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Ford set to restart F-150 Lightning production March 13

Logo of Ford at a car dealership

gopixa/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is due to restart production of its flagship EV by mid-month.

Production of the F-150 Lightning pickup will resume on March 13 after a lengthy pause due to fire risks

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Comments (38)

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Sounds like a lot of line down charges...hope that battery company has good insurance.
PT Larry profile picture
@EBIX EBUCKS Earnings will be adjusted for the impairment.
So far, Ford is not being transparent with current/prospective Lightning owners on the exact cause of the fire(s). The obvious question is, why?
ronald61239 profile picture
I hope Ford has accumulated a large backlog of parts to allow for a 2nd. shift to run flat out.
Random thought about it all ... yesterday I was watching a YouTube video someone made about the history of turbine engines developed by Chrysler. It looked really cool! Would turbines make a good alternative to piston engines today? I mean, technology has advanced quite a bit since Chrysler canceled that project.
@6BQ5 "...the history of turbine engines..."

Ahhh, andy granatelli and the indy 500. If you don't the history of that one look it up. Leading the 500 all the way from start to finish until a transmission bearing went something like 3 or 4 laps from the finish.
ronald61239 profile picture
@6BQ5 ----If you stop to consider the reason for the E/V I don't think the turbine is the answer.
@ronald61239 Short term, we will need to burn natural gas to power all those power plant turbines to create electricity for charging EVs ... why not skip that intermediate step and power a turbine inside a car?

Yeah, the emissions coming out from the tail pipe will be icky and nasty but that's where I was asking if today's technology can help with that? Our understanding of the combustion process is better now than 30 - 40 years ago.
RickJensen profile picture
I'd bet that this actually makes F more customers.
@RickJensen I'm wondering why this issue came up with the F-150 and not the mustang? They use different batteries?
RickJensen profile picture
@Robert Shriver Barnes
It's entirely possible. We know it's a manufacturing issue since they are working with SK-I to solve it.
pftthree profile picture
@RickJensen Ford just announced a 3rd shift in Kansas to boost output
What a cluster! One problem after another…and now interest rates are double from last year.
pftthree profile picture
This is a safety move, and
interest rates are still relatively low.
pftthree profile picture
@Socratic Method this article is irrelevant to your comment. The interest rate is going higher, and adjusted for inflation is about the same if not behind a little. No more free money.
PT Larry profile picture
@RickJensen www.cnbc.com/...

Good news from Ford.
@PT Larry According to the CNBC article, EV’s sales constitute 2.9% of Ford sales so far this year. Or…97.1% of current Ford buyers do NOT choose to buy EV. In other words, Ford’s EV sales are essentially an ESG rounding error.
pftthree profile picture
safety first!
@pftthree You mean we're not that other car company, the one with all the groupies holding up its stock? Amen to that.
pftthree profile picture
@joel menkes don't care about them, or their sore arms
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