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Where are Treasury yields headed as the Fed embarks on quantitative tightening?

Federal reserve building, the headquater of Federal reserve bank.

Tanarch/iStock via Getty Images

The beginning of so-called quantitative tightening commences on Wednesday as the Fed lets bonds mature off its $9T balance sheet without replacement. It's a big step for a central bank that conducted unprecedented bond purchases from March

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Comments (71)

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It will become another federal mental institution where clueless and useless ph.d.s are fed on taxpayers money.
alphatoto profile picture
"Where are Treasury yields headed....?" Nobody knows! Another waste of time clickbate post.
@alphatoto Hey at least they are being honest for once.
I will respect anyone in government who admits to making a mistake. Of course, I don't expect it of pol critters. Just civil servants such as J.Y.
I would not trust Janet Yellen to cut my lawn. She would take the lawnmower over a cliff
whatsfordinner profile picture
@Observer7 Just another democrat. Wrote a short note today and said most democrats could not fix a toilet if their life depended on it, let alone understand the oil in non-green wind turbines needs changed and the blades are buried in mass graves by diesel powered bulldozers.
01 Jun. 2022
MMT? ✔️
Good info.
Why do we continue re-appointing failed retreads, is it just the matter of familiarity? I am beginning to believe Washington really is a swamp that needs to be drained. Have any of these people done anything in the private sector or just existed as government pay takers.
@TheRationalVoice Yes, they "just existed as government pay takers." And it pays: current president has lived off the tax payers since his first senate election in 1972! Has done very well off the government teat (no private sector employment) with nice houses, etc. And the other side does it too: Mitch McConnell and his lobbyist/cabinet member wife rake in the big money.
@jvictor777 Don't forget 'man of the people' Manchin! He and his entire family.
whatsfordinner profile picture
@TheRationalVoice Hey buddy....Biden is one smart cookie. Look at all he has done for America. Are we not in last place now? That took talent!
Yellen's light isn't too bright as supposedly being a hot shot economist! She didn't learn anything from the 1970's and 1980's and the 2001's......she is too political driven.
jo blo5664 profile picture
@kingdoms333 JY claimed to have been blind-sided by inflation. I thought that was her primary job. Someone's got some 'splainin' to do.
@jo blo5664 I think she has been told to be the 'fall person' for Biden's so called Admin. She is one big joke and always have been.
sethmcs profile picture
What's the difference between an economist and a fortune teller? Not much.
paulalbert profile picture
@sethmcs The difference is that fortune tellers are occasionally right!
rbrichard51 profile picture
Sadly, the SA crowd here has been blinded by a political agenda that depends upon a very short memory. The impact of US debt is actually best measured in %of GDP.
If one looks at the last 25 years in this real statistical graph:
one should draw the conclusion that the high debt of today is not unusual and thus not the relevant factor in inflation.
P.S. Note that the highest spikes in the debt ratio has happened under GOP administrations.
garro profile picture
@rbrichard51 Roosevelt, Wilson, Reagan, Bush, Obama increased our national debt the most in percentage terms. Just couldn't stick with the data and leave partisan politics out of it.......
@garro And it was much more dramatic to raise debt before 1971 when we went to full-on fiat. In the Wilson and Roosevelt case we were still gold based on money supply. So those debts HAD to be repaid in gold, if not from taxes / surpluses. That is what eventually broke the gold standard when France, after years of LBJ's excessive spending on Guns and Butter, demanded repayment for loaned funds in gold. Nixon would not let go of our gold and broke the gold standard. It is much easier now to deficit spend and so Congresses do (Presidents only sign the budget, do not legislate it)
01 Jun. 2022
@rbrichard51 Good observation and attests that we either need economic growth or reduced Federal spending. We can do both. Growth is more fun than austerity.
What do you want from an old lady? Unfortunately, the cognitive abilities of most people at this age are just a shadow of the past. But that's what she was chosen for the position - fitting well for the team.
Opposes Tyranny profile picture
Maybe if they keep chasing off the scarce stuff with more fake money the prices will start to go down, so far it hasn't been working but maybe this time just maybe.. did Nancy ever read the ACA? did she get us that "energy independence" she promised under Bush? Are the record release of the Strategic Reserves working yet?
Yellen is a waste of time. How she has any role in anything is beyond me. Useless. Always has been.
01 Jun. 2022
I think it is well known that the Fed does more damage than good.
Chancer profile picture
Yellen admits failing to recognize the inflation problems that average Americans with no experience and education in economics could see. Then what is Yellen good for?
Ramon_13 profile picture
@Chancer Absolutely nothing ! Yet idiots like her get promoted constantly and slither around Washington DC for way too long
@Ramon_13 Know the right people, kiss the right asses, go to the right colleges, etc. Yellen, like all of DC, is not about superior intellect or insight, they are about figuratively (sometimes literally) f-cking the right people
@Chancer I guess she's good for the Biden administration
So what again qualifies Janet Yellen to express an opinion I should care about? She is wrong about almost everything. I don't care about her Wall Street or Federal Reserve credentials. You don't have to be right to be in those circles, just know the right people and be on the right political team. So, I will laugh when she finally admits "I was wrong about inflation". I guess it is nice she can admit it now that the damage is done.
Intl Investment Services profile picture
Yesterday’s meeting was set right before FOMC’s June meeting. Apparently the president is unsatisfied with the Fed’s talks. See if the Fed is still sticking with their (slow) rate hike/QT plan. Now that Yellen had said she didn’t fully understand inflation impacts, they would collectively act faster.
So, the Biden enforcement squad managed to coerce Yelen into following the party lie.
01 Jun. 2022
Yellen is an embarrassment. Fits right in with Joe's "team".
yogatech profile picture
@tmcamp It sounds like Yellen is the new White House Press Secretary cheerleading for the current administration. Sad!
"At the time I didn't fully understand"

Not bad for a Fed Chair huh?

yogatech profile picture
@drftr To be fair the Fed has limited resources. They only have just over 400 Phd economists on the payroll.
@yogatech LOL!! Good one. I at one time wanted to be a PhD economist. Now, seeing what a joke they are, I am glad I didn't waste my time with that.
psunami profile picture
@BrainPane But think how "comfortable" you would be!

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