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Six countries invited to join BRICS, including Saudi Arabia

Aug. 25, 2023 6:38 AM ETEWZ, FXI, EZA, UUP, UDN, GXC, PIN, ERUS, MCHI, RUSL, INDA, SCEA, BRZU, USDU, FLBR, FLZA, DXYBy: Jessica Kuruthukulangara, SA News Editor62 Comments
Waving flags of the BRICS countries against the blue sky

Oleg Elkov/iStock via Getty Images

The BRICS group of nations has invited six countries to join next year as the bloc seeks to unseat the West's dominance on the global stage.

The nations invited to join are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates - three of

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Comments (62)

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Horizon360 profile picture
The US dollar and the American dream (spend your money on an expensive education, house, car and be trapped by the establishment-based system of endless debt), together are the biggest ponzi scheme in the history of the World!
Can't say they didn't deserve their downfall - They took everything for themselves while raping and pillaging the rest of the World with their endless wars, against nations that did nothing to deserve persecution, like Vietnam whom were a nation of farmers, amongst many others.
America has used force under the guise of freedom and democracy to combat an imaginary enemy called communism while using military and covert operations to steal the resources of countries and nations.
This stops now as the rest of the World has just stood up and said unanimously, that America no longer has any power over anyone.

Unity is the death-knell of America!
never listen to permabulls profile picture
Honestly, I don't understand the purpose of inviting Egypt and Ethiopia to the commodity bloc, what's the point?
TommyIrish profile picture
Obama 3's foreign policy looks like a winner!

Wagging tongues says Big Guy just in it for the 10%.

Vacationer-In-Chief certainly likes beach holidays and hates press conferences...
Autocratic leadership in China and Russia brings about impoverishment. This should not be a surprise. Check on NK recipe for bark soup or the many ways Russians can make home vodka or how Chinese make empty residential shells. That is not a world order desired by the US or EU.
SamsSuperCereal profile picture
I bet it's better than 60/40 that saudi arabia joins.
bill h illify profile picture
Yeah…hard hard hard pass…talk about a bunch of cats in a bag.
This all started with Goldman Sachs in 2001 as a shorthand way to refer to Brazil, Russia, India and China in consideration of their economic potential. Over 20 years and not much has changed. In most years the US economy grows by the equivalent of all of Poland's economy.
MichelleConnor profile picture
@LK106218 In most years the China economy grows by the equivalent of twice all of Poland's economy.
jimicasey profile picture
@LK106218 China has the second highest GDP in the world. India is now at par with Britian in terms of GDP.20 years of course lots changed
Egypt expected to propose a pyramid-based currency. Very difficult to depreciate a hugeas pile of limestone. Backed by the full weight and volume of the Giza plateau ..
MoneyPig profile picture
Another bearish trend. BRICS wouldn't matter much except for the exceptional debts of the US Treasury that need foreign deposits to finance them. The never talked about problem.

Who can see anything of importance clearly through all the hateful politics and deceptive slogans, "Support our troops" and waste twenty years in Afghanistan. They leave the last truth off. But that's 7 trillion and so on.

Anyone buying a retirement property in Afghanistan this year?
$CLU profile picture
It's really simple. BRICS takes care of BRICS. If you know of a US politician wanting to donate USD to a BRICS member, you vote them out, period. I see it as a great step toward NOT constantly giving away every USD and putting a clear line down for politicians. Let them move to a BRICS member country if they want to give their new countries wealth away.
@$CLU Most of US foreign aid goes to only one country……………ll
It should be called BICS and Russia should be booted out for it’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.
MichelleConnor profile picture
@~BigZ~ US should be booted out of this planet for its invasion of dozens of sovereign countries for decades.
sullivan should be in jail; fjb
Shookmeister profile picture
This news will likely have far reaching implications for the american economy. Like many things in today's world, it's barely being covered in the MSM.
The way the country is being run the US is now a BRIC.
When you're a world leader and you send a villainous, corrupt, bad energy policy, doddering, buffoon to represent, well then you get factions, chaos, (not to be confused with the Get Smart villains organization) and totalitarian leaders rising up. Unfortunately the USA is no better these daze, unable to promote freedom and the rule of law, not to mention our own energy sector.
The U.S. has pushed its greenback reserve currency hegemony too far, for too long, telling other countries what to do or not to do. BRICKS is a political movement rather than economical/trade advantage. A lot of countries want to be free of the pressure of being controlled or fear of being controlled.

The U.S can huff and puff, but can’t blow the brick house down. Thats the point.
@mac ron thats a very good point. The west needs to understand that their ideology does not necessarily fit for just every part of the world. Like the harsh sanctions againt Iran. This polarizes the world for the disadvantage of the US and it's allies longterm.
FatFingerAdjustment profile picture
This is the part where we all throw our heads back and laugh!
BeaBaggage profile picture
@FatFingerAdjustment yes for sure! don't we all want Argentina as a financial partner! not!
@BeaBaggage The Argentinian primary 12 days ago was won by someone campaigning to drop the Argentine peso and switch to the USD.

Even the voters of Argentina think this is a joke.
BeaBaggage profile picture
@S cerevisiae I know someone who recently moved there believe it or not, got gold or dollars, or forget it!
Wow, Biden really dropped the ball with this one.
@mrkfgs No! America did….for decades! Especially as concerns Africa and its mineral resources…….our heads have been stuck up our Mideast *** for mostly religious reasons….
ComputerBlue profile picture
@Blowback2 Some of these countries were allies...IMF/Western allies control the countries that receive funds..they're puppets..hows that working out for those countries?
Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates.

Is there a single person in their right mind who would put their financial wellbeing in the hands of this merry band of dictators and economic basket cases?
@S cerevisiae It is about commodity trading, not about investing or financial trading. So new BRICS currency helps commodity or manufactured goods export pay no currency taxes when they do their business.
@tudou! exporter
@S cerevisiae We have a very long history of dealing with dictators…..world wide.
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