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Controlled release of hazardous chemicals begins at Ohio train derailment site

Feb. 06, 2023 6:24 PM ETNorfolk Southern Corporation (NSC)By: Carl Surran, SA News Editor29 Comments

Raleigh North Carolina USA July 19 2014 Norfolk Southern Train Yard

Joseph Fuller/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

A controlled release of hazardous chemicals is underway late Monday after Ohio officials ordered evacuations near the site of the derailment of a 150-car train three days ago that led to a chemical fire.


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Comments (29)

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rtforme profile picture
Inside Job? CDC Changed Toxicity Info For Vinyl Chloride 11 Days Before Derailment
khanjar24 profile picture
"Controlled Release"

Was this decision incompetence? Maliciously stupid, dangerously evil incompetence? Malice itself?

Is this 3.6 roentgen? Are the people measuring the level of damage here, or reporting on it intelligent, stupid, or evil?

These are the questions you should ask when the news focuses more on a "short male with a mask" shooting then this story, which appears to be worth reporting on.
rtforme profile picture
It looks like their website is down becasue of the terrorism. they just pulled off!

NSC needs to be destroyed...........
rtforme profile picture

Everything about terrorism by our own government watch this and see for yourself
@rtforme Really??
rtforme profile picture
@jzut Really this is not BS by any means if that is what you are implying
rtforme profile picture
@rtforme the national guard, state troopers, city officials and others that know what is going on won't let the press in so that can't report the truth this is not going to stop anytime soon, believe what you want but stuff like this keeps happening right in front of the public
And it’s a rebuilt DASH-8, no less. Old, but stout.
SA you changed the picture to a NSC engine. Congratulations. ):
Only the top will burn while underneath it seeps into the ground for the next few months/years ground water will be polluted these trains should only Traver at 20 mph & cars separated thru train . It's all about $
Augustus profile picture
Update on the burnoff. Seems to be a real disaster site now.
autofocus111 profile picture
@Augustus EPA indicates NSC may be liable for damages related to the incident. Jeez, ya think?

>>>EAST PALESTINE, Ohio — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sent a "General Notice of Potential Liability" letter to Norfolk Southern on Friday detailing areas where the company may be liable for damages and cleanup related to the East Palestine train derailment site. In the letter, the EPA detailed their investigation into the release of "hazardous substances, pollutants or contaminants" into the environment related to the events that took place directly after and in response to the train derailment.

autofocus111 profile picture
Here's a thousand bucks for the inconvenience. Just sign this paper on the dotted line...

>>>CLEVELAND, Ohio – Norfolk Southern has been offering $1,000 checks to residents in and around East Palestine, Ohio, but Rocky River attorney Michael O’Shea wants concrete assurances that they aren’t an attempt to limit potentially larger payouts stemming from last week’s fiery train derailment that released hazardous chemicals into the air. A Norfolk Southern spokesman told cleveland.com Friday afternoon that residents would not be giving up future rights....Initially, Norfolk Southern agreed to pay for evacuating residents to stay in a motel, O’Shea said, but later they started offering affected individuals $1,000 per person as an “inconvenience fee.” To receive a check, the resident has to sign a form, O’Shea said, and he believes that Norfolk Southern could use that form in the future to claim “that’s payment in full for everything.”

Solojif1 profile picture
Where are all the underground pipe line haters now?
Picture of UNP. Company was NSC. ???
peace 2 u profile picture

I thought the same thing.
rtforme profile picture
@jzut @peace 2 u
well, that goes to the individual who wrote the article, seriously simple things to make mistakes on........
@jzut most railroads routinely use engines from other carriers. So-called “foreign line” power. Many trains will originate on one carrier, and terminate on another. It would be too expensive to swap engines at every interchange. I routinely get on BNSF, CSX, and UP engines, even though I run for NS. They use our engines in interchange as well. If we didn’t, sets of lite engines with no railcars attached would be running back and forth, and crews would be needed to swap power at crew change points. Wouldn’t be efficient for anyone.
ZL1 profile picture
06 Feb. 2023
Buy the dip?
Old Professor profile picture
I wonder how much of the cost of this disaster is covered by the railway's insurance.
rtforme profile picture
@Old Professor . are you kidding me, the question is how many people will get sick and possibly die? A controlled release is not possible especially into the air, there really is no such thing as a controlled release - this just goes to show how they big corps literally get away with murder! Proof enough!!
Old Professor profile picture
@rtforme I only know the story from a short news bulletin. It stressed that there were no deaths or injuries, which, of course, was very god news. I was, then, thinking in terms of property damage only. From what you said, I assume that there may be much more to come. Time will tell.
@Old Professor yes how dare you ask a simple question with the requisite virtue signal 😂
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