Feature What's Important to You Most

We've enhanced our profile pages to provide authors with space to promote what matters to you most and to drive more traffic to your websites and businesses. On top of the full list of an author's content, you have a whole section to promote yourself, your company, your personal blog or website, and (if you have one) your book.  Simply click on the "Contributor Center" button on the top of each page on the site, and go to "Contributor Details" to get started. Use the section freely, linking to those features you would like to promote.

Seeking Alpha also offers a unique opportunity for authors and publishers to share their books with our readers via excerpts and/or book reviews.

Book Excerpts (For Authors and Publishers):
We publish excerpts from finance and stock market related books, usually over weekends. Excerpts are chosen by authors and publishers and submitted to us, for consideration by our editors. The decision to publish will be based on quality and estimated interest for our audience. New books are particularly interesting, but we'll publish excerpts from older books and classics as well.

Users and authors can promote their book including reviews and excerpts via their Instablogs. To publish an Instablog you'll need to first create a user account on the Seeking Alpha homepage. Once you're logged in you can publish your book excerpt or review here and upload images to your Instablog. To consider your excerpt for publication please check off the "Submit to editors" box at the bottom of the Instablog form.

Please send any questions to contributors@seekingalpha.com