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FAA updates air mobility blueprint for flying taxis

May 04, 2023 5:27 AM ETArcher Aviation Inc. (ACHR), EVEX, JOBY, LILM, EVTLBA, DAL, EADSY, UAL, AALBy: Yoel Minkoff, SA News Editor25 Comments
Yellow flying taxi against the sky, city electric transport drone. Car with propellers, clean air, fast ride. Mixed media, copy space.

MARHARYTA MARKO/iStock via Getty Images

It may not be cloud cars or desert skiffs, but the FAA has some pretty bold plans that could soon bring Star Wars to life. According to an updated operational blueprint released by the agency, changes to airspace procedures would

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Comments (25)

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Office Rat profile picture
Raise your hand if you want air taxis flying over your house.
@Office Rat Raise you hand if you will ride one of these things assuming they can find a trained pilot
FAA is quite bullish on EVTOL. So am I. $JOBY, $ACHR
Tiki Bar Capital profile picture
@Natturner1966 -- Advantage of $JOBY over $ACHR?
@Tiki Bar Capital

Still waiting to find that out. Joby has been around longer and is further along on the certification process. I would give the edge to Joby.
Absolutely hysterical! This is the agency that can’t even come close to staffing the required number of air traffic controllers for the past 12 years, had a total system shutdown a few months ago due to a run-of-the mill software update gone awry and has been recently experiencing an alarming number potentially catastrophic close calls in its legacy system but they’re going to usher in a futuristic, technologically complex new era of aviation innovation. Sadly, I can’t stop laughing.
@Skeptic4 Clueless Biden nominated totally unqualified Phil Washington to serve as administrator of the FAA. At a Senate hearing, he couldn't even answer a single question about aviation. 0 for 7.

Allowing air taxis in metropolitan areas within the next 10 years is a recipe for disaster.

@Skeptic4 Well said. This is too ridiculous for words. Think I'll take a taxi to the airport while I watch all the "mid-airs" along the way.
@Skeptic4 And then they blame airlines for delays
Flying taxi. We can't even regulate scooters on sidewalks yet!!!!!
Society will collapse from the “green” nightmare agenda long before these predictions come true.
MWinMD profile picture
@dstb Science shows that society is collapsing from people clinging to outdated energy sources that are destroying us. Just one of thousands of examples:


"Warmer air holds more moisture, leading to heavier downpours. Previous estimates suggest that climate change increased Hurricane Harvey’s rainfall total by 15 to 38 percent. When Harvey hit Harris County, Texas five years ago this month, it flooded around 100,000 homes. But without climate change, the study found, some 30,000 to 50,000 homes might have been spared, avoiding billions of dollars of residential damage."
Hilarious. Energy was never a problem until corrupt politicians and NGOs decided to use useful idiots (true believers) to take control of society. Since most human beings don't naturally respond well to increasing arbitrary control that leads to lower living standards there will be pushback, however it will be far too late to save what was once the greatest country on earth. One party rule is never good for any society.
MWinMD profile picture
@dstb Science has known since the 1850s that greenhouse gases warm the earth. It was only in the 1980s that it started happening at a sufficiently alarming rate that it was visibly destroying our civilization. I'm sorry that you're so soaked in rightwing propaganda that you've not stopped to learn what's actually happening on your planet.

The corrupt politicians you should be worried about are the ones taking tens of millions in bribes each election cycle in return for looking the other way on this critical issue:


Insanity. Absolute insanity.
wam350 profile picture
The future will be here soon.
@wam350 And it will be yesterday, tomorrow
" Harris the ditz"
toh192 profile picture
Yep at a time of a “climate crisis” a new method of short air travel which uses 3-4x the energy as a wheeled vehicle. Great!
I could see this in LA or some areas with huge congestion and crazy commute times but nationwide, paying a premium for a few minutes and then lacking mobility at the destination requiring another air taxi or uber?

It will only take a couple of high profile accidents to make people doubt even more.

It might work in some markets but it will be decades before it is widely adopted.
And since there aren’t even close to enough pilots it will have to be fully autonomous. Good luck with that!
toh192 profile picture
@Lambsup it’s going to have the same market private helicopters enjoy today. Speedy and inefficient and flys like a concrete block with a propeller.
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