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    15 May
    IQIYI can never become the next Netflix.

    First, the addressable market is simply China after all, unlike the entire world for Netflix. Yes, the business is still growing fast in China for sure, but the market is not all the the big blue sky as we would hope. Video streaming or downloading is as long as the internet.

    Second, do we have a clear sense of its original content? I bet many western investors here have never visited China; let alone digging and digesting the original content on iQiyi. I personally don't think the original content on IQIYI is any blockbuster appealing/sticky materials.

    Third, it is still muddy in the competition with Tencent's Video and Alibaba's Youku... three internet giants will continue to battle each other so their associated video platforms will never get consolidated and never become profitable. Due the competition, subscription price increase can be also challenging as well.

    Fourth, if IQIYI can pivot into profitability or break out from the pack soon, why would the Company along with several other Chinese video streaming companies rush to IPO on NASDAQ, when the IPO time window is still valid...? $IQ $TCEHY $BABA
    According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, 21% of revenue for small caps (Russell 2000) comes from outside the U.S. vs. 30% for large caps (S&P 500).

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    Seems higher than touted and shows how global the economic world is. Jack Ma gets it best. Imho $BABA is the best way to play as their domestic base is the largest as China's domestic economy grows and Ma opens up avenues to commerce on every Continent
    Today's Trading Moves: http://bit.ly/2IsJtje
    $MU 54.4000 ▼ 3.19% $AMD 13.0700 0.00% $TEVA 21.1100 ▲ 1.15% $CSCO 43.4500 ▼ 3.76% $VRX 22.0900 ▼ 0.23% $RAD 1.7000 ▼ 5.06% $BP 47.2200 ▲ 1.03% $CVX 129.4500 ▲ 0.79% $BABA 196.6700 ▼ 1.05% $JD 36.0100 ▼ 1.29% $BIDU 279.7000 ▼ 1.55% $TCEHY 52.6500 ▼ 2.16% $TWTR 32.5800 ▼ 0.58% $FB 183.8500 ▲ 0.31% $COP 70.6600 ▲ 1.16% $XOM 81.9500 ▼ 0.17%
    $BABA. Sell 515/ @ 196.80. Buy 500/ DIS @ 99.50. Buy 500 WMT @ 82.26. Buy 450 $T @ 31.20.. used 126 point BABA gain to own 3 U.S. premier companies... Kept 500 BABA
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    $WMT releases bang up #s... 33% net rise. Buying Jet CEO was coo. Overseas moving up and India was big market share gain. I was lucky to get such a nice sale price
    The Swift FCF Yield: Amazon.com http://bit.ly/casflow-amazon $AMZN $BABA $NFLX $FB $GOOG
    The AI arms race: China and US compete to dominate big data - https://on.ft.com/2riiG1R via @FT $BABA $GOOGL $GOOG $AMZN
    BofA's latest tech research-trading note opened with this:

    "Biggest theme is need to own Cloud ($AMZN, $BABA, $GOOGL $GOOG, $MSFT) / Cloud Infrastructure ($AMD, $INTC, $NVDA, $MU) / Cloud Leverage ($FB, $CRM)..."

    Sounds so like the last tech bubble: "Biggest theme is to own internet (Amazon, Yahoo, Netscape) / Internet infrastructure (Cisco, Ciena, JDS Uniphase)."
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    I actually am fond of $ORCL here too, not a bad deal here
    Tired Of Waiting, TCI Pushes Altaba To Liquidate Alibaba and Yahoo! Japan Stakes http://tinyurl.com/ycbkp6ts $AABA $BABA $VZ
    $BIDU popping big time - I've recently transitioned some of my F.A.N.G. holdings over to the Chinese internet sector...hopefully $BABA, $TCEHY, and $JD follow suit
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    However much we may not think its logical, the world markets are tied to US. When Housing Financial recession happened in US. The rest of the world tanked worse. Why? Who in China had loans or subprime loans in US? Its all tied.
    As Most Crowded Trades Turn Sour, Fund Managers Brace for Pain

    "Shares of the FAANG-BAT complex -- which includes U.S. tech giants Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google parent Alphabet, as well as China's Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent -- have lost more than $200 billion in market value since late last week. Money managers in a Bank of America survey earlier this month labeled being long the companies the most crowded bet in markets. Meanwhile, the dollar resumed its best run since 2016 Wednesday. That's after hedge funds and other large speculators amassed the biggest net-short position in more than five years, Commodity Futures Trading Commission data show."
    And here's a Seeking Alpha article on the crowded $FB $AMZN $AAPL $NFLX $GOOG trade:
    Fundamental Momentum Bubble
    $JNJ earnings tomorrow morning. Curious to see if this old champ flies or dies.
    One of the few stocks in my portfolio that I don't care what they report. Fourth largest holding behind only $HON , $MSFT and $BABA
    $MSFT Azure has emerging competition from $BABA and $TCEHY http://bit.ly/2H897Nm
    Alibaba's Jack Ma Challenges Mark Zuckerberg to 'Fix' Facebook https://bloom.bg/2GIvrwR $BABA $FB
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    I won't even comment on the irony of totalitarian China commenting on (too) free speech US companies but I like Jack Ma and it was an off the cuff remark
    Best Stock Charts | Trade War & How To Profits Swing Trading
    $BABA http://bit.ly/2Et8tE7
    Now that is good PPT!
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    Tell that to $BABA stock, down like 20 pts past few days.
    $BABA and $ABBV over 100% 5-year upside!
    Read the analysis here: http://tinyurl.com/ydh9hc4r
    Stocks End Tough Quarter Higher On The Day....This Week's Free Video > https://tinyurl.com/y8e2st9t $FB $AMZN $BABA $NFLX
    Just made a small addition to $BABA at 180.82. (Essentially transferred some of the AMZN profits that I took yesterday to BABA).
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    Thanks. I've a little skeptical of these leveraged ETFs. I like some of those holdings but don't follow many of them. I'll probably just stick with my current basket of Chinese internet names: BABA, BIDU, JD, & TCEHY
    Also just initiated $BIDU at 249.21. Adding this company to my Chinese growth basket alongside $BABA, $TCEHY, and $JD.
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    Yes. I hope those growth stocks will stabilize in the future and start paying dividends.
    (Video} Stock Charts Today $GLD $DXY $UUP $FXY $FXE $SPY $QQQ $TIP $EPAM $YY $AMZN $BABA $LULU http://bit.ly/2IJ3ylI
    A few of today's biggest growth stock movers included: Arista Networks $ANET +$8.03, Align Technologies $ALGN +$5.01, 58.com $WUBA +$4.55, Alibaba $BABA $4.42 and many others.
    BABA.. all the way in. Swapping from FB is swelling my ego
    Chris Lau
    20 Mar
    Today's trades (5 likes): $FB $MU $SNAP $CLF $BABA $MOMO --- http://bit.ly/2FNRXEi
    $FB. Tanking . We own 0. The 4 giants own 20% and two are concerned. If they bail ..watchout
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    Posted.. Sold it all. Went all in and doubled $BABA @ $171 We're out of the U.S.. I have a tiny 5 symbol account to pay my wife's passport surrender. Worked out a 10yr payoff.