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Bitcoin, ethereum unbothered by Silvergate drama, but crypto-related stocks take hit

Mar. 02, 2023 3:50 PM ETBitcoin USD (BTC-USD), ETH-USD, SICP, MARA, BKKT, MSTR, COIN, BRPHF, GLXY:CABy: Max Gottlich, SA News Editor42 Comments

Closeup of bitcoin coin in a shopping cart with euro coins. BTC coin with dark background.

N Rotteveel/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and ethereum (ETH-USD), the two largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, eked out small gains in Thursday mid-afternoon trading even as the Silvergate Capital (NYSE:SI) exodus takes

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Comments (42)

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Tall Seller profile picture
Hope Ponzi $BTC and Ponzi pusher $MSTR go to $0.00/share when new legislation for crypto comes out, requiring all transactional enabling blockchains be backed 1-to-1 with USD,
Investment Pancake profile picture
4% down doesn't sound entirely "unbothered."
Charlie and Warren say it is all worth nothing... stay tuned.
pat45 profile picture
wonder if Cathy Wood still buying SI or if dumping........
@pat45 she dumped it a few weeks ago and moved to coinbase
Clearly you still haven't read Rothbard profile picture
There is only one way to become wealthy in this space safely:

-bitcoin only, no shitcoins
-self custody, no custodians
-low time preference, no complaining about price action if you’ve held for less than 5 years

3 simple steps, but hard for most people to put into action, and extremely rewarding for those that do.
warshack profile picture
@Tom Honz yep, also Bitcoin will be around long after the USD is gone. And remember the USD has lost like 98% of it's value since 1970. Does that sound Ike something you want to hold?
Tao Jaxx profile picture
@warshack Time to debunk this BS argument typically touted by gold bugs of yore.
It is just based on accumulated inflation since 1970 (52 years ago...) @ 3.94% a year so $100 in 1970 had a purchasing power of $774.62 today. What that means is if you kept dollar BANKNOTES for 52 years, you would have lost 87% of purchasing power.
What king of 2-digit IQ idiot keeps banknotes as an investment?
By the way, On Nov. 10, 2021, Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $68,789. So BTC lost 65% of its value over the last 15 MONTHS. Does that sound Ike something you want to hold?
@Tao Jaxx “So BTC lost 65% of its value over the last 15 MONTHS. Does that sound like something you want to hold?

Does it sound like something you want to short? People short US$ all the time.
For some strange reason, that Queen song, “Another One Bites The Dust” keeps running through my head.
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