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Oxford Lane Capital Corporation declares $0.08 dividend

May 16, 2023 10:09 AM ETOxford Lane Capital Corporation (OXLC)By: Deepa Sarvaiya, SA News Editor53 Comments

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Comments (53)

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Long OXLC!
Michael Precht profile picture
Back of the envelope math…sell 100 shares of ECC; buy 200 shares of OXLC. .16/share monthly remains the same. Pocket the ~.80/share difference.
Damon Judd profile picture
@Michael Precht you could do that, but I would rather sell 10 shares of AMD and use the profits to buy more shares of OXLC and ECC.
@Damon Judd Yea, I wouldnt sell ECC right now. I dont think many have noticed just how well ECC is doing.
@Nikko9009 Slightly lower distribution, but considerably better management at ECC. I own both, but any new money is going to ECC now.
adam22164 profile picture
Long time holder of OXLC and am happy for the increase, but its a Big Nothingburger, a mere 6.7% increase. Meanwhile ECC has been raising consistantly along with specials (Also long ECC). Me thinkest that OXLC would rather pay the excise tax than distribute more to shareholders so that their AUM is larger and more fees for them. ECC is clearly more shareholder friendly and would rather give cash back to shareholders than pay Uncle Sam his excise tax. Oh, and to the dopes below who are saying OXLC cant afford this increase, look at the financials, OXLC is earning way more than what it pays out, ergo why they paid the excise tax last year instead of distributiong to Shareholders.
@adam22164 the excise is only 4%. It might be more capital efficient sometimes to pay the 4% and retain the excess for reinvestment.
adam22164 profile picture
@The Mac That 4% is a lot of money that could be used to pay shareholders (This is an income investment, I dont hold it for growing its portfolio) instead of raising AUM to benefit the managers...
@adam22164 i dont disagree, but from a capital efficiency perspective it could make sense.
There's no question you've got to buy when the price is right. Holding over 2 years now, up 15% on cost.
Shareholders rejoice!
Mr. Market did not think much of this increase. The price dropped on the news. OXLC’s problems are the high expenses and poor return on investments. Paying a higher dividend, which cannot be afforded, does not help solve their problems.
ButscherDoug profile picture
@Fred von knerke Today is Ex-div Date. The price will drop.
Damon Judd profile picture
@Fred von knerke they would not have increased the dividend if they could not "afford it".
@Damon Judd I have NO DOUBT that they would not have increased it if they were not close to certain that it is sustainable. COVID has made distributions a touchy subject. Particularly in this space.

The fact that it is a raise in the base distribution rate as opposed to a special suggests to me that this is not something residual, either. Its a permanent increase in their taxable income over the long term IMO.
Bumps my monthly payout from $675 to $720, wahoo!!
Excellent - another investment raise!
Was not expecting that!

But I’ll take it.
@CyberSpyder There has been a lot of griping that ECC has been doing specials and OXLC has done nothing. They must have got wind. lol.
uechi_ryu_dad profile picture
Me gusta mucho cuando ellos mejora los beneficios!!
pro8 profile picture
@uechi_ryu_dad Muy bien...
Finally, some good news!
Eliko profile picture
Not an increase; according to SA they have been paying $0,08 since January 2023.
@Eliko That was rounded. SA has a tendency to not carry out to 3 decimal places sometimes. It was actually .075 and now it is .08 for an increase of .005.
@Eliko 1/1/22 started paying $0.075 through June 2023. Starting in July 2023 $0.08 per headlines
Love this !
My c/b is 3.95 so my YoC will be 24.3%
Please give me more :)
love when the div's go up, in under 5 and drippin since 2020
happy with 5k+ shares many drippys
JustDividends profile picture
The current div is $0.075, not $0.07...but still an increase.
dundey profile picture
@JustDividends correct. But still a 6.7% increase. Awesome news!
Jcb331 profile picture
$147M of new income hitting over the next 3 months. $70M of which comes in by June 30th. 195% increase over last quarter. $$$$$$
@Jcb331 Didn't Rida/HDO tell us this would be happening in 2 or 3 quarters? They told us that 4 or 5 months ago. You just confirmed their projection.
@nocnurzfred now if only the SP will go back to where it was when Rida was mentioning all that ...
cjherr58 profile picture
Score!!! Digging this, in at just over $5 average, some in the low $3 range.
About time!
@Nikko9009 I agree. But still appreciate the $.005 increase.
@Nosheepswool Depending on how many shares you have, that can be a significant difference. Its a meaninful number in my portfolio for sure.
@Nikko9009 I was talking about "holding/selling actual gold." You can't spend sticks to buy an airline ticket or pay at a supermarket . Gold as an asset for emergencies (or even daily purchases) is vastly overrated. At least in my "real life experience."

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