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Microsoft prepared to go court if FTC tries to block Activision deal - report

Dec. 03, 2022 8:37 AM ETActivision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI), MSFTSONYBy: Joshua Fineman, SA News Editor16 Comments

Activision Presents The Ultimate Fan Experience, Call Of Duty XP 2016

Rich Polk

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is said ready to battle for its planned $69 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI) if the Federal Trade Commission files a lawsuit to block the transaction.

The make of the Xbox gaming console hasn't

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Comments (16)

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The FTC has no case. The combined company will have a 10% mkt share. The FTC is also on a losing streak, having lost two recent attempts to block buyouts. Lastly, the federal courts have been stacked with judges appointed by Pres. Trump who don't have the same view of anti-trust law as Lina Khan.
msawi11 profile picture
@pius_twelfth excuse me, that's Comrade Commissioner Lina Khan
Scotts Miracle-Gro Sucks profile picture
Hi I work for the government and yes I am a clown whom serves no purpose. Good day
MoneyPig profile picture
MSFT the company of threats. About time they break these companies up. Threatening the government?

The MSFT purchase of ATVI makes no sense more than an attack on Sony, Google and Apple platforms. I can say it a thousand times, each platform makes money because ATVI pays fees to the platform. So what's the reason to buy ATVI?

ATVI will dies after any MSFT aqusition, becuase Sony, Google and Apple will abandoned ATVI games, quietly, less marketing of ATVI franchises and more marketing of others. So it's pretty stupid.

This could be the most cluless post on this site today!

So based on your logic everyone will abandoned popular games because they are owned by Microsoft Stuios?
msawi11 profile picture
Dang, for the all the ESG kiss-ass that Nadella does, he can't get this across the finish line during a Democrat administration?!
JunkBondage profile picture
If the gummint sues to block this it will be the fourth recent deal they tried to block but failed to after trial. People who say this deal should be blocked don't understand the market, market shares, or antitrust laws in this country.
Seriol profile picture
Hopefully the FTC/DOJ are successful in blocking this. We need a renewed anti-trust spirit and Sherman Act resurgence in the country. Distributed, diffuse power is better long term for the nation.
@Seriol 😳
Accessible to everyone... who should distribute in your opinion ?
@Seriol I disagree completely. The government should not attempt to block this because there’s no need and they won’t win a court case. This transaction doesn’t violate antitrust laws. I don’t think it’s a good policy for the government to spend tax payer dollars and tie up courts suing to block legal mergers to score political points.
@Seriol I agree we need a strong anti-trust spirit. But keeping msft from buying a gaming company ain’t what I have in mind. That’s government overreach. The govt will lose, they know it, and I fully expect it won’t ever go to court.
Just like with Fitbit/GOOGL, the anti business, anti American government regulators ftc and DOJ, have no legal prescident or chance even of legally stopping $MSFT and $ATVI.
1.21 Jigawatts profile picture
Good. They'll win. Then we can all be done with this nonsense and everyone can be wealthier.
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