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Feds may need $7B to adequately respond to monkeypox outbreak - WaPo

Jul. 26, 2022 5:46 PM ETEmergent BioSolutions Inc. (EBS), SIGA, BVNKF, CMRXBy: Jonathan Block, SA News Editor36 Comments

Monkeypox pandemic concept: dice surrounded by syringes and vials make up the word monkeypox

Cristian Storto Fotografia/iStock via Getty Images

  • The Biden administration may require as much as $7B in order to deal with the current monkeypox outbreak in the country, according to a memo obtained by The Washington Post.
  • The money would

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Comments (36)

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The amount is insane for the number of cases. They throw out these numbers, so that when they spend "only" $5 billion to the preferred companies and claim they were fiscally conservative.
Most of these comments are really disturbing. Go ahead and short these stocks if you are dumb enough to think this is not a real public health emergency, the rest of us who know better will gladly take the other side of the trade. Have fun being ignorant and broke next year.
How did biden decide that it will take 7 billion ?
kyle191 profile picture
@the dogman ..He took the cost of his favorite ice cream cone and multiplied that by eleventy zillion.

Come on man!!! Follow the science!!!
Weird it’s right after Pride month.
Stop eating monkeys!!
Udith Fonseka profile picture
https://youtu.be/REpNTi-9oRQ Common sense and personal responsibility is free.
And this video is good natured humour---to assuage some of the left wing poster's.
Come on.... MORE FEDERAL WASTE OF MONEY.. Another fake pandemic... Jeez, these people are so pathetic
ComputerBlue profile picture
Lolol these crisis’ that demand low rates and debt just keep coming..huge surprise
After how many extra in trillions budgeted over the last two years? That's all gone now?
Special interests continue to run the federal government.
Once upon a time Aids infected the gay community - now we have monkeypox. Some "men" never learn.
Hmmm…Weird. Not much talk about prevention, education. Only talking about a vaccine to resolve something easily preventable.
Mason A profile picture
Would hate to see monkeypox become endemic. This is one of the most easily preventable viruses that I can think of, yet here we are. Vaccinating the MSM population should be more than sufficient, I would think.
@Mason A vaccinations.... OMG here we ago again with panic porn... absolutely pathetic
Mason A profile picture
@curbyourrisq not sure what part was "panic porn"

The part where I said I couldn't think of a more easily preventable virus?

Or the part where I said we didn't need to vaccinate anyone other than gay men (which is already being done with a vaccine that was developed years ago...)?

Try using your brain for once instead of regurgitating irrelevant buzzwords you read on Twitter.
@Mason A damn you are an asshat
While not casting shade on monkeypox specifically, I would like to remind the HHS that the ongoing stupidity outbreak remains uncontrolled and highly dangerous.
Safety Dance profile picture
Yes, I erm, too need uh.. what was that.. yes $7 billion yes.. with that I could really take care of the problem and resolve the panda pox.. ah yes, the monkey pox, yes, just give me the money and rest assured, if you check back in a few years, and don't audit where the money goes, things will be resolved.. I practically guarantee it.
The vaccine, a real vaccine, not the synthetic mRNA covid type, has been widely used for prophylaxis and treatment. This 7billion is like saying we need 7B for the flu. I tire of the gross attempt to scare people and the whoring to pharma.
Udith Fonseka profile picture
$70 million should be plenty.
@Udith Fonseka 7 billion is the number. That has been decided.
Udith Fonseka profile picture
@Udith Fonseka it is their decision.
kyle191 profile picture
And "BOOM"!! There it is. A $7 billion tax payer money grab under the guise of a disease. Are people starting to see a pattern and connect the dots yet?
@kyle191 and the government has already given millions and millions to siga
@kyle191 Please tell me what you are smoking? About time the rich countries started to rid of diseases and make $$$ while at it.
Actually $38B, as theyre still "fighting" the glorified overhyped flu called covid
Monkeypox should be the name of a crypto-currency, don't you think?
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