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Bitcoin back below $20K, while Coinbase, MicroStrategy, other crypto stocks bounce

Jul. 05, 2022 10:49 AM ETBitcoin USD (BTC-USD), ETH-USD, COIN, RIOTMSTR, SICP, BITF, BITF:CABy: Max Gottlich, SA News Editor15 Comments

Bitcoin Concept With Binary Codes

Eoneren/E+ via Getty Images

Bitcoin (BTC-USD) on Tuesday is slipping back under its $20K key level in a backdrop of a broader market downturn and mounting recession fears. Still, crypto-focused stocks are seeing some buying pressure.

The largest digital

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Comments (15)

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Code Talker Market Analysis profile picture
Nobody will have any money to throw at a purely speculative token now that liquidity is being removed from the markets.

Bitcoin to under $10k this year.
Code Talker Market Analysis profile picture
My AT&T stock measures my ownership of a working company. That company is real and sells real things.

But Bitcoin does not represent any such thing.

Going under $10k this year.
sheerace profile picture
@Code Talker Market Analysis
.. I was completely skeptical of Bcoin myself..for many years….I studied the architecture, the utility, the security, the transparency…..I donot have an opinion on the equilibrium price….or even think it matters….however, I do hold the opinion that it is the best method of exchange ever devised by mankind…it’s value is utility, just like ur phone company
Code Talker Market Analysis profile picture
@sheerace I have written blockchains.

Bitcoin is terrible from an energy perspective and not sustainable from a climate perspective. It is not feasible for transactions because of the inherent price fluctuations it is susceptible to. No serious-minded group of people would want to trade widgets for it because it is vulnerable to manipulation.

Gonna see it go back down to $10k or below before price stabilizes.
sheerace profile picture
@Code Talker Market Analysis instead of spreading hype, I might suggest enlightenment
Dividend Seeker profile picture
Without stimulus checks, "free" rent, and "cancelled" debt, the consumer is toast.
dpeterson5620 profile picture
@Dividend Seeker With the kind of inflation we are seeing now, the consumer is toast anyway.
Investor Dude profile picture
@Dividend Seeker exactly. But contrary to fiat which is debt, bitcoin is money.
Code Talker Market Analysis profile picture
@Investor Dude No, bitcoin is a speculative token.

Money does not fluctuate this much in value.
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