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Cathie Wood feeling 'a lot better' about crypto, thinks Fed 'panicked'

Jul. 05, 2022 2:45 PM ETARK Innovation ETF (ARKK)ARKG, ARKQ, ARKW, ETH-USD, BTC-USD, ARKF, ARKXBy: Brian Stewart, SA News Editor63 Comments

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High profile fund manager Cathie Wood said she is "feeling a lot better" about the cryptocurrency sector after the drop the asset class saw in the first half of 2022, which has Bitcoin (BTC-USD

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Comments (63)

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In another laughable call, she said in Oct 2021 that crude oil would meet the same fate as whale oil.


If Cathie Wood feels "alot better" about crypto, then we all know what's gonna happen.
Illuminati Investments profile picture
So weird that she's expecting deflation yet loves crypto...
Wait, her top performing fund is down about 30% already this year??? Isn’t Ray Dalio’s up like 30%ish already this year?
r Negoro profile picture
Of course she wants low interest. It boost her kinda stocks.
She feels good. Great. Cathy Wood needs to keep the Gen Xers engaged. Keep them happy and to continue to believe in crypto so they keep the faith in Cathy and continue to invest in Arkk.
This women is a charlatan. Her singular objective to to convince people to give her a 75 basis points management fee. The shame here is that her scam is legal.
josephaoppenheim profile picture
No one knows the future. Beware of fortune tellers.
I'm a Cathie half-full guy. Agree on the exponential disruption possibilities of AI, autonomous driving, etc. but look rather dimly on the outrageous claims of Bitcoin being the solution to all big bank shenanigans.
Sure, she (well, essentially all extensive risk-takers) wants central banks to go back to normal (=pump-pump-pump), so her useless sh*t investments go through the roof again. Of course the FED totally panicked (we are at 1.5% base rate with 8% inflation), of course the FED should go back pumping as otherwise all her investments will soon be worth zero. Why are the media still giving this useless investor a platform?
TAKE A RATE HIKE profile picture
@Jim_Berger It’s cute seeing haters like you dismissing her, just like how people dismiss her about tesla back then.
@APOW I like your picture 😉 long live the pumpers, long live central banks.
It’s so wrong to invest base on the price target for her . She makes herself the victim
Manzanita Research profile picture
Very weird $ARKK has been outperforming all the major indexes since May. Dead cat bounce or hidden value?
Does anybody still listen to this nut job?
From wood to ash takes a crash.
ckarabin profile picture
Nice to know that she feel good now about her crypto investments. How is Coinbase doing by the way. Is that one of the ones she feels good about now?
ckarabin profile picture
Has she had Econ 101 yet? The Fed panicked because inflation was 9% and they thought they should do something about it, like raise real short term interest rates to a negative 7%? She must have missed a few class periods.
Chris Lau profile picture
This bubble ain't over until i) Cathie has no voice ii) BTC falls further iii) Fed stops raising rates to quell hyper-inflation.
@Chris Lau Well said.
I'm waiting on capitulation too Cathy, yours.
Everyone doubted her and here we got back to ATHS!
deercreekvols profile picture
Clicks and comments are not worth your credibility.

Enough with the "Cathie Wood Says" segments.

Her funds are below average...way below average. Her thoughts and beliefs are nonsense.

Stop now and shine the Seeking Alpha light on some fund managers who are not down 56% with their flagship fund.

05 Jul. 2022
First-rate marketing spiel, 'strong independent woman,' appeals to a certain uninformed retail segment. Short covering crypto will work, for awhile.

Long QID, long SARK. Pray for peace.
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