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GameStop, Upstart Holdings among premarket losers' pack

Jul. 08, 2022 8:20 AM ETGME, ITP, AREB, UPST, GROVBy: Meghavi Singh, SA News Editor7 Comments

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Comments (7)

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Gunne profile picture
I feel like...


Be 💪 #GME



No financial advice.
GameStop. 🙄 just a matter of time before it’s at $5 again.
@DadRuss72 People have been saying this for over a year. Look at the deep ITM PUT OI. Easily 300% of SI hiding in there. Keep learnin’, bud.
@DadRuss72 Store closings, layoffs, store and website traffic down, NFT a big nothing, huge losses, counting on 'collectibles' like shower curtains and grilled cheese makers to turn things around...
@FailedToDeliver So have the countless predictions of GME going to the moon and the MOASS. News keeps getting worse and splits are nothing but a distraction. Apes keep buying every dip, but the bagholders can't keep it up forever. Pretty soon it's only going to be @Gunne talking to himself on the GME boards.
GME has not given a specific warning yet but its now obvious things are going terribly in their stores.

I'm expecting much larger than expected losses to be reported.
@Clark158f1 Those actions - execs departing suddenly, job reductions, store closings, do not speak well for the future of any company. Sears / Kmart tried that all the way down to almost nothing. Website and store traffic are DOWN, margins are DOWN, and NFT is a big yawn.
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