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Federal Reserve likely has more work to do, Dallas Fed's Lorie Logan says

Sep. 07, 2023 7:01 PM ETBy: Liz Kiesche, SA News Editor57 Comments
Symbol (Stamp) of Federal reserve system of USA on dollar. Finance system concept

Dmitri Kalvan

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Comments (57)

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I Trust The Fed to do the Right Thing Going Forward.
Are they expecting to take long vacation at Fed?
Is Federal Reserve getting bribes from Russia and China for bringing economy down to third world country status? These old dogs need to go.
More non sense from the "not so federal", FED
Joe de Mencia profile picture
NY fed says (same day lol) we're in a good place, dallas fed says we still have more to do. Which is it, and why do these fed talking heads keep running their mouths like this?
NY fed: seekingalpha.com/...
@Joe de Mencia Because they're just like politicians only "slightly" smarter.
Joe de Mencia profile picture
@Happy Jack that's def debatable lol
Keep raising as a long time saver I look forward to higher interest rates. Another plus the U.S. and other entities have to think twice before laying on more debt because of the higher interest costs. ZIRP & MMT are b.s.
My folks and grand folks approve your message.
@Paulies Every raises means more cruises in retirement says dad:)
Yup, they still have to bankrupt more regional banks.
c5b358 profile picture
It appears that we are unable to discuss how and why we have this inflation problem.
c5b358 profile picture
Well, we all know the who and the why we have this inflation! Now hard working Americans have to pay the price for the who's stupidity!
Labor follows inflation. Doesn't cause it. Read their own fed economist papers already.
At least 1 more rate increase before the end of this year, maybe 2 more; then pause next year until after the elections. It will be interesting, and telling, how the Fed behaves in the meetings leading up to the elections.
Inflation is headed up again ...... probably see 2 more rate hikes by year end.
Mr. Gumbo profile picture
higher for longer
Oil Can profile picture
@Mr. Gumbo

USA bankrupt sooner.
@Oil Can The USA will outlast all of us just fine.
Lumber prices say things are so so at best.
Anyone believing in a soft landing is soft in the head. Ummm, how many months in a row has rail traffic declined?
@Sane Man

A much more balanced view to consider:

As long as the consumer stays strong, nothing really matters. As soon as that changes... if it does... then ouch. If it does.

I lean towards the camp that it does.
These people are idiots. We will have deflation within a year if they keep it up.
@ShadyyyyTrades The government deficit is 6% of GDP. It has nothing to do with the Fed.

How can bond investors accept a fixed coupon of just 4.23%?
Oil Can profile picture

Unfortunately the government DEBT is 132% of GDP.
ContyC profile picture
@greedyfellow “How can bond investors accept a fixed coupon of just 4.23%?”

They invest other people’s money, and get a part of the coupon for themselves. So it is profit with zero risk for them. The ones losing are those who hold the money in those funds.
Fed has become a useful weapon deployed by the US govt to destroy countries’ currencies worldwide
JF1970 profile picture
@Concernedabout not on purpose, but as a side-effect.
I love the word "Work" here. Poor Fed Members. Two days every other month.
Meeting Agenda
Item Two:
Interest Rates
If you want a quarter point increase raise your hand!
Hand raised.
Okay we all agree. Make the announcement!

Yeh, work hard my comrades!
500MPH profile picture
@trentbridge The Fed meetings actually interfere with a member’s work.
StevenK1 profile picture
“Tighter financial conditions might slow the economy without much further action by the FOMC."

...and cascading defaults will do it too. Careful what you wish for.
InvestOrSwim profile picture
Stop strangling the US economy!
Higher oil prices are also limiting demand!
Solve the problem with increased SUPPLY of US oil, US rare earths!
Resolve supply chain BOTTLENECKS!
@InvestOrSwim show me the chart that says oil permanent demand destruction happens during and after a recession and I'll show you how the Fed is responsible for U.S. energy and supply chain policy. The Fed can't even get monetary policy right and you want them overseeing energy policy?
@jstone02879 The point being made is of reversed causation to how you read it. Lack of supply is causing an increase in prices of everything related to oil, plastics, or products that use them or are composed of them or even depend on such products. Thus all things being equal regarding monetary policy, increasing the supply will ultimately lower prices of such products.
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