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Composition of next COVID boosters raises questions

Jul. 10, 2022 12:00 PM ETPfizer Inc. (PFE)NVAX, MRNA, BNTXBy: Dulan Lokuwithana, SA News Editor180 Comments

Covid-19 new variants of Omicron. Doctor"s hand in blue glove and writing "Omicron BA.4-BA.5 Variant" on white sheet. Concept for the new Covid 19 Omicron variants

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The FDA guidance on updating the next COVID-19 shots for the fall booster campaign has prompted some experts to doubt their likely immune response, while some even question the need for such boosters as the

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US orders 3.2 million doses of NVAX. Moderna time running out, which is why they put out more old info this morning
I was fortunate enough to catch one of these very mild Omicron variants in May, now I’ve got natural immunity which will probably be good for a year minimum. BTW it was basically a mild to moderate cold for me but I stay relatively fit and take Vit D3 and a few other supplements daily.
@networks_insider Have you been jabbed? If not do not, if yes, you will likely get the next variant.
@networks_insider Same here. BTW, a study from Qatar has confirmed that our natural immunity will last a good 3 years (at least, and probably much longer) and that it will protect us not necessarily from catching it but from severe infection at 97%.
@Cmon down I did get the original two jabs in Feb/Apr 2021 (Moderna) but no boosters. I got very ill after Moderna jab #2 (much worse than the real Covid infection). My employer required the initial jabs but so far not the boosters.
It seems most SA users have no life.

Why else would they spend time reading and commenting on an update in a field they don't even understand - they can't be investors in the space.

There's a whole world out there guys!
@Fundamental Trader You just commented
Larry Hall profile picture
@Fundamental Trader Truly obnoxious comment.
@Fundamental Trader BTW I agree with you 100%, but you teed it up so I had to hit it :-))))
When will people wake up and realize this isn’t a vaccine. It’s just a shitty flu shot for a cold like virus that keeps mutating.
Happy2021 profile picture
@JMM1026 When will people wake up and actually take time to read what a vaccine really means and that it does not necessarily 100% prevent you from getting a disease.
coelacanth10 profile picture
@Happy2021 When will people become aware that they can avoid the many significant and dangerous risks of illness and death from experimental gene-transfer therapy simply by employing early treatment with inexpensive, effective topical and systemic drugs(flccc.net)?
Karl Kelly profile picture
@JMM1026 Qatar had a study that showed that the flu shot gave decent protection to its healthcare workers before the mRNA affine came out. I’ll take a flu shot over a vaccine that is still basically in the emergency authorization status
folks are beginning to question the composition of the original ones too..
"while some even question the need for such boosters as the virus evolves" that is blasphemy, the writer or source of this sentence should be burned at the stake immediately. How can anyone dare to question the covid vaccine? Get your shots guys, never question and after all: always be printing.
so essentially we'll all be vaccinated like dogs, noumorous shots a year, every year in our whole life. the vaccine protocol for dogs was devised to support the llivelihood of vet, because honestly, as much as we care about our dogs, we don't go to the vet unless there is body injury to hour dogs or some dibilitating diseases like cancer, because dogs are generally healthy and they don't complain much. vaccines make you visit your vet every year or even several times a year even though there is nothibng wrong with your dogs. now they are doing the same thing on us, too.
coelacanth10 profile picture
@bartender19 You are absolutely correct. In my small animal practice in the 80's and 90's, vaccinations and heartworm tests paid the bills, but the complete physical exam and history(much more than what my doctor today gives me) was nearly free.
If you want... sure!

It's not compulsory. No more than the Flu shot is compulsory.

One more thing... why are all you people commenting here?

This site is for investors. If you were invested in biotechs, I'd expect you to know a little more about the subject.
Bokoblin profile picture
@Fundamental Trader "It's not compulsory. No more than the Flu shot is compulsory."



By the way, this site is for investors. I'd expect you to know a little bit more about what is going on in the world.
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Covid will continue to mutate no matter what vaccine is released. The human species has been put on notice we just don't realize it yet. We've been marked for extinction and Covid will mutate until the job is accomplished.
khanjar24 profile picture

Imagine actually believing that. Don't worry, we're all going to be dead from climate change 12 years from... 40 years ago!?!

I infact died 4x during the course of the Trump presidency. I then died another 2x when Roe vs. Wade was overturned.
emcsqard profile picture
Not to minimize Covid, but I think the following quote would be more apt and accurate given the current state of affairs:
Oil Can profile picture

The rest of us suffer a thousand deaths a day with FJB... hell I suffer one every time he opens his mouth.

"Repeat the line"
PleaseJustNo profile picture
In simple terms, if BA.4, BA.5, and BA.2.75 are what are spreading, then it makes little to no sense to take a booster made for BA.1.

Also, the vaccine mafia's "protection racket" is quite unfortunate - we should RICO it. It's high time that vaccine makers learn to generalize better - just one vaccine should ideally be sufficient to overcome the mutations of the virus.
IBWO profile picture
@PleaseJustNo How many variations(combos) of the flu vaccine are there ? Regardless of which variation of the Covid vaccine you get .... the aim is still to keep you out of the hospital .... not to make you immune to Covid. Same with the flu in that respect.
I rather believe natural defense mechanisms the body already installed. What enhance natural immunity? Simple. Have myself :

1) good sleep (preferably sleep in a light-sheltered bedroom before 11pm),
2) kept body hydrated,
3) generous amount of eggs, seafood, etc,
4) absolutely NO soft drinks and sweets, occasional fasting,
5) sun ray exposing (<20 minutes per day) but not sunbathing (>1-2 hrs per exposure),
6) if not enough good quality food, sleep, sun exposing; consider taking supplements. Vitamin D3 is extremely vital to defense of all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Melatonin is a powerful anti-oxidant that regulates sleep.
7) regular exericse

Don't fool yourself on why the American population is so dependent on medical systems on their chronic diseases, e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension etc, many a case, they are preventable and reversible. It depends on whether the person is willing or not to revert to a healthy lifestyle.

Vaccine, as far as I know, is protective once it is administered. I do not consider the present injections as "vaccines". Poor in effectiveness (still able to contract the disease even triple "vaccinated") and poor in side effects manifestation (other than the proven myocarditis, there are unofficial reports of increasing oncological flare-up, vascular complications, auto-immune disease complications etc).

I am crystal clear on the bet on this manufactured virus.

p.s. has been not using face covering for half year visiting regularly (3-4 days/week to supermarkets and malls etc. No signs and symptoms of infection.
@Staark Excellent post! True story, when everyone was stocking up on toilet paper and paper towels, I was stocking up on Vitamin C. When I caught the first Covid in March 2020, 3 days of massive C and also more D3 and I was fine. Any time flu/covid symptoms have hit which have been two more times, same regiment, all ok after 48 to 72 hours.
exactly. when someone contracts covid and dies, they like to say most of them are not vaccinated. it is also true many of them did not get the shot because they have some underlying diseases making them ineligible for the shot. so if someone has underlying disease, and he doesn't get the shot, or he get the shot anyway, but he dies...does that mean he dies because he doesn't get the shot, he has underlying disease, or he is part of the unlucky statistics who is going to die anyway? and for those get the shot and don't die, are they supposed to recover anyway because most of us don't die of covid. i don't know, need truthful answer.
coelacanth10 profile picture
@Staark Ketodiet and all of the above. It works!
I have not seen the clinical data on Omicron vaccines, anybody have a link? Even the story here says the efficacy is low, show me some numbers. And what kind of lunacy is this, "the FDA advised vaccine developers to update their next generation of COVID-19 vaccines to reflect Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants", yeah good advice but they FAILED UTTERLY to create a Delta version, they tried AND IT FAILED and I've never seen an exploration of why. The FDA "advised", what, to to tell their unicorn to give them a new vaccine that works better? Really? What is going on in this world.
@Just Some Guy They don't have numbers for the supposed Omicron vax. Pharma is trying to make us believe that they don't need to test anymore, in fact because they don't have the time to do so because of the virus mutating so fast BS. They want to shoot us up no questions asked. Totally dangerous and insane. My immune system has served me well so far and I won't touch their experimental products at all.
@Northistic I saw a few very sketchy numbers based on a tiny sample and maybe that's all they have, and again, the results were so bad that in normal times they would not go forward. They are trying to cite the example of flu vaccines where there is no new safety or even efficacy testing every year, they just go forward. And this was indeed the big promise for mRNA vaccines that they could be updated in weeks instead of months.
They are going ahead with something they ADMIT does not work, and the FDA is just waving them on like a bunch of blind idiots.
I can think of no prior example in human history of such idiocy.
hell..I have questions about the composition of the original boosters
Your best bet is stay away from the crowd indoor and outdoor. Mike Jagger party hard both indoor and outdoor. Somehow, he got it, but if he is 90 years and I pretty sure, he got help from his wife, "Wear your N95 mask, don't be stupid."
@Bathman masks never did anything.
@315sierra N95 is much more protection than "paper mask".
How long does the shot protect you? 3 months? 6 months?
It seems pointless?
@9013185412 I heard but have not confirmed the Pfizer trial data showed 12% efficacy the first week and negative after. I’d recommend independent research from the non-fake news media. Bio -#^}^£!
Larry Hall profile picture
It is all a huge guessing game. Many companies and researchers have done their best (perhaps). Many gov't officials assigned themselves the role of medical experts and some that are MDs abused their actual knowledge about Covid to help run the herd into mass vaccination. Yes, I have had three shots. After the third one - several months later - I contracted Covid. I did conclude that the vaccines may have prevented a more serious illness, but it's all speculation.

I do resent the heavy-handed measures designed to control populations or at least intimidate them into doing what the experts claimed was the correct course of action. I am also horrified, if not surprised, that the evidence of the escape from the Wuhan lab has bee effectively suppressed. I guess most of this is simply out of fear of the Chinese authorities. All of this is more evidence of how anxiety and fear rule so many aspects of our lives, against our will.

For me, two years of illness utterly unrelated to Covid but requiring two surgeries and one very long recovery period after traumatic, if necessary and life-saving, surgery segued into Covid. And now that we are 'almost' done with Covid there is Ukraine and the real threat of World War III. Birthrates are down, and depression is more and more widespread.

I have no political agenda in any of this, but I do have a psychological agenda of sorts. People need to seek freedom, rely on themselves, and use their own judgment. And rely on themselves, again, because the world chokes on human stupidity far too often.
12 Jul. 2022
@Larry Hall
That’s all good and some of it is true until some disaster natural or man-made comes along and people ask what the government is doing. If this was Ebola, there would be panic in the streets to get a cure. Not quite that bad but millions have died and until it happens in your family as mine, it’s easy to say everyone just do their thing. What happen to sense of community not dictated by anyone, just because we respect the well-being of one another? Not saying everyone should get vaccinated but more steps should be taken to stop the spread. The longer it mutates, the greater we will have something we can’t stop. I am always wary of any absolutes that paint one approach for all situations and way of life. Just an example of free thought. No need to respond, sorry most go to spam.
@cc777 Sorry for your loss. I don't feel the mnra vax was fully tested prior to release
Poor Paul Offit, MD. I feel bad for him that now his career will be destroyed for speaking out and voting no. He can now join the many other credible and accomplished medical professionals who have suffered the same fate via the tyranny.
Chihawk Research profile picture
@Rantz People vote no at these all of the time. What I don't understand is he finds the risk/reward for vaccinating under 5 years favors vaccination. But the risk/ reward for a bivalent with higher antibodies is a no.
The Value Portfolio profile picture
@Rantz No one's career has been destroyed for evaluating science and making a recommendation, stop fear mongering.
khanjar24 profile picture
@The Value Portfolio
That is an utter lie.
What a clown show
DarienL profile picture
At this point, who even bothers taking these? Do nothing to stop infection or transmission or getting sick. Allegedly keep you from getting "too sick" or dying. But deaths have plummeted and staying down for vaxxed or unvaxxed. I know MANY (50+) who have gotten it recently and all have been like a mild or med flu. And that is for BOTH multi-vaxxed and completely unvaxxed. NO DIFFERENCE!!! None ended up in hospital and age range from18-75
tomfrompv profile picture
@DarienL My experience too. Treat like you would a cold or flu. If you’re old or weak, get the new so-called vaccine and hope you don’t catch it.
JRHighley profile picture
@DarienL Actually, all cause mortality appears to be up. Ask the insurance companies. Likely because all of the clinical endpoints for COVID "vaccine" trials only looked at relative risk reduction and absolute risk reduction (which was laughable) and not whether the shots actually reduce one's risk of dying. And after they unblinded the 3 month trial, they made sure it will be next to impossible to ever know.
Mason A profile picture
@JRHighley all cause mortality was up significantly in 2020, but the COVID deniers ignored it because it didn't fit their narrative. Up again in 2021? Clearly the vaccines. Amazing.

All cause mortality is usually pretty predictable, with only ~1% increases every year in the US, or about 30-40,000 additional deaths each year. In 2020, that number suddenly jumped 500,000 instead.

Lots of claims that the vaccines are "worthless", "more harmful than the virus", and "killing lots of people". If that were true, then by definition, places with more vaccinations would be seeing larger increases in all cause mortality. Pretty simple.

Except...that's not what we've seen. We've actually seen the exact opposite.


We see the same trend again among the 50 US states. If the vaccines caused more harm than good, this wouldn't be possible. Yet here we are.

And then of course, there were a few countries that had *zero* excess deaths the last couple years, because they contained COVID. These same countries had zero excess deaths, even among mass vaccination campaigns.

In New Zealand, where >90%, of adults were vaccinated in 2021, the death rate was LOWER than in 2019. Even for young adults.

So no excess mortality in countries with lots of vaccines and barely any COVID (no longer the case, so we'll see how 2022 goes for them!), tons of excess mortality in countries that had lots of COVID. Seems pretty simple to me.
Upside Research profile picture
At the FDA's all-day meeting in late June, in line with this SeekingAlpha article, Novavax said that its current vaccine was very good against the variants and thus didn't need to switch to doing an Omicron vaccine. The only reason the FDA is switching to BA4/ BA5 vaccines is because the current RNA vaccines are weak against Omicron variants, and on top of that, their new BA.1 vaccines are fairly weak against BA4 and BA5.

At the FDA meeting, the Novavax data strongly beat the Pfizer and Moderna data, and several of the FDA experts said how impressed they were with the Novavax vaccine, and a few pointed out that the RNA vaccines seemed weaker.

The BA.5 variant is more severe than the past few variants - and yet also even more contagious than any variant in the past. BA.5 is the 4th variant in just 6 months of 2022 - because of how rapidly Covid mutates, and evolves to escape immunity. Covid mutates 500% faster than the flu does.

For those and a variety of other reasons, It's become clear that Covid is going to be a serious ongoing problem, and the best way to fight it and lowest cost way to fight it is with a good vaccine. But the RNA vaccines aren't suitable for a rapidly changing virus because they don't offer enough cross-protection against new variants. Novavax, however, is very well suited because of its cross-protection against new variants.

Below are several quotes from experts at the FDA meeting praising the Novavax vaccine as being impressive and better than the RNA vaccines. Plus links to video clips so you can verify the quotes are real. These are excerpts of a recent edition of the Novavax Information Newsletter I created that you can sign up for free here:


Headline: Novavax Covid vaccine data impresses FDA committee experts, and outshines Moderna and Pfizer at the all-day FDA meeting to strategize the fall booster campaign


At the all-day meeting Tuesday of the FDA's expert committee on vaccines, Novavax was 1 of just 3 vaccine companies invited to participate. This participation included extensive presentations by each company. Novavax was given as much time as Moderna and Pfizer were.

Here is a link to the full Novavax presentation live-streamed on YouTube. This link is cued up to the exact start of the presentation: youtu.be/...

In it, Novavax presented strong evidence that its current vaccine produces excellent cross-protection against all variants, including the new BA.5 variant that is taking over the US. Some experts said the Novavax vaccine data was the most impressive data of the three companies, while zero experts said the Moderna or Pfizer data was the most impressive.

The data from Moderna and Pfizer was much weaker in comparison and showed that RNA vaccines have a very tough time protecting against new variants. For example, Pfizer's BA.1 vaccine had dramatically lower immune responses against BA.5 than Pfizer's BA.4/5 vaccine had. So even though BA.5 is only a few months removed from BA.1, Pfizer's BA.1 vaccine already has trouble with it. Moderna's BA.1 vaccine also had major trouble with BA.5.

It has become apparent that unless an RNA vaccine is matched almost exactly with the currently dominant variant, it usually doesn't offer good protection. The big problem with this is that usually a new variant becomes dominant every 3 to 5 months.

The lag time between when a new variant is becoming dominant and when the RNA companies can master the manufacturing process, receive FDA approval, and roll the vaccine out is about 4 to 4 1/2 months. This was covered in detail during the FDA meeting. For example, the BA.4/5 variants became dominant in South Africa in April, had spread in numerous countries in Europe and North America by early May and took over in much of the world by early June. They had become the primary variants in the US by late June.

At the meeting Tuesday, Moderna said if they were told on June 28 that they needed to do a BA.5 vaccine (or BA.4/5 vaccine), it would take them 3 months to figure out the commercial scale manufacturing process and get it working fine. Then they'd submit the manufacturing data and other data to the FDA. After that, assuming a quick review and approval process, they'd be able to start rolling it out somewhere between the end of October and mid-November.

That's 4 to 4 1/2 months. Because BA.5 had become dominant in so many places in early June, Pfizer said it had already done a good amount of work on BA.5 manufacturing. Even with that, it said it would not be able to start delivering the vaccine until October, and FDA review and approval mean it could be mid-to-late October before it's rolled out. Start to finish, that's about 4 1/2 months.

Put that 4 to 4 1/2 months timeline alongside new variants taking over every 3 to 5 months and it means: By the time the new vaccine rolls out, a new variant usually will have already taken over, or will take over within another month. Most people won't even have gotten the booster in the first 4 weeks it's rolled out.

To add to the problem further, it takes about one month for a person to reach peak antibodies after a booster dose. So even if a person gets an RNA booster dose in week 2 of the roll-out, by the time the immune response has heavily kicked in, most of the time a new variant will already be dominant. And the RNA vaccine won't be matched to it and will have subpar protection.

By contrast, even though BA.5 is about two years removed from the Wuhan strain, the Novavax vaccine for Wuhan has very strong immune responses against BA.5. In a nutshell, the Novavax Wuhan vaccine is stronger against BA.5 than the Pfizer BA.1 vaccine is or the Moderna BA.1 vaccine. That's a very impressive feat.

The Novavax vaccine also has strong immune responses for BA.1, BA.2 and other prior variants. During the Novavax presentation, Dr. Gregory Glenn said the data indicates the Novavax vaccine is "universal-like." Furthermore, trials proved that it had very high efficacy against the Wuhan, Alpha and Delta strains and a few of the shorter-lived variants like Iota.

A few prominent experts on the committee said they were very impressed by the Novavax vaccine and evidence. Two of them flat-out said the Novavax data was stronger than the RNA data. Here is a quote during the meeting from committee member Dr. James Hildreth, who is an expert in immunology and also president of Meharry Medical College in Nashville:

“The most compelling thing that I’ve seen today is the data from Novavax, showing that their protein vaccine can elicit neutralizing antibodies to the prototype strain, to BA.1, BA.2, and BA.5."

"Their data seems more impressive to me than the data presented by either Pfizer or Moderna. I just wonder whether or not it might be timely for the agency to quickly review the data and make a decision to approve the Novavax vaccine. … and there are tens of millions of people who have not been vaccinated, many of whom would accept a protein vaccine who would not otherwise accept an RNA vaccine."

"So to me, I think that it’s very compelling that we move forward on the Novavax vaccine for all of those reasons. And again I want to say the most impressive data that I saw today was presented by Dr. Glenn from Novavax."

These comments weren't made just after the morning Novavax presentation, but rather near the end of the day during the period to discuss overall FDA strategy. Here is the point in the video where he begins speaking, and a half-minute in the quotes above start:


During the same discussion, Dr. Wayne Marasco, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and founder of the National Foundation of Cancer Research (NFCR) Center for Therapeutic Antibody Engineering (CTAE), also praised the Novavax vaccine. Marasco is one of the top people in the country on infectious diseases. In addition to the things above, he founded and runs an important research and development lab in the Department of Cancer Immunology and Virology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

The Marasco Lab focuses on areas such as targeted immunotherapy and the treatment of emerging infectious diseases including SARS, highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza (bird flu), West Nile Virus (encephalitis) and Denge virus, as well as HIV/AIDS and cancer. His lab has made important breakthroughs that you can read a summary of here: hsci.harvard.edu/...

He is also professor of Cancer, Immunology, and Virology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and supervises fellows and residents in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Dana-Farber is the 37th largest nonprofit in the US and receives funding from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Its annual budget of about $2 billion allows it to hire some of the best people from around the world, including Dr. Marasco. This is what he said at the meeting:

"So, I don’t know if the rest of the committee is as impressed by this data as I was, but the Novavax data was pretty significant in that the ancestral strain in their formulation was able to give pretty good protection against Omicron 5 (BA.5) and they also showed in their cartography work that the antigenic distance had been lessened with that booster".

"So that essentially means that the antigen itself, presented properly in an adjuvanted protein form, is able to produce antibodies that have that broader capability. And I am wondering after seeing this data, if we are not witnessing some of the limitation that there may be with the mRNA vaccines."

"Yes, they were first out of the gate, but they don’t appear to be able to have that kind of, um, breadth of protection."

View the video of the quote above here:


Dr. Marasco was so impressed by the Novavax vaccine that he brought it up again at the end of the day. Here's part of what he said. Note that the only data presented during the day that wasn't RNA was Novavax, so that's what he is talking about here:

"But I will say that I was pretty interested today that we can do better, and I am not sure that the mRNA vaccines as they have presented so far, are giving us the best kind of immunity that we can get here. So I think this is a step in the right direction, but we have to reevaluate this as we move forward, because I think there’s something to be said about a trans-presentation versus a cis, and I mean that antibodies elicited to be able to bridge more than one variant ...."

He is not referring to gender theories, but rather to two types of antibodies known as trans-antibodies and cis-antibodies, which you can read some about here: www.cell.com/... or here: pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/...

The video clip of the quote above is here:


Also during the meeting, committee member Hayley Altman-Gans, an expert in infectious disease and professor at Stanford University Medical Center, said: "I would agree that the data presented from our colleagues at Novavax was very impressive …" She also talked about the benefit of having people who have received RNA doses get the Novavax vaccine.

At the end of the day in the final comments, she said she felt compelled to again talk about having RNA recipients get the Novavax vaccine in order to broaden their protection:

"Hopefully as sort of the process moves forward and maybe we have a third vaccine option, well actually a fourth at this point, vaccine option for us with Novavax, that we really ought to consider mix and-match as we have in the past. I brought that up earlier, but I thought I should bring it up again because it really does broaden our ability to get to these Omicron and the BA4/BA5, which are starting to take over faster, then that might be an option to bridge us."

Here is a link to video of the quote above::

Other experts spoke positively about the Novavax vaccine and data during the meeting. To see the information, we recommend watching Novavax's presentation to the expert committee and the positive discussion that follows. Here is a link to a copy of the YouTube live stream of the meeting cued up to the exact start of the Novavax presentation:


Please note that only some of the discussion and comments about Novavax came just after the presentation., which was in the morning. A lot of it came later in the day. If you are a Novavax investor or thinking of becoming one, or are simply interested in vaccines or what's going on in the fight against Covid, the presentation is very worth seeing.

Also, if you are ever going to forward a Novavax newsletter to friends, family or colleagues, today's newsletter is probably the one you should because the information above is seminal for both the company and the fight against Covid. The side effects data in the next story below is also important for the company and the general public, who prefer lower side effects.

Register for free here:


end of excerpt
Bokoblin profile picture
@Upside Research "It's become clear that Covid is going to be a serious ongoing problem, and the best way to fight it and lowest cost way to fight it is with a good vaccine."


What has become clear, amid the mounting (suppressed) number of adverse events, and given that this is an age-stratified illness, is that this vaccine was never a good idea for anyone under age 50.


Here is my favorite entry:

>> 25,319 Heart failure, heart rhythm and rate abnormalities,
>> atrial fibrillation, palpitations, flutter, murmur, pacemaker
>> added, fluid in heart, abnormal echocardiogram including:

>> 3,105 Heart attack or cardiac arrest, sudden loss of blood
>> flow from failure to pump to heart effectively, cardiac failure,
>> disorder

All the more important to take a hard stand against this madness as the vaccine zealots target children under age 5.

What's also clear is that the system has lost its mind. The Emergency Use Authorization should only be in place if there are no alternative treatments (which is why the effective alternative treatments got surpressed).

There is no vaccine that would ever be approved under a fair trial if the placebo group was treated with the now understood to be effective proper protocols.

Doctors across the land are effectively treating Covid. No one is dying who get the proper (early) treatments.

The argument that the vaccine is needed to lessen severity is bogus.
@Bokoblin In a year we'll all be using nasal spray to kill the virus.
coelacanth10 profile picture
@rungrandpa You can do that right now with 1% povidone-iodine nasal snorts and mouthwash qid.
bluescorpion0 profile picture
The crime goes on..without much resistance apparently...
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