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Canada's antitrust regulator plans to block Rogers $16B takeover of Shaw

Low angle view of modern office building with glass facade and comapny logo of Rogers Communications Inc. on top on sunny day in autumn with clouds in the sky.

Timon Schneider/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

Canada's antitrust regulator informed Rogers Communications (NYSE:RCI) and Shaw Communications (NYSE:SJR) of its intention to oppose the $16 billion transaction.

Rogers (RCI) and Shaw said they remain committed to the deal, according to a

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Comments (13)

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Planning to block is not the same thing as blocking. Odds are much higher that deal will happen than not. Why? When has Rogers not gotten what it wants.
Can you spell "M-O-N-O-P-O-L-Y"???
Dale Roberts profile picture
Policy of competition. What a joke.

There is no need for competition. Just regulate the space properly. The big telcos pay tens of billions to create and support the much-needed national digitial infrastructure.

And stop taxing the hell out of them. Of course they have to pass that along to consumers.

The NDP and Liberals are ignorant anti-business folks, with no business experience.

You could go to the Liberals if you wanted to start a University, but not if you want a reasonable government ;)
Gary Gambino profile picture
@Dale Roberts what are your thoughts on the chances of the companies prevailing in court?
Disclosure: I just sold my SJR shares for a 1.6% capital gain. 19% upside to the deal value but over 30% downside to the SJR price before the deal was announced. Not worth the added risk and uncertain deal close timing.
Dale Roberts profile picture
@Gary Gambino Hi Gary, sorry I'd have no guess on that.
Damon Judd profile picture
Interesting. I think Rogers believed they had it in the bag.
Baloney Sandwitch profile picture
OK it's dead. They can engage constructively all they like but it isn't happening.
Canada has been notoriously lax at enforcing anti-trust principles. Generous political contributions, and probably under the table money, alway greased the wheels. Years ago, the Chretien government allowed two of the country's biggest bread makers to merge for no sensible reason. So we have the highest bread prices in the world. Later, the retailers were found guilty of colluding on bread prices. Easy when there's so few sources of supply. The phone companies are notoriously large political donators. I'd be surprised if this doesn't go through.
@DrT Agree just look at the Canadian Housing market- its a cesspool of money laundering, fraud, bribery and tax evasion. It's one of the only things keeping Canada's economy afloat based on offering safe haven to some of the most corrupt money world wide. It's a safe haven in the world Canada does nothing to protect except sponge off the US for safety against world aggressors
Most Canadian users hope that it will be blocked as we pay some of the highest user fees in the world for phone and internet. If Rogers wins we will only pay a lot more regardless what the CRTC says. It's disgraceful!
Tobias Schmitz profile picture
True. Then again a sparsely populated country like Canada is not exactly the ideal background for telco competition. 85% of the Canadian population live within 100 miles of the US border, but stretched out over the whole continent. Easiest way to get real competition in the telco market is probably to plug in to the US market.
As long as the Canucks are trying to go it alone, they'll be ripped off by monopolies, that are masquerading as competitors.
@Tobias Schmitz The invention of satellite transmission really shrinks Canada's size. It was different when wires had to be run through vast expanses.
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