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New York Fed's John Williams sees sub-1% real GDP growth in 2022

Jul. 08, 2022 11:23 AM ETBy: Max Gottlich, SA News Editor8 Comments

FED federal reserve of USA sybol and sign.


New York Federal Reserve President John Williams said Friday that he is expecting U.S. real GDP growth to "slow considerably" in 2022 as financial conditions keep tightening, according to his prepared speech.

Specifically, Williams sees real GDP growth of

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Comments (8)

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Johnny Skyhook profile picture
We are probably already in a recession which is what I said back in Q1 (following the two consecutive quarters definition).

By the time the National Bureau of Economic Research confirms it, chances are we will probably be exiting the recession.

Given the typical recession lasts about 14 months, now is just about the time to think about buying into recovery.

An observation which should coincide with peak fear.
sethmcs profile picture
@Johnny Skyhook Good plan except the fed ain't done yet. Therefore, there are bad things that can happen in the bond market that are not priced in yet. Also we do not yet have 2nd quarter earnings and guidance. So best course is to wait. August September may be difficult months. October might be the bottom.
Fed credibility in question given strong job market and high inflation imho
@PITX3 multiple job holders (primary and secondary full time) has reached a record high, household survey since MArch 2022 has shown a steady loss in full time and part time, this is all being masked by multiple job holders. Not strong.
@dandroidz Economy is at full-throttle, Biden said we have more jobs even than with Trump, so please rise rates and tame inflation, Fed officials do your job
ComputerBlue profile picture
Trillions in stimulus and debt, 10% inflation..to get 1% growth (if you believe it)
Just say the word out loud, R-E-C-E-S-S-I-O-N....
Its already the textbook definition.
Nevermind this garbage "establishment survey" which doesnt show that households in fact have been bleeding jobs and multiple people are now working two jobs. Job gains you say? At what, Wal-mart? Chikfila?
Dont want to affect those mid terms do ya? Wouldnt want the American peasants/proles to possible reverse course on these terrible policies, we need to maintain the course (right into an iceberg).
And yet markets are still pricing in huge growth numbers...
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