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Semiconductor sales dip 18.5% Y/Y in January

Mar. 10, 2023 6:04 AM ETSMH, PSI, INTC, TXN, AMAT, QCOM, MU, MCHP, XSD, USD, NXPI, SOXX, FTXLBy: Manshi Mamtora, CFA14 Comments

Global semiconductor industry billed $41.3B in January 2023, down 5.2% compared to December 2022 total of $43.6B and down 18.5% Y/Y according to Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

Region-wise M/M sales: Americas -7.9%, Europe +0.6%, and Japan -2.1%, Asia Pacific/All Other -2.7% and China -8%.

Close up image of microchip. Integrated circuit IC macro photograph.

Ismed Syahrul

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Comments (14)

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Note to Industry: next time there is a shortage, keep it that way. Don't overproduce.
Analysts be like “raising Nvidia PT to $450 due to reduced semis sales. We believe Nvidia’s AI will be able to stop semi demand from ever dropping again. Even though Nvidia has shown negative and flat growth the last 2x quarters with a TTM PE above 130 - we still see a ton of upside going into this recession and rate it a buy”
Semi is the hottest sector now, I mean stocks
Not good.
Yet delusional bulls will find even more reasons why $NVDA is fairly valued right now.
@notyetsophisticated definitely delusional when NVDA reported a so so quarter and the stock rallied almost the entire marketcap of INTC in a day... Like seriously u can'tmake this madness up!
murderbits profile picture
@notyetsophisticated I bought a ton of $NVDA at about 150 or so and I thought "damn, I really wish I had gotten in much earlier -- there just isn't much more room for this to go up any time soon"... and next thing I knew, it quickly went to over $300 (which is where I sold). From the perspective of a value investor, I think around $100 is rational right now... but it is such a known-brand with so much hype that, I think it's going to keep riding irrationally high like $TSLA has.

I really want to get back in. I love/hate the company (love the business, hate the business practices, as a customer). I just can't do it at irrational prices.
warshack profile picture
@notyetsophisticated don't forget AI
But... Rally?
DeltaCherry profile picture
yes but... AI, chat gpt, bing bang boom! LOL!
@DeltaCherry I also thought there is such a shortage of semis everywhere...
DeltaCherry profile picture
@Pawel Pavski It's been a shit show. In 2020-2021 there was a big shortage. 2022, as demand for goods dropped sharply in certain sectors, demand for many types of semiconductors dropped too.
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