Our Contributors

The Internet offers investors unique insight while, unfortunately, posing potential dangers. Upon reading a blog or other website, conscientious readers find themselves asking:

  • How do I know that this author is worth my time, given the volume of articles available on the Internet?
  • If the blog is anonymous, what makes the author accountable?
  • Is the author trying to manipulate stocks that he or she owns (or is short)?
  • Is the author claiming to have written material that was really the work of others?
  • If the author claims to be a great stock picker, is this accurate?

Seeking Alpha CertifiedSeeking Alpha addresses these issues by carefully selecting its contributors and requiring them to adhere to objective compliance standards. Before an author is accepted as a Seeking Alpha contributor, our editors read his/her past articles to evaluate their quality. We directly communicate with every potential contributor, and insist that even authors who wish to use a pseudonym provide Seeking Alpha with a real name and contact information.


Seeking Alpha's compliance standards are self-enforced by contributors. We do not audit authors' brokerage statements. But we have found historically that: (a) Written agreement to an objective set of compliance standards significantly raises the author's awareness of and adherence to disclosure and other compliance standards. (b) Authors with sufficient ability to pass the rigorous Seeking Alpha acceptance criteria who then agree to our compliance standards do indeed uphold them. In the event that a reader believes an author has violated the Seeking Alpha compliance standards he/she has agreed to, the reader should immediately email integrity@seekingalpha.com. We will investigate the complaint, and if we discover that the author is in violation, the author will be terminated as a Seeking Alpha contributor.