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January nonfarm payroll report should show slower growth, but will it suit the Fed?

Feb. 02, 2023 2:31 PM ETWMTBy: Liz Kiesche, SA News Editor10 Comments

Missing Employees

wildpixel/iStock via Getty Images

The labor market is still "out of balance," Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said on Wednesday. So the U.S. central bank policymakers will no doubt comb through the Department of Labor's Employment Situation report for January on Friday for

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Comments (10)

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Money&Money,LLC profile picture
The Fed gave up, surrendered, cried Uncle..The Market punked J'Pow, and now the middle class will be punked for many many years..
@Money&Money,LLC hey at least we can finance an EV at 4% over 84 months, charge it with utility rates that increased 50+%, and pay ever increasing property/road use taxes.
So much winning for the middle class. If only we all sold stocks when every Fed member did in Sept '21
TigerCub911 profile picture
We might see Nasdaq down 4%, Russell 2000 down 3.5% and S&P500 down 2.5% by the close today
ComputerBlue profile picture
@TigerCub911 anything is possible..just like the massive 0dte volumes
I've commented before and repeat here again that the last time the federal budget was in balance was during the Clinton administration when labor force participation was 67+%. The Fed should not fear further improvement in employment. Those new employees are working to produce goods and services in demand. That is what will lower inflation later in the year.
I find it interesting and disturbing that the central banks are concerned about wage inflation at lower income levels but seem oblivious of the changes in compensation at high income levels. And from the standpoint of government revenues, it seems much of the compensation at high income levels is configured to avoid taxes. We all saw how the former US President was able to avoid taxes.
@LK106218 So, you *like* paying taxes to a government that overspends and spends on wasteful programs?
Pay 5%, get 4% and inflation of 3% seems about right.
nothing to worry. disinflation is coming. Everything will cost less in future.
@anon_cowrd Disinflation is only inflation going up by a smaller amount. You are thinking of deflation.
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