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Lululemon slumps after holiday quarter guidance misses high expectations

Dec. 08, 2022 4:18 PM ETLululemon Athletica Inc. (LULU)By: Clark Schultz, SA News Editor18 Comments

Lululemon Athletica Yoga Fashion Store


Lululemon Athletica (NASDAQ:LULU) fell in after-hours trading on Thursday despite posting a narrow earnings beat with Q3 report. Investors may have been looking for even stronger guidance for the holiday quarter.

Comparable sales at stores were up 22% during

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Comments (18)

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Who Dat? profile picture
Has anyone heard of the brand Rhone? I just bought a full zip hoodie jacket that feels exactly like my old LULU hoodie jacket back in 2019. Their clothing lines are very similar to LULU menswear. It’s very high end and expensive for what you get
Charles Agbakwu profile picture
@Who Dat? I never understood the appeal of Lululemon, are their yoga pants for women really that much better? Their men's trousers are not better than something you could buy for 1/3 the price at a shop like banana republic
Who Dat? profile picture
@Charles Agbakwu
Their yoga wears are very high quality but ultimately, it's all about the name brand. Teens love them too.

I have a pair of LULU shorts but I think Costco cargo shorts are just as nice for 70% less!

As for Rhone, their logo looks almost exactly as LULU with the 3 bars on the left side clavicle.
Azred profile picture
I’ll buy into a starter position in the morning. Just got my two leggings pairs of LULU in today (resales), and positively love them! I remember when they were impossible to get ahold of years ago. I would try. So difficult. I love the App and bought some tonight, a couple of pairs on sale. Really should take a look more often because three pairs I really liked about all sizes were sold out, already!
@Azred You might wanna wait for another 25% crash before buying - This company is very overpriced
Def not worth 40x earnings........
@Azred Can't find what you want, some stuff on sale, some sold out - and you want to own the stock?
I guess all the smash and grabs that have been happening hurting sales and profits. Internet flea markets undercutting prices since their cost is nothing.
Pinguino Investments profile picture
Well, when life gives you Lululemons, make Lululemonade.
@Pinguino Investments what a joke?!
Pinguino Investments profile picture
@diy88888 Thank you, I'm here all week.
mosky moc profile picture
thot stocks do well in recessions, $LULU will be fine
Hell of a quarter again. This dip won’t last.
@bobmelan My guess is dip is just getting started. Too niche, too faddy, too overpriced (merchandise-wise), will soon be post-hip.
@language police everyone has been saying that for the last 5 years and 250 percent
OverTheHorizon profile picture
That’s as good as it gets w operating margins falling 40 bps (more markdowns to come), 37 pe and hardly blow the doors off guidance:

Meghan Frank on the outlook: "We are proud to have delivered another quarter of strong sales and earnings growth, despite an operating environment that remains dynamic”

Meaning: it’s moving fast out there and it’s impossible to know where we’ll end up.
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