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Apple unveils $3,500 AR/VR headset, biggest product launch in nearly a decade (updated)

Jun. 05, 2023 3:11 PM ETApple Inc. (AAPL)DIS, INTC, META, UBy: Jason Aycock, SA News Editor723 Comments

Apple unveils Vision Pro headset

Updated: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) unveiled its ballyhooed mixed-reality headset at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference Monday, marking its biggest entry into a new product area in nearly a decade.

In the Apple-traditional "Just one more thing" moment of the end of the presentation, CEO

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Comments (723)

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ghrelin profile picture
The iphone was great for samsung, Apple giving the metaverse and AR credibility is a great thing for META. Pepsi wouldn't exist without Coke. The intelligent thing to do is make different products to appeal to different crowds. If Apple and Meta try to do exactly the same thing it probably won't workout that well for either. That being said I'm far more bullish on META than i am on AAPL.

AAPL has to come out with new innovative hardware every 5-8years to stay successful, META releasing it's first piece of hardware could have a massive impact on it's value and future earnings (even if and most likely it's the #2 in this market behind AAPL). Hopefully Zuck doesn't start a petty war, but guaranteed Tim Cook will.
@ghrelin - " I'm far more bullish on META than i am on AAPL."

It's not a very bullish sign that their HW product line is almost certainly subsidized, and they have used 100% of FCF to pay employees for the last decade.

Hudson Investments profile picture
@ghrelin Apple did this with the iPhone whose volume is lower than Android phones, however, they make the most money.

The volume of their AR/VR Vision Pro sales will be low, but they will dominated the space and make the most money.
@Hudson Investments - That may well happen, but it's not clear that the same dynamic will play out since AR/VR wearables is far more demanding and it's not clear a "good enough" strategy will be good enough here. Google's Android was a defensive play to make sure they wouldn't lose mobile advertising, and they seem to have limited interest since that fear didn't materialize. Moreover, the Android smartphone vendors except for Samsung have very slim margins. I don't know but it seems possible that since Apple excels at miniaturization and custom silicon and ecosystem integration they might in the end have more market share than with smartphones. I don't think it matter much either way however.
Can't wait for Apple to cease to exist as an overpriced, narcissistic technology provider
Danoxx profile picture
@outlook69 Is that you, Mr. Zuckerberg?
@outlook69 - Don't go Unabomber on us.

Wow. Autocorrection capitalized the word. I've never typed it before. Too funny
Mr Briggens profile picture
My 2014 MacBook Air is no longer supported by a program I use (still works great otherwise) so I went an purchased a new MacBook Air last night.

I asked the sales rep at Best Buy what she thought of the new headset and she just laughed and said "overpriced, don't buy it". Nice to see (at least one of) the sales staff are not buying the hype.
Investing For The Future profile picture
@Mr Briggens Wow, a sales rep at Best Buy.
@Mr Briggens - I and many made the easy prediction that it would be perceived a failure initially no matter what. All Apple's products were considered a failure until they weren't. I've no idea why you think most tech types would be proponents of any early Apple product (let alone one not released until next year) right now.
Mr Briggens profile picture
@Investing For The Future

I knew what I wanted so finding the rep was the hardest part. But she was friendly and helpful.
85" TV OR a Headset... that's an easy one.
@nasa_rss Already have like a 100" TV with my long ago paid for projector which was was like a grand back in the day. Doesn't require wearing ski goggles and doesn't make me sick either. Best of all family and even extended family when they visit can enjoy the movie together. 3D porn isn't really an option admittedly though.
Just found out this headset doesn't work with glasses on, so you'll need to buy extra custom Zeiss corrective lenses to add to it if you need it. What kind of abelist ishit is this, Apple? 62 percent of people wear some sort of corrective lenses. It's not rocket science to consider inclusiveness early in the design. That's like making a right handed only iphone.
@wboz - Um, Apple pours more resources into accessibility than any other. Now to avoid the charge of abelism we've got to equalize costs for everyone or design to lowest common denominator? You've not thought this through.
@wboz Many that need glasses wear lenses. especially amongst women. If the product ends up being that good I expect those that want it will adjust.
@metoo5 they do and I appreciate it. Then they go make these.
GameBuzz profile picture
I will make this comment #667 so those who are superstitious can rest easy. ;0)
Doesn't sound like many were impressed.
Is going to really suck when Apple starts displaying uninterruptible ads on these devices.
@rdyck Without the discount like Amazon does on the kindle.
Anonymess profile picture
@rdyck Ya... I see those constantly on my macbook, ipad and iphone, NOT. This is not something Apple does today, no reason to expect they will in the future. You can find ads in various apps... but those are put in by app developers, Apple isn't asking them to do so, no forcing them to do so.
Apple is looking for a successor to multitouch. Eye tracking and gestures plus good ole speech commands form Apples take on the interface for spatial/ambient computing.
That is the most significant development that a product in the goggle category enables.
The augmentation aspects need to proof usefulness to replace iPad with traditional screen/multitouch interface.
@OldEurope - I don't think Apple sees it as a successor to multitouch. It is an addition to multitouch. I think it will be a successful product, but not a replacement. I think touch is the best method for certain things, and vision will be best for other things. Not mutually exclusive. Apple sees this as an addition to the portfolio of products, not a replacement for any current products. The iPad isn't going anywhere. They just introduced Pro apps for it. The only real replacement we've seen was iPod -> iPhone but the iPod was an appliance rather than a true computing product. It was turned into an app. We'll be using pocket computers and iPads for the foreseeable future even if vision is a big success in time, as it probably will be.
Never meant exclusivity, rather addition to interface.
Probably poor wording regarding „successor“.
@OldEurope - Gotcha. It is a successor in terms of complexity and furtherance of use of our human faculties. Sorry not trying to be a word nazi. But many do think of it in terms of a replacement for iPhones and/or iPads, but I don't. It's why silicon is the new oil. You buy a new car and you get rid of an old one since your garage can only hold 1 or 2. But with computers you just keep buying more and expanding the list. We'll have multiple wearable computers, and the pocket computer might not even ever go away. Our bodies are the real estate that is most valuable to us. I've always invested like the demand for computing power is nearly insatiable. I think it nearly is.
I have not owned Appl since Jobs passed. The culture, hoolahoop, feel of it continues to repulse me. Appl caters to people who are or think they are the chosen ones
I've always owned msft for their practical, meaningful product line ( other than gaming ugh) that continues to change the world not just the rich.
Mr Briggens profile picture

I've agreed with your statement for many years and looked at Apple products as expensive Playschool products for hipsters.

But the MacBook Air 13" is perfect for browsing while under the covers and the mouse pad works flawlessly.

I got this one for $200 when I got laid off in 2018. I've had zero problems it until last night when I found out the main program I use on it is no longer supported and won't launch.
@pgtp4 Don't get me wrong no fan of the Apple cult but might not want to check the returns since Jobs died. Actually better than MSFT. Easy to find ethical reasons why not to invest in most companies.
@pgtp4 even minimum wage workers in America all seem to have Iphones. in the 3rd world countries they don't have Apple or Microsoft products. Apple is not just for the rich anymore.
Almost have to short AAPL on this.
Kevin Sloan profile picture
And the choice to downgrade after the unveil … why now? Other than pure manipulation
Alice21 profile picture
A few here are saying this will replace TV. I’m not arguing. It won’t for us because we are old. But if tv is to be replaced, doesn’t that mean 4 devices for a family of 4? How does it replace a high end sound system. Again, I’m just curious. 3D makes me seasick for some reason and I’m retired navy who never got seasick. Does this goggle remedy that. It really does sound wonderful for people much younger than we are.
@Alice21 it won’t replace a tv. These products that push towards social isolation have all been declining since the pandemic peak a la peloton..zoom etc. sure I think it could be a good work productivity tool in a decade but I don’t see normal people using them
@Alice21 - I hear that it is the latency that causes dizziness, and Apple's product does not have perceived latency and supposedly doesn't cause that. I don't think this product replaces any of Apple's current products for the foreseeable future, if not always, though I think it will be successful. People idealize speech and vision but touch still has good and amazing uses for many tasks/apps and probably always will.
Alice21 profile picture
@metoo5 , I think people younger than i are going to love it. For me, the 75” tv with a killer sound system is the holy grail. I would like to experience it just to see . I remember talking my parents into letting me give them a VCR. I finally gave up on teaching them to control the movie with the clicker. I ended up telling them just to put the tv on channel 3, shove the tape in and it will eject itself when the movie rewinds. They loved the movies and used it for years but never picked up the remote. I’ve become my parents.

It is interesting that Apple has overcome the latency effect. That makes sense. I do love my iPad and iPhone. I’ll keep buying Apple dips. The goggles sound great. I’m still hoping they conquer the self driving car thing.
Buy a bike instead and get off the couch
VITURE XR GLASSES for 500 better deal
@correct way to invest
For what use case exactly?
@OldEurope portable screen to game on Xbox or ps5 anywhere without the console wearing regular glasses and switch if you bring the console.i know it's not close in capabilities but 1080p projected is cool
@correct way to invest
That is not the use Apple proposes. So not a comparable product and therefor not a better deal.
A toy for the rich to further divide and cause more mental health issues with the general public, lovely. Thank you Cooks Crooks.
Can you explain how your or the general public‘s mental health are negatively impacted by the super-rich or me playing with a new shiny toy?
kpmedia profile picture
@OldEurope Social media, video games, and this won't be far away from either.
Hudson Investments profile picture
Apple wins the AR/VR game.
A future collectors item. Just wait a few years, get it for free in someones dumpster, then forget about it for a few decades. Dont forget the original box.
I can see serial killers wearing these.
A "cool person" wouldn't be caught dead wearing these goggles. Nobody wants to be laughed at.

Yet the ability/strength to stomach some laughter is at the foundation of coolness.
All*AAPL profile picture
@Doggywag said:
"A "cool person" wouldn't be caught dead wearing these goggles. Nobody wants to be laughed at."
**Nobody wants to be laughed at?

But then why did you say, "A "cool person" wouldn't be caught dead wearing these goggles." 😂

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