Added to $ROST today, clawing back some of the divorce(s) cash loss.

    Dreaming of getting paid for the handbags, shoes,and clothing sitting unused in closets across America.

    Long $ROST
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    You are doing great 5ofDiamonds, we shall raise a glass together with our other friends here on Seeking Alpha and celebrate our business acumen which surpasses the Doctoral level 20 years from now when we won't even remember what we paid for these companies.

    I know the companies I want to own, and I am owning them, and when they go on sale I am going to buy more. And I will continue to buy them through time and thus I will always be buying them on sale because of price averaging.

    This is what I mean when I say I am from the future because the prices I am paying for them are from the past!

    This is the same thinking I am applying to $ROST $TXN $TJX $MA $V $ACN and others, buying them at hero prices all the time because I am buying through time. Then after buying them I am not selling them.
    So I only need to think about when they go on sale is ..... do I want more?
    A lot of the work and worry is taken out if you don't sell.

    Also a lot of the fearlessness comes from $TAP Malt Liquor and the fact that I frequently am wearing a football helmet and leather work gloves around the house and thus am harder to kill more then half the time now.

    I could be wrong or I could be right :-)
    Still on $GE price target $7-$9
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    I hate to admit it, but another method I use.... its unconventional I know.... is the magic eight ball. The trick is you have to put it in the freezer for about 25 minutes to get more accurate readings. I just did a diagnostic on $GE using the 25 minute freezer Magic 8 ball and it said.

    "Reply hazy Try again"

    The magic 8 ball also seems to work better if I have had a 40oz of $TAP Steel Reserve 211.
    So it could still go either way.
    I will report my findings back here.
    We are men of science here on Seeking Alpha with market knowledge boarding on the level of Doctoral.
    Long $TAP like a gentleman of leisure

    Added to $TAP today and celebrating with a 40oz of Molson Steel Reserve 211 before going to work.

    You can see a recreation of the festivities here

    What you know about that?
    Probably tons.
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    Niblick was my Sherpa Guide on my attempt to Summit Mount Everest in 2006, I believe he saved my life and I trust his judgement, that some would call Sherpa Wisdom. We text via phone and trade strategies as we ascend and descend the Mountains of Life. I hope to see him again someday, but if not, I believe that all of my friends and Standing Members of the 40oz Crew, The He-Man Club, and the Gentlemen of Leisure will meet again to raise a glass, like another great friend Judge Sternwood said we would.

    "And when these frail shadows we inhabit now, have quit the stage,
    we'll meet, and raise a glass again together . . . in Valhalla."
    Just doubled my position in $TAP like a Doctor
    Didn't even consult my Sherpa guide.
    I know what is right for me in this moment.
    And what was right was a double $TAP right to the head.
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    I share your conviction and we are now brothers in $TAP, with a savage business acumen, and will live out our days like gentlemen of leisure, with a ready 6 pack of Blue Moon or the odd 40oz of Molson Steel Reserve 211 Malt Liquor when we need to be invincible.

    We are now both Standing Members of the 40oz Crew and are thus entitled to the benefits and camaraderie that is afforded us, such as when addressing any other Standing member you can say
    "Hey Crew!"

    So in that spirit of the Brotherhood of $TAP I raise a glass of Steel Reserve and say to you my brother golden_holden

    Good job Crew!

    Long $TAP
    CHART of THE DAY at 5-21-2018 BUY $TAP
    I really like this chart on $TAP Swingstocktrader, you have confirmed my suspicions and will be doubling my position on Monday
    Weekend Research | Includes: $MU $AMAT $AMD / $ABEV $BUD $TAP / $CLF $FCX $CHK
    Long $BUD $TAP
    Sherpa guides are big fans of Malt Liquor, one of several reasons I am long those stocks.
    18 May
    I asked my Sherpa guide for stock picking advice today, he texted me

    "Not all those who wander are lost"

    Then he texted me "Buy Iron Mountain ($IRM)"

    I think he is biased towards mountain stocks.

    Still, I am going to do it because: Sherpa Wisdom
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    19 May
    It's good to be able to share wisdom with friends, like how I taught my Sherpa guide friend Niblick about the virtues of $TAP Steel Reserve 211 in the 40oz size.

    I just texted him about my concerns about the "Copper Signal", its time to test one guru vs the other guru.

    Its commodity broker guru vs Sherpa Mountain guide guru wisdom time.
    $SHLD Sears is fighting for its life
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    18 May
    Thank you $SHLD for the glossy catalogs with the beautiful women in negligee way back in the days before the internet.

    Pouring out a little $TAP Steel Reserve for my fallen homie Sears on a friday night in May 2018
    12 May
    $TAP just working on my 2nd 40oz of Steel Reserve 211 for research purposes.
    Exceeding my expectations and contemplating another major position buy of $TAP.

    Please for the sake of science nobody buy it for a while so we can keep the price low, when I am done buying I will report back here so the next person can pickup some shares at a discount.

    We can work together for science gentlemen.
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    Gotta stick to research in the lab (living room):)
    Small add to $PEP and $TAP
    $FB "Mark Zuckerberg is the most 'powerful, dangerous person in the world': NYU's Scott Galloway"
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    12 May
    I am throwing down the gauntlet here gentlemen, this aggression will not stand. I am calling out the CEO of Facebook to the Mountain Lion Challenge.

    Each of us will be locked in a room with a mountain lion with nothing except a football helmet and a pair of leather work gloves and our wits.

    I have three secret weapons for this challenge.
    1. Tourette syndrome. I am going to cuss a blue streak against the lion to soften up its defenses. A large cat is not used to a full grown man coldly looking into its eyes and quietly uttering invectives.

    2. 80 oz of pure $TAP malt liquor. Steel Reserve 211 8.1% alcohol by volume. I am invincible with the Steel Reserve folks, do I have to continually prove this?

    3. I honestly can't remember and have to go lay down now, goodnight everyone of my friends here, my training continues together we will be victorious have faith in your friend I can win this challenge and become the CEO of $FB
    Whoohoo! Just cancelled my pointless $AMZN Prime account I've had since 2007. I don't need them delivering to my car trunk, thanks
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    12 May
    Excellent move TJZ, cancelled my $AMZN Prime Account as well.
    Still long $AMZN like a savage, even though I am doing things that would seemingly be contrary to my interests.

    For example, I am long $AAPL and don't own ANY apple products.
    I am long $FB and don't have an account.
    Long $MO $PM and don't smoke.
    Long $AMZN and haven't ordered anything in almost a year.

    To balance it all out however I am drinking my 2nd 40oz Steel Reserve 211 made by $TAP, a company I am also long.

    I am a walking conundrum.
    A walking conundrum full of almost 80 oz of malt liquor.
    10 May
    $BUD seems stupid cheap to me. Am I reading this wrong?
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    11 May
    Buying more $TAP here as well :-)
    4 May
    Long swing $TAP from $60. Was early--canceled 58-ish order, then chased a bit. Minor error.
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    9 May
    Got the $UEIC drop today and added. Looking to meet target on $TAP and sell in a day or so.