So 2x the losses? Ouch
luoxiyouzi profile picture
Why TARK? Should have done a 4x DARK
This is great to play the bounces off support in the down trend. But it is only a trade, no longer than a 3-4 day hold. SARK is the long play.
Joe Blast profile picture
@grewalg87 Hope fully they can launch STARK soon.
Been doing quite well with just that strategy, thanks.
Investment Pancake profile picture
Will the idiocy ever end?
Illuminati Investments profile picture
I just sharted a bunch of $ARKK because I'm not sure you can buy puts on $TARK yet.
This should end well
Illuminati Investments profile picture
Would be down -140% if it started last year...
Slade_01 profile picture
@Illuminati Investments Nickname would be the suicide fund. 🤣
A good short.
@KRW123 agree. Another vehicle for put options.
@KRW123 When an investing decision seems so obvious usually it is not and bites the unsuspecting idiot in the arse.
@Scott the Robot that's why option traders typically use short durations and don't gamble it all in any single week. So long as inflation and rates are headed up, most high PE tech stocks are probably headed down. Even if you're that positive on tech, better to do it buying options than buying this kind of fund since your potential losses are at least limited.
j. hughes profile picture
Should call it the Vulture Fund.
TARK will quickly become Cathie’s top conviction holding. No other holding could achieve 2x her projected 40% annual returns (or is it 50% or 60% now?) for ARKK. TARK is an easy 10-bagger for anybody who is smart enough to get in before Cathie discovers it as the next big innovative disruptor.

Wow, I’m gonna have to go light one up and spend the rest of the day pondering this!
Investor1546 profile picture
@ThetaSeeker this makes no sense. Lol she is going to buy a fund that is providing 2x the performance of her fund. That is literally just going to increase leverage of her underlying fund and their positions.
@Investor1546 I’m fairly certain it was sarcasm.
Garisonmp3z profile picture
Why pay an expense fee when I can lose all my money in TDOC for free?
@Garisonmp3z why lose?. if u had bought PUTS, u would have been 20-50x on that day!.. if you have 100+ shares, buy a put on ER is worth it.
How do these people still have any money left to lose
@nifong you can sell EBT cards.
65nCruisin profile picture
This is the greatest example of innovation and disruption in human history. It allows speculators the opportunity to lose money twice as fast. Truly marvelous
@65nCruisin god bless America! This is the kinda thing that makes me proud.
littlecubbie2019 profile picture
If i was going to buy one it would still be sark.
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