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UK finance minister resigns, cites 'fundamental' difference with prime minister

Rishi Sunak Announces Measures To Ease The Rising Cost Of Living

Leon Neal/Getty Images News

  • U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak submitted his resignation Tuesday.
  • In a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Sunak said the "public rightly expect government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously."
  • "I recognise this

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Comments (18)

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2021investor profile picture
UK is run by Indians basically at this point. Colonization has come full circle.
@2021investor but they have the knowledge to do that. It's fair and they worked hard. I am a fan of Rishi
2021investor profile picture
@Agnee Tips Is it really just a function of hard work? No. The UK govt has been very lenient with Indian immigration to the UK. You can’t say the same for many other countries. There are countless highly qualified doctors and professionals in North Korea, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, Sudan, Libya etc etc, you get the point, but they don’t have the same easy path to the UK as Indians do. Priti Patel, Sajjad Javid, Sadiq Khan, Rishi, and countless others - in very high positions. Where are the naturalized East Asians in government? Or Middle Easterners? Or Eastern Europeans? So all of the people from those regions are just lazy? No, it’s the sheer volume of Indians globally and their success culture at any cost (including unethical/immoral). Rishi’s wife has been evading taxes - look it up.
PJS007 profile picture
@2021investor What a racially tinged bunch of nonsense! I'm sure you can find other fringe sites for this racist crap.
Regarding Rishi's wife's tax issue, she didn't do anything illegal, but it looked bad politically, and is the same tax avoidance strategy every rich person does with accounts in Cayman Is, Bermuda, Jersey, or Guernsey, or any other tax avoidance offshore haven, including Switzerland.
SuperPac profile picture
Not just the Chancellor, but the Health secretary has resigned too. BoJo and his trail of crap has to end now. Go already you dolt.
TommyIrish profile picture
Starting to look inevitable that BoJo has to go next summer.

He thought he was the second coming of Augustus Churchill.

BUT too many mistakes looking more like Lloyd George every day.

It is time for BoJo to fall on his sword AND for a wholesale change of policy.

The Tories need a fresh start - MY money is on Raab...
TommyIrish profile picture

Did I say NEXT summer!

BoJo Premiership unravelling slowly at first and now collapsing!

The End!
SuperPac profile picture
Good riddance! He can get together with the actress called Greta whatever and organise COP 57.
TommyIrish profile picture

People told me he was a clown years ago, still, you had a to give him a chance.

But no, just way too many mistakes.

Game over.
PJS007 profile picture
No surprise. Sunak wants to be prime minister. This is a tactical move to wrestle party leadership from a weakened Johnson.
Maybe first world countries shouldn't have destroyed their economies and currencies over a triple-flu.
Nothing in Sunak's linked letter explores where the differences of opinion lie, which is what I'd be interested in seeing.
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