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Biden Administration considers new sanctions on sending chipmaking tools to China: report

CPU with Chinese flag concept


The Biden Administration is going over new sanctions to stop sending certain chip equipment tools to China to make advanced semiconductors, while also not hurting the global economy, Reuters reported.

The news outlet, citing five people familiar with the

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Its Not even US tech here. Dutch DUV machinese has nothing to do with US. And yet US bullying ASML and Dutch.
If US compete mano to mano with China , US will lose. US has to depend on alot of other people just to have a fighting chance.
My apologies, I failed to understand the part of the sentence dealing with the other companies: "In December, it was reported that the Biden administration was evaluating imposing tougher sanctions on SMIC (OTCQX:SMICY), China's largest chipmaker, which have limited the ability of chip equipment companies to sell inside the country, including Applied Materials (AMAT), KLA Corp. (KLAC) and Lam Research (LRCX)."
Why can’t nations, races, cultures cooperate to make a peaceful happy rich world?
@tzeshan ....became I hold LMT RTX GD HII NOC... and I like to see them skyrocket. Haha
@tzeshan it's not in our species nature
When we stop playing the bully with sanctions, and start rebuilding our own manufacturing infrastructure... that will be a happy day.
@TheNewNorm oh, additionally... the current episode in the Ukraine would be an economical non-issue if we had followed Germany and put solar panels on our rooftops 5 years ago, converted our trucking fleets to natural gas and allowed the USPS to convert their fleet to EVs instead of punishing them with ridiculous mandates on their retirement account. Just saying.
@TheNewNorm Washington's "get tough" policies on China helps Biden relive those glorious Corn Pop days and the Trumpsters get hard (sort of) dreaming about the size of their gas tanks and tires on their pickup trucks.
Et20 profile picture

Germany is going back to coal. Just saying.
MikeFromNZ profile picture
Let's see, how do we force China to seize Taiwan? Suggestions anyone?
@MikeFromNZ well if they did that, then they definitely would be cut off from the west and TSMC would be in same postion as mainland China.

The West invented the semiconductor industry and spent billions developing all the methods/technology. China wants to jump the line and produce at the top nodes and take away market share from Western companies and jump start their military ---all based on Western past investment. Semiconductors/Tech/Economy are the keys to world leadership/defense.

If the Chinese Dictator wasn't Anti-West at every step, then maybe he'd have avoided all the tariffs and sanctions. It all started becaused Trump put on some tariffs and Xi retaliated/escalated.
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The west -

You mean 12% of the population and 35% of economic output ?

That West ?
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@vooch and all the semiconductor knowledge and semi equipment companies. Check out who Morris Chang is. He has US nationality and was educated and trained in the US.
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$ASML already stopped supplying to China, capping its telecom industry to 4G.
"Biden Administration considers new sanctions on sending chipmaking tools to China"


Xi Administration considers new sanctions on exporting rare earths and semiconductors
@adria.nature Win-win for the US.
Clever move: giving someone the order to end its business at no costs.

Now some more people will consider more truth in Putins words: "europe is like a colony of the USA" ...

AND it will hint China once again to get rid of any american or international support and make all for itself. And in 5 years ASML will get fierce competion by some "red flag" company ...
@Croogie And Eastern Europe used to be a colony of the Soviet Union... Me thinks Putin doth protest too much!!
No comment on why?

Copyright infringement? Weapons? They will make chips quicker than RoW and trash the market, before holding the world to ransom as Russia does Europe with Nat Gas?
ComputerBlue profile picture
Govt deciding where a business can participate..trying to cap another countries price on oil…absent leadership

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