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Anti ESG ‘God Bless America ETF’ has launched

Oct. 12, 2022 8:14 AM ETGod Bless America ETF (YALL)AMGN, NVDA, TSLA, MAGABy: Jason Capul, SA News Editor242 Comments

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Kutay Tanir/DigitalVision via Getty Images

Wall Street has received a new thematic exchange traded fund that works to fight against the growing ESG trend. The God Bless America ETF (NYSEARCA:YALL) launched on Tuesday, and finished slightly in the red

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Comments (242)

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Then there’s the Biden fund that invests in Biden policy driven agendas. Can’t pronounce the name with out stumbling, nor remember the ticker symbol and the fund fee is 10% for the big guy.
Redneck jamboree
wanster profile picture
Obama Investment advisors launching a new ETF - 'You didn't build that' fund (YDBT) . Fee is 4%, all taxes on cap gains and dividends go to build the Obama library (homeless shelter) on public park space near downtown Chicago. You didn't build that either - but that's another story in itself.
george the animal steele profile picture
@wanster I just bought his CHOOM ETF

Paypal, Pelaton and beyond meat
Churchill32 profile picture
Great news, Four Red States Withdraw $1B In Gov't Investments In BlackRock:

Love the sarcasm in the comment section. LMAO.
george the animal steele profile picture
Thank God we have strong competent leadership in Biden, Pelosi, AOC, Schumer. We will thrive as a nation under these super heroes!!!!
Option Dog profile picture
Brilliant idea. So many companies are WAY too political and woke (talking at you Starbucks and BlackRock) to the detriment of the people who invest in the company. SHUT UP and grow your business!
@Option Dog Are you familiar with either stock? Hard to argue that any management "wokeness" has done has been detrimental to long-term shareholders.
@Seeking Greater Fools I can see it firsthand in tech, DIE hires are useless for the most part.
@Seeking Greater Fools While Starbucks, Blackrock & others may make money and be great investments for now, if their boards support & promote anti-capitalist politicians and agendas, we end up with Joe Biden, inflation, recession (stagflation), shortages, etc.. Oh, that's happening now! Thanks Joe, thanks Starbucks, thanks Blackrock, etc..
Never underestimate the power of the ‘New’ scam to rope them in…..
george the animal steele profile picture
@Blowback2 I agree Biden and build back broke has been terrible for America.
GearDownBigShifter profile picture
The irony of these types of funds is, if they succeed, it sets a precedent that activists truly do ruin everything. (that leftists will still ignore, because they are blinded by their weird, irrational & emotional lens of the world), but if these funds fail, it will just be “told you so”.
The MAGA ETF has outperformed QQQ, SPY and EFIV, the SPDR S&P 500 ESG ETF over the last 5 days, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months.
george the animal steele profile picture
@Found.Alpha "Prosperity is the root of all evil". Joe Biden
@george the animal steele
yeah, as long as it's someone else's prosperity. Or ... maybe I'm just wired backwards.
Where can I find the anti-ETF ETF?
@Are you kidding it’s called picking individual stocks and bonds
How liberals started: “These Republican themed funds are to sucker MAGA fans”

How its going: The MAGA ETF has outperformed QQQ, SPY and EFIV, the SPDR S&P 500 ESG ETF over the last 5 days, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months.

Thomas Mazzarino profile picture
@Found.Alpha Get back to me in 10 years and adjust for expense ratio and dividend yield for total returns. I guarantee it will underperform the market bigly.
@Thomas Mazzarino There were also people telling me my Apple stock would be worthless 30 years ago and that my Amazon stock would be worthless 20 years ago. It takes brass balls to invest in risky tech companies. www.youtube.com/...

The MAGA ETF's component companies aren't even that risky, except to the crowd believing in eating ESG bugmeat and rainbow-powered solar cars. I myself have never joined the ESG green movement, Moonies or Hari Krishna. The Hari Krishna parades definitely look more fun than the leftist environmental protests calling for the end of oil and nuclear energy.

MAGA Top 10 Sectors
Finance 18.42%
Utilities 10.38%
Energy Minerals 9.69%
Electronic Technology 7.56%
Process Industries 6.99%
Transportation 6.29%
Health Technology 6.02%
Retail Trade 5.67%
Producer Manufacturing 5.48%
Industrial Services 4.69%

MAGA Top 10 Holdings
APA Corp. 0.78%
Allstate Corporation 0.77%
AutoZone, Inc. 0.77%
Globe Life Inc. 0.77%
Northrop Grumman Corp. 0.76%
Marathon Petroleum Corporation 0.76%
DiamonGas Energy, Inc. 0.76%
ConocoPhillips 0.76%
Eli Lilly and Company 0.76%
Pioneer Natural Resources Company 0.76%
Thomas Mazzarino profile picture
@Found.Alpha The prospectus, just like the YALL prospectus, warns:

"Political Criteria Risk. Because the Sub-Adviser evaluates the political activity of the companies in the Fund’s investment universe as part of its portfolio management process, it may forego some market opportunities available to other funds that do not consider political factors. The Fund’s consideration of political activity as a consideration in the portfolio management process may also prompt the Fund to sell a security at inopportune times. As a result, the Fund may underperform funds that do not evaluate companies based on political activity."

Additionally, you're paying a ridiculous 0.72% management fee for an ETF. It's hard to be more of a rube than that. If you don't see the lunacy of this arrangement, you deserve to lose money.
Greenhorn Investor profile picture
Ticker YALL. I have to say that's pretty clever.
Pepsiguy5 profile picture

I'm holding my hard earned investment dollars back until the "rent is too damn high" fund gets launched.
Proposed ETF for the opposite end of the God Bless America Fund spectrum, the Jeremiah Wright and B. Obama fund:
God D@mn America Fund.
Ticker: FUSA
@pg guy Maybe Hunter can run it, but 10% for the Big Guy will make for a pretty fat expense ratio.
Dividend Power profile picture
For an ETF, the expense ratio is much too high at 0.65%.
@Dividend Power The article said that it is a managed fund, not an index fund that would have a lower expense ratio right out of the gate.
Dividend Power profile picture
@stark1606 - It's an ETF, so it should have lower expenses as opposed to a regular active mutual fund.

CALgoldenBears profile picture
@stark1606 I love how so-called investors focus on the expenses < performance. Yes expenses are important, but performance and churning are far more important. Plus, by now, one would know about “hidden expenses.”
winthorp profile picture
If this is an anti ESG fund we’re is Chevron, Conoco, Oxy and Enterprise Partners? And how aren’t some of these top five positions? Tesla and Nvidia, really- cmon man. How about some LNG stocks like Cheniere or Flex LNG.
Looks like a marketing gimmick to me.
Lewis Winthorp III
No dumber than Blackrock, to be fair.
@Destroys_Groomers - This was my take as well. It's just inverse Blackrock.
If I invest in this, can I put it on my resume? lol
@Mollypik If you want to be broke and unemployed, go right ahead.
Excalibur5 profile picture
And then there's the God Bless CCP ETF, which holds positions in Chinese companies. Big Guy always gets his 10%.
Orangejulius profile picture
Wow, a .65% expense ratio. Congrats to anyone foolish enough to fall for political pandering without looking under the hood.

The MAGA ETF at least seems to be an American fossil fuels focused ETF that is doing reasonably well compared to the S&P 500, but is massively underperforming pure-play XLE which has crushed the market over the past year. The .73% expense ratio on MAGA isn't helping it. XLE's .1% expense ratio simply makes it a better choice.
Thomas Mazzarino profile picture
@Orangejulius That's the point, everything with a MAGA or "Anti-Woke" label is designed to lure in rubes and extract their hard-earned dollars in exchange for subpar performance.
Orangejulius profile picture
@Thomas Mazzarino You know the saying... A fool and their money...
@Thomas Mazzarino Or they simply like investing in companies who don't bring politics into business.
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