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TikTok's 'moment of truth' is coming and the fallout could spread far and wide

Mar. 18, 2023 12:00 PM ETByteDance (BDNCE), SNAP, META, ORCLWMTBy: Chris Ciaccia, SA News Editor115 Comments

Congress Pushes Legislation To Ban TikTok From Government Devices

Mario Tama/Getty Images News

The scrutiny of ByteDance's (BDNCE) TikTok has increased in recent days as legislators around the world have ordered the social network removed from governmental devices and U.S. lawmakers have threatened to ban the app

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Comments (115)

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Seems there’s two worlds we live in. The first is a world where governments and the media try to make you feel companies create these apps out of the kindness of their hearts and users get to use them totally free of charge. And the second, is the TV model where using these apps are free, in exchange for companies serving user ads. This whole concept of “data” is knowingly being manipulated to distract the average drones that believe everything the news feeds them. With the latest distraction being a feud with China. What “data” are the Chinese going to get from stupid TikTok videos. Just shows the average person is not capable of thinking on their own. Most here probably immediately think their banking and important info. That info is kept separate from social media or other online offerings. Most of the “fake” outrage is coming AAPL shareholders that want the average drone to believe the world needs Apple to keep users safe when online. Insane!!
I don’t see any issue with this.

China has banned so many American companies including any social media company I can think of.

Clearly the Chinese communist government wants full control of the populous and doesn’t much like competition.
FaultyR0M profile picture
@Entreri because China is communist authoritarian state. So we do the same to be just like China and you see no problem?
After Powell testified before the Senate Banking Committee on March 7 that the Fed would likely raise rates "higher than previously anticipated", things started breaking. Pivot time. At least a pause Jay.
"Threat of technology from adversarial nations .." lol. The biggest threat is from the Silicon Valley companies.
AlphaElephant profile picture
Elon will take over Tik Tok!!
@Pradiyie well that’s one to kill it
19 Mar. 2023
Reciprocity is the name of the game, they banned Google and Facebook, well we banned TikTok, plain and simple.
Tellurium128 profile picture
Tiktok threat to America is not access to Americans data. It's that the social media app is literally turning young Americans into narcissistic America hating zombies. It's pure Nuero Linguistic Programming with the communists calling the shots.
EliasMouawad profile picture
@Tellurium128 It's the best time to buy SNAP and bet on a TikTok ban.
@Tellurium128 maybe a little parental supervision might be a better approach??
@Tellurium128 Arrant nonsense on stilts. I suppose Facebook, Snap etc made young Americans intellectual giants? Then along came Tik Tok and reduced not only young Americans, but adults to narcissistic more ignorant and selfish than they were already, is that your argument?
Mr. Gumbo profile picture
Xi is gonna be mad
Give MSFT a chance again to buy TT.
US wants to ban TikTok because they are having a difficult time censoring it. Many Americans are getting wise to our government’s flaws. The US government wants to control the narrative at any expense. Freedom is dead!
@Paulies Wrong. The fact that you could say that against the government and i can read it means freedom is much much ALIVE.
Greenery Financial profile picture
@pokeboy14 The stupidest of takes; the worst authoritarian regimes let the appearance of free speech be present.

The US removes any real opposition and threat via the FBI, which has the ability to - and often does - remove people from the internet and threaten them with further prosecution if they do not stop.

With the appearance of free speech you expose dissidents before they can become a real threat - and shut them down - rather than having a censorship policy that keeps their voices and thoughts hidden.
@Paulies FB, Insta, Snap, etc... are forbidden in China, why should we authorise TikTok in the US ?
Roseded profile picture
Zuck knows every public comment or private message, private picture, audio or video you have ever sent on FB, Instagram and Whatsapp. Whatsapp is the only source of text messaging in Europe (no one sends SMS anymore). Google knows the last decade of your movements, 24/7, down to the street address. I'm all for banning Chinese spy software, but can we realize how things are here, too?
LexiAlex profile picture
@Roseded very true, no one seems to care about that. EU cared but not anymore….
ContyC profile picture
Imagine if the EU would have the same attitude as the US and China when it comes to foreign tech companies that store user’s data. It would have to ban Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Baidu, Yandex, VK, etc.
@ContyC Yes indeed! And perhaps just as interesting to think about why Europe is not doing this…
ContyC profile picture
@harmjano2 Because they don’t have any home grown tech company to replace the banned ones.
@harmjano2 Yup, imagine going back to the library just to answer everyone’s dumb questions.
Sorry, but a World without Tiktok would be a better place...
@vortex generator you mean twitter and Facebook. Both are much worse
@vortex generator says guy that probably never even used it.

Tech isn’t scary, folks.
@vortex generator A world without social media would be a better place. Use the internet for commerce and emergencies..
ghrelin profile picture
china bans google and meta...why should we allow tiktok. And ANYONE who even hints at "conspiracy theory" or "allegations" in order to preface that CHINA owns tiktok and surviels the US is a brainwashed idiot. It is a FACT that tiktok feeds the chinese communist party our data, FACT! What happened to alibaba and jack ma when it wouldn't comply with the chinese government? exactly.

Stop saying it's a right-wing fantasy that tiktok is china's spy tool of america. It is. BAN IT
@Chris Forza yes and get the 400,000 Chinese students (spies) out of the US NOW!
@Chris Forza
As confirmation just look at Apple China user data requirement that it store data local. China has a key. Just in case.
@bobmags And stop selling China our farmland, and property near our defense bases, and allowing them to conduct aerial surveillance while lying that it's just 'errant civilian weather balloons.'
Who is kidding anyone here??? C'mon, we are all adults here...Google got banned in China, so TikTok being banned isn't anything out of ordinary. Both sides are run by control FREAKS!!! China did not trust Google due to CIA involvement, same w/ Amazon. US do not trust anything controlled/run by CCP insiders are logical. China shares are one night stand trades, not marriage/long term material unless you live within the new Global South community....just way too much politics in play, all the time, way too many surprises....ETF's like KWEB and FXI, and many China shrs ETF's are just that, trade it like an internet Unicorn, full of hype/promises but never get married into them....
@littleorphanb "You don't like fair competition" ~ Does China like fair competition with banning Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube... These brainless Chinese “wolf warrior” propagandist don't understand moral equivalence.. They think they can ban all American apps in their country but should not be allowed another country to ban Chinese apps.
@borosp ban all private Chinese US University/Companies partnerships as of yesterday and tear up the ownership papers of any parcel of land or building owned by ANY entity in the least bit connected to China.
@borosp But you are losing to them, aren't you?
The so called Oracle/Walmart solution is pure bs. Just the kind of claptrap to be expected from Wall Street and con-critters: money Uber alles! If its a security threat….remove it. Period.
If you can‘t win do it the Zuck way and lobby politicians against China. US Social Media companies are „spying“ on their users too. Either way Facebook is a dying horse.
ComputerBlue profile picture
@piano-memo Yeah, its ok for our country to collect our data unknowingly, but China, no way! lolol
ghrelin profile picture
@piano-memo yea monetizing whatsapp and growing reels with record new revenues, and maintaining facebook users....so dead. second highest gross margins in the sp500 and a higher return on capital employed 10yr avg than even berkshire hathaway apple and microsoft. so dead
@Chris Forza Reels is a poor version of TikTok. Snap and Pinterest have it too. They found their way to increase their stock price which is currently massive buybacks and layoffs. Revenues from Oculus or LLM‘s (Ai) will not be enough to turn it around
InvestInMETA profile picture
Ban em. Give my META shares another catalyst.
ComputerBlue profile picture
Oh no, what if people cant use tiktok..where would people go to make mindless clips or seek validation. Facebook is already full of dumpster divers.
@ComputerBlue Unfortunately, much of that content is being shown and moved to Youtube

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