Dispute an article

We strive to ensure all our articles are factually correct. If a Seeking Alpha article contains a material factual inaccuracy, please follow our dispute process described below.

Please do not use the dispute process to disagree with the author. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion about a stock; that's what makes a market. Note that authors are are allowed to publish bullish/bearish articles on stocks that they are long/short (respectively), providing they disclose their bias. Active investors with "skin in the game" often have some of the most articulate opinions on a stock, and we encourage them to publish their opinions on Seeking Alpha.

The dispute process

If you have concerns regarding the accuracy of an article published on Seeking Alpha, please take the following steps:

  1. Submit a dispute by emailing disputes@seekingalpha.com. Please be sure to include a link to the article under dispute in addition to the above information.
  2. Identify precisely which section of the article you dispute (quoting the text), and provide supporting evidence of your claim that the article is materially wrong.

What comes next?

Your dispute is reviewed by our disputes team. If the team is convinced that the article may indeed contain a material factual error, they will contact the author to have him correct the error or explain himself. If a confirmed error impairs the article's thesis, we may decide to withdraw the article.

If the dispute is beyond the scope of our team to research, we will confer with the author to decide on next steps. At all times, the disputant is free to voice his dispute in the article's comments, or to publish a rebuttal article whose publication will be expedited by our editors. We also welcome responses from publicly-traded corporations to articles regarding their stock. Rebuttals should focus on the facts at hand rather than personal takedowns. Rebuttals, as is true for all article submissions, are subject to our editorial standards for publication.

Blogs, StockTalks and comments

The above policy refers only to Articles submitted to and reviewed by our editors prior to publication. As per our Terms of Use, Blogs, StockTalks and comments are not generally reviewed prior to publication. We do not adjudicate or moderate disputes of fact on Blogs, StockTalks and comments.