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Fire out after Energy Transfer pipeline explosion in Texas

Jul. 07, 2022 7:47 PM ETEnergy Transfer LP (ET)By: Carl Surran, SA News Editor77 Comments

Pumped-storage power station with three pipelines

ZU_09/E+ via Getty Images

A natural gas pipeline operated by Energy Transfer (NYSE:ET) exploded in a rural area west of Houston, Texas, on Thursday, starting a fire that was extinguished early this afternoon; no one was injured.

Local officials

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Comments (77)

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Bo Xiden ordered ET to turn up the volume.
I'm assuming this pipeline utilizes smart pigs?
@soocrates1963 like One Soft
@Sound Investor or Sonotech.
So, Peter got out of the boat and started to drown in "that shallow water". Interesting. I guess he was shorter than we thought. ET is still a strong buy in my book (not the Bible book).
I have to ask, what caused the leak? This is a pretty big question for returning this line to service.
eemoon profile picture
Gophers 🦫
@bayousaint There was a hole in the line, and it's pressurized. Friction from the gas rushing out heats the steel pipe and starts the fire. It's part of operating pipe lines; the opposite, never having leaks, is impossible.
@BillJK1 pipelines don't just get holes in them. They are pressure tested to multiples of operating pressure before putting them in service. Corrosion? Ok, now the line is out of service before lots of checks
There are lots of preferential areas in the nation to put coal mines, pipelines, landfills, etc. Good risk profiles, while providing critical goods and services. And the science constantly evolves. But the problem is that there is nothing that the gov't cannot make worse.
Old Professor profile picture
What's this going to cost in money and reputational damage?
Uncle PennyBags profile picture
@Old Professor next to nothimg.. It,'s a fairly common occurance among these companies.
Old Professor profile picture
@Uncle PennyBags That's good to know. Thanks.
@Old Professor I think you're being a bit flip. The best operators care deeply about health and safety for their workers and their communities. The ones that don't are just asking for regulatory action against, not to mention litigation. Much better to invest in safety up front
There will always be breakdowns in equipment and systems. While there should be an investigation to determine the cause, it appears that the risk mitigation and emergency response in this case worked well as in minimized impacts to surrounding areas. The team involved should look for improvements that can be made and move on. For folks who want to use this incident to criticize the Natural Gas industry, I say, don't forget where your electricity comes from.
Sanmartinoclimber profile picture
Sounds like it might be a good time to buy more next week.
now imagine it being hydrogen
@Squink In some respects, hydrogen is not as dangerous. Pipeline hydrogen is not going to collect in clouds (like nat gas/ LNG) to catch fire. It's going straight up in the air...
@bayousaint Hindenburg
@bayousaint yes, if not on fire, it will dissipate. However, it takes 3 time the volume for the same energy, it leaks much easier, it catches fire with less and with more oxygen, it burns faster (speed at which fire travels), the flames can't really be seen. Just be careful
Pipeline safety is going to be a major and investible theme as a national security matter. One of the better players is One Soft
Pepdog profile picture
This small pipeline section is owned 50% by $ET and 50% by $EPD. Zero mention of $EPD - go figure!
ckarabin profile picture
@Pepdog Of course, only the ET half blew up, the other half of the pipeline is perfectly okay

ET operated EPD passive partner, why mention EPD?
ckarabin profile picture
@Brucejfern Because it is half an EPD asset, they suffered half the loss and have half the liability too.
There was an explosion, quick fire, pipeline safety procedure worked,no injuries. That's the news. All the comments about anything else fluff!
The irony is ET stock price went up! It's all about making money!
Tom850870 profile picture
Oh great, I only predicted this about a dozen times. Fortunately it doesn't appear they barbecued anyone. Maybe someone parked a Russian tank there.

Anyway, it was said to be a 24" pipeline, and looking at ET's map around Houston, this appears to be the Trunkline pipeline. That's a significant line, but not so much west of Houston.
Update: Have you added or bought new position on pull back!
Tom850870 profile picture
@stockinvestor1956 Not since Wednesday, my last buy was at $9.25. It looks like we'll have two green days, but whether this is the move back up or a dead cat bounce remains to be seen.
@Tom850870 "Maybe someone parked a Russian tank there." Thanks for the belly laugh. How the hell do the Russians keep finding youngsters willing to get into those metal fire caskets?
Ishi Kenjo profile picture
There have been so many "accidents" at meat production & processing to energy lately. Very interesting. Wonder if any of the findings will be discussed publicly. Kind of looks like sabotage wirh so nany other incidents. I hope poers that be have some eyes on Antifa, BLM, and other leftists.
DhunterChapy profile picture
@Ishi Kenjo So being against Fascism is "leftist" ?
Longbottom profile picture
@Ishi Kenjo I'd lean toward cost cutting measures rather than sabotage. We just got a shipment of plastic bags in and you could see they've been playing in microns with the thickness of the plastic. 90% of the shipment was useless upon arrival. And these are biohazard bags meant to protect people from pathogens.
@DhunterChapy antifa are fascists🤪
Cue all the idiots who will somehow say it’s now going back to $6 and Kelcey is personally to blame.
Uncle PennyBags profile picture
@Fred. L. I think we are safe from ridicule here because EPD owns half that pipe too and they can do no wrong Fred.

Haven't you read enough comments on how amazing EPD is? They are all just and protected under sacred and eternal bliss. I read somewhere their management can walk on water.
@Uncle PennyBags Nobody “walks on water” and the Bible story that spoke of it was hyperbole. Jesus walked across SHALLOW water in the Sea of Galilee and rather naturally the story was blow up. So why not just say that these days EDP can do nothing wrong and ET can do nothing right.
dlinhat profile picture
@Founts5 Wow, you have a long memory.
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