With my divvies just bought $GIS, $BT, $GE, $VER, $IVZ, $PEP, & $NYCB
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    Absolutely, a lot of rotation
    $GIS dividend yield now +4.5%, not bad for a FMCG stock. Time to dig deeper into numbers.
    16 May
    going to buy some more $GIS here
    $MO I can't stop buying as it keeps going lower. Bought more $PEP $MO $PM $GIS $V all this week.
    11 May
    Like the move there Austinbroker
    Buying more $MO $PM $PEP and $V here too
    I'm just continuing to add to staples...$PEP, $KHC, $KO, $BUD, $GIS, and $SKT, $GE...good times.
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    5 May
    It's been stressful recently with so many holdings $T, $CMCSA, $PG, $JNJ, $UPS, $CVS, $WBA...down sharply, but luckily I keep some cash on hand. Not long ago same sinking feelings with REIT, initiated $WPC at $59, added $VTR at $47, $NNN at $36.5, also picked up $XLU at $47.5, $XLE at $77, they all bounced 10% from the low. Now with the same faith added $T, $CMCSA, $JNJ, $GIS, back into $BMY, $KHC, $PEP, $KO, $WFC, sell puts against $MMM, $UTX, $CVS, $WBA in hope to pick up cheaper shares. There are so many bargains, trying to raise more cash...
    First $GIS, then $CLX and $PG and now $TAP. Deep Value? DIYers are looking at its potential entry point. $YUM too. http://bit.ly/2HK6B0p
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    3 May
    Wag taking another bite out of $SJM and $GIS? Nestle and Colgate seem unaffected.
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    Equity issuance is very poorly timed on $GIS' part, adding to Blue Buffalo acquisition risk.