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Survey points to Bitcoin more likely seeing a fall to $10K than a rise to $30K

Jul. 11, 2022 7:16 AM ETBitcoin USD (BTC-USD)By: Jason Capul, SA News Editor12 Comments


Melis Parsak/iStock via Getty Images

The financial community stacks up in a more bearish stance against Bitcoin (BTC-USD) than the optimists as more market participants see the cryptocurrency heading towards $10,000 versus $30,000 in a recent survey.

Bitcoin currently

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Comments (12)

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Turre profile picture
Wasn’t Bitcoin supposed to be a great storage of value, hedge against the economy, and protected from government interventions? Now it’s all falling apart.
Exactly what you would expect at or near the bottom of the market. Just as people at the top always think its going higher.
David Jackson profile picture
Isn't sentiment a contrarian indicator?

Full disclosure: no position in bitcoin or bitcoin miners.
It would be nice if any cryptocurrency had any use case. It’s interesting math but it can be stolen or lost so easily and with no chance of getting it back it makes it too risky for me.
1.) Conjured out of thin air.
2.) No important use cases.
3.) Produces no cash.
4.) Rife with bad actors.
5.) Governments want to crush.

These crypto coins are worthless.

Charlie Munger labeled crypto "rat poison."

As this survey indicates, a majority of retail investors now think cryptocurrencies are "garbage."

The era of FAKE MONEY is drawing to a close.

The window to sell is closing.

Emperor Satoshi had no clothes.
They conducted the survey at Amos Tuck's Boomer Retirement Home where everyone sits in their rocking chairs all day out on the veranda yelling at the clouds. The place doubles as a Tier One Memory Care Facility for seniors, since none of them can remember so recently as 2018.
@Little Milk Breath 🤣 you're such an a**
Turre profile picture
@Little Milk Breath Probably. And all those old people are rich as they never invested in fake money.
@Turre Yes those people who invested in Bitcoin 13 years ago are really suffering in this crash as they are now only up 37 million percent on their investments. So what is the return for the smart people who didn't invest in fake money? Bitcoin investors should have listened when they were warned it was worthless poor fools for not listening to opinions like yours.
I am definitely a BTC bear, in general. But a survey? Seriously?
@Jim_Berger how else do you suppose they measure sentiment?
@bbeltkyle89 agree, given there is no inherent value, no revenues... fine, 1:0 for you.
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