Policy on pseudonymous contributors

While Seeking Alpha editors greatly prefer that our authors use their real names, we recognize that is not always possible. Due to regulations at their workplace or other factors, some contributors are not able to reveal their real names. In addition, many well-known, veteran stock market bloggers (some of the finest, in fact) write under a pseudonym.

To allow these writers to reach a broad investment public that's interested in reading and discussing their ideas, Seeking Alpha permits our contributors to remain anonymous to the public if they prefer. Our assumption, as always, is that our readers desire rigorous and insightful research and opinion on the stocks and sectors they follow - the author's name is ultimately less important than the ideas conveyed.

However, Seeking Alpha holds our pseudonymous contributors to the same compliance and biographical standards as contributors who write under their own name. We insist on receiving the author's real name and contact information (which we keep confidential) and maintain a correspondence with the author, forwarding the author any questions or concerns that may emerge about their articles. Stock positions held by pseudonymous authors must also be disclosed. All other terms - as outlined in our Terms of Use - apply to pseudonymous contributors.

Furthermore, if a contributor has ever had a settlement or SEC action against them, they must publish under their own real name. Contributors are not allowed to adopt a 'real-sounding' pseudonym, and are not allowed to change from one pseudonym to another. 

Contributors writing under a pseudonym must acknowledge the limitations to full anonymity, such as court orders or other legal and regulatory requirements, as well as instances where a contributor published under their real name in the past. In addition, contributors should take into account limitations which are beyond Seeking Alpha's control, such as the use of external search engines. 

If you would like us to forward an inquiry to an pseudonymous author, please email contributors [at] seekingalpha.com. You can also send direct messages via the site, on the right side of each contributor profile.