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WROCLAW, Poland, April 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- In February 2017, which is known as one of the most popular local gaming resources in Poland, was renewed and redesigned. The result of this improvement procedure is actually the first step of the complex renovation strategy of the resource. However, the modifications that were made have already changed the whole concept of DobraMine as it was known before.

Why Renovate: The Customers' Opinion

A few months earlier, during September 2016, a survey was conducted on DobraMine among the representatives of the target audience of the resource. The purpose of the survey was to discover the general impression about the design and the structure of site and, therefore, the variants of possible changes. 75% of respondents indicated that the information on the website should be better structured; 10% admitted the need of redesign; and 15% expressed the wish for each game description page to contain the short table of characteristics. Considering the results of the survey, in October 2016 the strategy of renovation for DobraMine was established, and the work on it during the next 3 months has resulted in a totally new principle of structuring and designing on the site.

The Improvement: What, How, and Why

First of all, the section of the that is probably the most visited one – the online games page – was totally renewed and restructured. Now it is much easier for customers either to choose the new game to play or to find the favorite one. What is more, each game description page now is improved with a table of characteristics. All the essential info about the soft is now available even before the start of gaming process. The gamer can now save plenty of time (and DobraMine's game rating makes this process even easier).

Another important point is the restructuring of the subsection 'Online Products'. All the reviews and informational materials are now brought all together in one table. The customer can choose the criteria of sorting – from simple alphabetic order to soft developers and rating – by oneself. Also, the front page of the site came up with new style and design.

These changes have received positive feedback from customers during the first month of their implementation. Most of the clients that leave comments on the site admit that with the new type of structuring, using DobraMine becomes much more intuitive, and the new design looks indeed minimalistic, but at the same time stylish. Considering this, it is even more interesting which would be the next decisions of DobraMine change-making team.

About DobraMine

DobraMine was launched in 2015 as a local Polish online gaming resource. The most significant features of the site are: focusing mostly on Polish-speaking audience; the numerous range of online games that can be tested for free in demo versions; the 'News' section where the latest news of gaming industry can be found; and the wide selection of different analytical materials – from reviews to thematic articles and blog posts.


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