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Greg Lemelson makes the case that a little-noticed Massachusetts Supreme Court decision this...

Oct. 20, 2011 6:01 PM ETBy: Stephen Alpher, SA News Editor5 Comments
Greg Lemelson makes the case that a little-noticed Massachusetts Supreme Court decision this week basically made all foreclosure sales in MA over the past 5 years "wholly void." Of particular interest is the remedy to those who find themselves with worthless title - it's not against the foreclosed homeowner, but against the bank/servicer that improperly foreclosed.

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Comments (5)

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i was listening to an ex federal supreme court judge who mentioned talking to another supreme about the likelihood of bush II's election suit being heard, how the grounds were too frivolous to grant. when the two realised the rest of the court was going ahead, they were shocked.

so many years later, he said he still didn't know what the irreparable damage would have been that allowed the supremes to intervene.

i wish i could commit serial mortgage fraud, ignore registry and land regulations, and successfully foreclose on homes which i don't have title to. AND NOT GO TO JAIL! sweet.
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The following two SJC cases are also important:


I have to agree completely with the points raised by the Court. It seems the only way to correctly process it.

You can't just make up the law or adjust here and there just because it's painful for one party.

If anything the side at fault is the one who should be most knowledgeable of pertinent laws, so "ignorance of the law is not an excuse" is very applicable.
its been 3 years and they still fumble around like misfits.
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Wow. That would cause some real problems. Doubt that US courts would enforce that in most if not all situations though.
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