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Leaked 'Uber Files' reveal checkered history of the ride-hailing firm

Jul. 11, 2022 4:03 AM ETUber Technologies, Inc. (UBER)By: Yoel Minkoff, SA News Editor20 Comments

Uber car waiting for customer

MOZCO Mateusz Szymanski

Uber (NYSE:UBER) is under fire following a massive trove of files that were leaked to The Guardian and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. The stash consists of more than 124,000 records, including

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Comments (20)

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HardCovenant profile picture
Morgan Stanley's #1 stock idea 6 months ago they promoted it
GameBuzz profile picture
Looking forward to the movie. 🍿🍿
Clearly the complications to set up ride-sharing operation in foreign countries is excessive. Why so many rules, permits, and approvals? I don't see this as Uber's fault at all. Government is the problem. We're not talking about building missiles here.
@rbrucer It's a cab service, not all countries change words, like "bribery" to "lobbying". It was fraud from the beginning. Uber drivers are not "ride-sharing", they're unlicensed, unregulated taxi drivers. Uber and Lyft are both complete frauds.
They say Obama was clean. lol, these Uber crooks should be in jail, they deprived so many Taxi drivers of their livelihood and stashed the money in tax shelters…
@mswedan Depends on how you ‘want’ to read it….yes, ‘He’ was/is clean. As for others who worked in the ‘revolving door’ of our government….but, depends upon what you ‘need’ to believe to support your world view.
Barack Obama aides? LoL. It was Obama's buddy the infamous ex-Attorney General of USA - Eric Holder, who was paid a fat-cat package by Uber for "investigating the Uber policies (Eye-roll)!" What a scam.
gnwilliams profile picture
@brandonletsgo Holder was no longer attorney general at that point, and all legal firms are paid when they perform investigations. Do you have any information to offer here, or just eye-rolls and attitude?
great... another fraud posing as a business
ComputerBlue profile picture
Uber has been a dumpster for capital..don’t need a leak to tell someone to avoid
WallStPirate profile picture
Every taxi company and owners of the medallions should sue.

Crooked company screwed a lot of small innocents.

All politicians invovled need to resign as well.

But nohting will probably happen as usual.
@WallStPirate Every single company any of us is invested in is calling on politicians and asking them to write the laws in a way that favor themselves and their shareholders.
WallStPirate profile picture
@MRFORT23 Yes but many got hurt hard. Its really not fair then life isn't.
@MRFORT23 Cm’ on…..you know ‘logic’ and ‘reason’ don’t work on Internet forums. Shame!
cetarro profile picture
Standard operating procedure for US multi nationals
@cetarro Isn't this taxi company in fact German?
wasn't there an HBO special on this or something? Just another nothing burger, all companies bribe politicians and launder money. We as servants shouldn't question our politicians or hold them in any moral standards. In this case they used obama and his aids. That's acceptable. Now if they used trump and his aid that would be an entire other problem.
Value Digger profile picture
This is a big scandal that will most likely have a significant negative political impact on the European countries involved into it such as France.
Uber did worse things during that time period; like their auto pilot running over and killing someone and their CEO being a drunk idiot

Don’t think any of this is big news
Witch hunt
This is pretty much how the O&G Sector got to where it is as well as the likes of FAANG
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