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Oxford Lane Capital's May NAV per share estimates down on monthly basis

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  • Investment company Oxford Lane Capital (NASDAQ:OXLC) said on Tuesday that its estimated May NAV per share is between $4.35 and $4.45, compared to the April NAV per share estimates of between $4.56 and $4.66.
  • The company said it had ~176.1M shares issued and outstanding as of May 31.
  • OXLC shares were trading +0.39% pre-market.
  • Source: Press Release

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Comments (56)

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Just because SA is slow: July NAV estimate $4.68-$4.78.
Jcb331 profile picture
@kedzie114 7% higher than June
@Jcb331 And higher than April.
Bought this a long time ago close to 45,000 shares……all in all after 7 years my profit was about $23,000 dca was $10.00. It’s a great stock if you buy at the very bottom, otherwise it’s a suck you in stock no matter what Rida Morwa says
@RAD Alaska Buy at Bottom,Sell at Top,great advice but my Crystal ball is broken.
I know,buy one of those programs that will tell you?
dmaroz profile picture
@Storm Blown

I understand the reaction but it is pretty close to my strategy. I don’t always buy at the bottom obviously but still do ok.
grok42 profile picture
@RAD Alaska The stock chart over the life of the stock has been steadily downhill. So not a lot of opportunity to sell at the top. Don't know anything about the stock but such a high yield with 12 years of a steadily declining stock price makes me think it might be a bit of a charade.
OXLC seems to have far too many issues not to cause an alternative search .??
Should have SOLD ALL MY SHARES at $6.00…..the dividend is NOT worth the loss of principal!! It’s actually WORSE than the dividend given…I Still have10,000 shares left…ave price of $5.90….prices continue to decline like blood continue to drip out of an OPEN WOUND….straight to ZERO!!
@can_tho2015 Thank You,You have made my decision easy.
@can_tho2015 It's been that way for a long long time now.....
cjherr58 profile picture
Up today. Must be good news.
@cjherr5June 15 last date of record for next dividend???
thebellsareringing profile picture
OXLC just raised the dividend and TP doesn't like anything. I like the cash I receive every month forever.Don't need to sell. Dripping also gives more shares at a discount. My monthly cash distribution allows me to enjoy life without a worry.That's my strategy and goal What is your goal and strategy? Not I am going to give myself a raise buying one of my high yield investments .I have a variety of investments including fixed income I have been buying on sale. When rates heas down my capital gains are going to be amazing. I know I will have plenty of cash to support my family even in a down market. I am also retired.
Trapping Value profile picture
@thebellsareringing I love the preferreds of CLOs funds and they give "cash" and continue to beat the crap out of the common shares.
thebellsareringing profile picture
@Trapping Value I wasn't referring to OXLC preferred specifically. Your comparison to the CEF is predictable and reinforces me about my strategy. I buy many different investments from my dividends. OXLC gives me lots of cash to purchase different types of investments. At least I am not forced to sell when I have bills or lifestyle preferences especially in a down market.
thebellsareringing profile picture
@Trapping Value Absolutely a false narrative to me. I live with CLO's and appreciate how they are good and valuable asset in my portfolio. This a fact and not hyperbole. I appreciate the whole of my portfolio and the results from each piece of the puzzle. The results are very important and very good.
Like Blood dripping from a slow wound.
@Storm Blown well explained
Market price 4.80s to 6.20s this year. Patience pays...literally on a monthly basis
Another 5% drop in Nav. A critical inflection point is coming soon. Price has been steady ytd, though down 24% past year. Another drop is imminent.
So what else is new...
Trapping Value profile picture
The slow and steady journey to zero.
@Trapping Value You know very well they aren't going to zero. I wouldn't buy the common either (in the bonds and prefs) but you don't need hyperbole, it takes away from your otherwise fantastic analysis
Trapping Value profile picture
@Jess8422 It is like the spider that travels half the distance everyday to its destination. Never reaches it but gets very close. Look at AHT ...never went to zero. Won't go to zero. But at 99.9% down from the highs, close enough. OXLC will give you better total returns but distributing 18% while NAV keeps dropping, right into a recession means the share price will look like swan dive.
@Trapping Value Now if they had a drip at nav program like CLM everyone would be playing this game too.

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