predicted stock returns, as well as earnings
surprises, above and beyond what was evident from Wall Street
analyst reports and financial news articles
– The Wall Street Journal. March 13, 2014
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"The Seeking Alpha PRO Plus product offering often provides valuable scuttlebutt. Contributors (writers and commentators), often have a long history in the securities they opine on and some are clearly well positioned industry participants with detailed industry views that can help provide color on where the skeletons are buried in a particular security and/or industry."

Jim Roumell
Roumell Asset Management

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"At Malaga Cove, our investment process screens investment opportunities through filters and the quantitative story. “But we don’t know enough about what’s going on in those companies. What’s their story, what’s the latest on them?

For our due diligence, we rely on PRO Plus. Typically we go to the symbol page and start looking at the published research and the investor sentiment.

We rely on PRO Plus to get beyond the numbers quickly and add much needed perspective. It keeps me ahead of the next big thing."

Mark Choate
Malaga Cove Capital

"Seeking Alpha PRO Plus has exceeded our expectations"

"Seeking Alpha PRO Plus has exceeded our expectations as a research portal. Beyond the top-down and fundamental research pieces published daily, the quality of discourse in the comments section has been an unexpected bonus. Any investment professional looking to challenge their thesis would be well served in tracking the discussions. After all, tunnel vision is often the cause of investing distress"

Jordan Irving
Irving Magee Investment Managemnt